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This hate on Noora got worse after this clip and the kissing clip, but really, the fkn point is: THAT’S. NOT. THE. NOORA. I. LOVED.

1. Breaking up really give you the permission to be the victim in front of everyone, to not give a fuck about your friend’s life (love life here), never asking her about it, also, say to her SHE DOESN’T KNOW REALLY HOW TO BE HEARTBROKEN FEELS, BECAUSE, “HEY, YOU’RE MUSLIM!!¡¡ YOUR LIFE IS FULL OF RESTRICTIONS!! LOL AHAHAH I CAN TAKE ANY GUY I WANT NOW THOUGH”

2. I really loved my daily “Nei Vilde” (?) Noora, I mean, almost always polemic to Vilde plans, smart, fascinating and careful for charity, now she merged with those blondies, Pepsi(AnythingExcept)Max Girls, she didn’t care about “grow up, because you’re 17/8, girl, you need a social life of parties, guys and alcohol”, she was already mature in her way, now she turned to be a Barbie of 12 years old.

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I really need some scene where Sana is hurt and Yousef comforts her and tells her how amazing he thinks she is, like that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, that she's incredibly smart and how everyone who doesn't think the same is either blind or dumb. Sana needs to know that eventhough the Pepsi Max Girls treat her badly and call her psycho, that she's loved and people like Yousef really know how amazing she is.

YES i kinda wanna see yousef unintentionally barging in somewhere where she’s feeling down and maybe even crying and he immediately becomes worried and tries to do whatever he can to make her smile im so

Hmm, I don’t really get why Sana getting that screenshot is such a big thing (plot point). I’m sure most of the other pepsi max girls already know that Sara doesn’t like Vilde, so the only thing Sana would accomplish is to also let Vilde know that Sara doesn’t like her (and for a good enough reason tbh). How is that taking revenge? It’d probably get Vilde out of Sara’s face, which is what she wants anyway. And Sana wouldn’t really look better in any way.  

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tbh what makes me kind of uncomfortable atm with the storyline with the 'pepsi max' girls is the fact that they have a girl who is a POC as well...who is very complacent about the racism and islamaphobia her friends are directing at Sana? Like, obviously she isn't muslim, so it's a bit different, but I'm yet to meet anyone who is part of a minority in real life, who doesn't actually stand up for other minorities, especially, at least, to friends?

yeah but i guess she is just supposed to be a random side character (i don’t think we’ve ever heard her say anything?) and that’s why she doesn’t intervene, even though i think it would be more realistic if she had said sth when sara made that ‘typical norwegian party girls’ comment

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do you think we will get something related to eva birthday this week?

I don’t really think so considering Skam hasn’t shown any birthday celebrations perviously. 

But, maybe Eva has a party and invite both Sana and the Pepsi Max girls and we get to see something with that. 

(Completely unrelated but Swedish and Norwegian are two of the few languages that doesn’t use the same “Happy Birthday” tune as every other language in the world”

this little moment these two shared when they noticed the rest of the girl squad and the pepsi max girls laughing together was awesome. how sana stopped walking when she noticed them and how noora immediately did as well, and how they turned to face each other and agreed in silence. this was them asking: let’s do this? to each other and then saying okay, let’s do this together. their non verbal communication was lovely to see. and during this clip we are made to feel like this isn’t simply sana vs the rest of them, like we’ve got noora on our side, because she is on sana’s side 

what happened in this clip, sana being confronted with the fact that sara had indeed sent her a copy of the contract and hadn’t tried to keep it from her, is pretty unsettling for sana. because it’s making her doubt her instincts, it’s making her wonder if she was right to have that “bad feeling”. she probably even feels a little guilty now for being mistaken in thinking that sara hadn’t sent the copy to her, because sana is a person who wants to see the goodness in people, she isn’t trying to convince herself that the people she interacts with have bad intentions, quite the opposite 

but the thing is that you can’t blame sana for having this gut feeling that the pepsi max girls are up to something, for not trusting them. you can’t blame her after sara’s norwegian party girls comment, you can’t blame her after the look on their faces when they were in her own house during the last bus meeting, you can’t blame her after they “forgot” to add her to their facebook group, you can’t blame her after the look on their faces yesterday when her app reminded her that it was time to pray, you can’t blame her when these two girls started laughing at her when she came to tell sara she that she wanted to talk to her, you can’t blame her when these girls keep making her feel like she doesn’t belong, like she’ll never be one of them, like they don’t want her there

so yeah, sana was mistaken this time, sara didn’t purposely keep the contract from her, but it really doesn’t mean her instincts were completely wrong from the start

I know Vilde has been incessantly annoying this season, but I think it’s important to acknowledge her reaction to Pepsi Max’s overt racism.

While Chris’s reaction is priceless because she’s an angel, Vilde too seems uncomfortable, if not slightly offended, with the way her face falls. She automatically looks towards Sana to gauge her reaction.

We’ve all been losing our patience over her this season, but her reaction does reinforce that she’s not malicious. Most of her comments are probably made from ignorance, but she does know what it looks like to be outright racist and she does know what the Pepsi Max girls said was wrong.

I guess my point is, we should have patience with Vilde. She has always redeemed herself every season, and I have no doubt she’ll do it this season too.

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