pepsi girls

I was thinking about this moment today and how Skam began with these three, but it ended with a whole crowd of people who came together because of these three. Isak and Sana might never have been friends. Vilde and Magnus might never have met (leaving out the potential of her sexuality). Even might never have reunited with his Bakka boys. But these three characters became friends with others - the girl squad, the boy squad, the Kollectivet, the balloon squad, even the Pepsi Max girls, and that core friendship of three brought everyone together.

this little moment these two shared when they noticed the rest of the girl squad and the pepsi max girls laughing together was awesome. how sana stopped walking when she noticed them and how noora immediately did as well, and how they turned to face each other and agreed in silence. this was them asking: let’s do this? to each other and then saying okay, let’s do this together. their non verbal communication was lovely to see. and during this clip we are made to feel like this isn’t simply sana vs the rest of them, like we’ve got noora on our side, because she is on sana’s side