Antique Soda Pop by David Pulgar
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The Smallwood Store is the only surviving structure from the original town of Chokoloskee, which started in 1874. I found this place on Ghost Towns dot com and decided to take a one-day trip to check it out. Inside there’s a lot of history, documenting not only the store’s story but that of the town of Chokoloskee as well as the Everglades themselves. Old soda bottles. :)

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What's Erics favorite color and other favorite things you know of like food n stuff

The document is hard to read, so I will type out what he lists as his favorites. 

Favorite Animal: Dogs and Blad Eagles

Favorite Music: Industrial

Favorite Movie: Lost Highway

Favorite Candy: Slim Jims (yeah I know, not candy, but its Eric, whatever)

Favorite Body Part on Opposite Sex: Legs

Favorite Quotes: Kill Em All, Lets Rock

Dream Car: Hummer

Favorite Thing To Do In The Spring: Shoot Stuff, Blow up Stuff

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Favorite Thing to Wear: Black Stuff, Sunglasses

Favorite Subject in School: Bowling

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Vacation: Mountains

Favorite Family Member: Bro

Favorite Foods: Salsa Sunflower Seeds and Slim Jims

Favorite Salad Dressing: Ranch

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Pepperoni and Green Peppers

Favorite Thing to do on the Weekends: Bowl and Get Stoned

Favorite Magazines: Guns and Ammo, Penthouse, and Time

Favorite Numbers: 7, 666

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

Favorite Time of Day: 2am

Favorite Sport: Soccer

 This survey was found in the 900+ pages of documents that were seized from Eric and Dylan’s homes. (pg 946, REBDOMIN.E)

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  1. Time & date: 4:45pm
  2. Average hours of sleep: last night it was a little less than 4.
  3. Last thing i googled: I don’t remember, something to do with Fallout I think
  4. Height: there may come a day when I answer this, and that day is not today
  5. Birthday: November 5th!
  6. Favorite color: Blue, purple, and orange.
  7. Favorite movie: I have noooo idea haha
  8. Wearing right now: pair of jeans and a gray tank top
  9. Last book i read: well this is going to sound ridiculous, but Fifty Shades Darker BUT IT WAS FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES
  10. What i said last to a family member: “bitchowski”
  11. Favorite drink: Pepsi haha
  12. Last movie i watched: Antman, I think
  13. Dream vacation: Australia!
  14. Dream wedding: haha, noooo idea.

I tag little-dragneel littlemcgarden the-love-bat freedjustined warriorsofrave and dobengal!

Okay, I’m baffled that someone would be following this blog that doesn’t even want to roleplay cursing, let alone gore or any type of nsfw content. Can’t you read? This blog is HIGHLY NSFW, containing every kind of adult related content under the sun. If you’re too young to be using curse words, pal, you’re WAY too young to be on my blog and following me. I roleplay some of the most extreme content that there is — believe it or not, I’m not a ‘soft’ purple guy roleplayer. If something fucked up is going to happen, it’s going to happen it gory bloody detail. Stephen isn’t a timid rose, he will fuck you up and he won’t stop until you’re body bits. This blog is extremely nsfw and honestly, if cannot handle adult themes, then you’re far too young or immature to be following this blog and trying to get me to interact with you, end of.

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Name: Allison

Time: 11:21 AM

Last thing googled: “Cary Tagawa Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetero

Height: 5′6″

Favorite color: Teal or purple

One thing that makes me happy: fandom stuff

Movie: Evil Dead 2

Last book: Quantum Leap: Independence actually, hahaha. I need to read more. 

Most used phrase: “I can’t even” right now

Beverage:  Wild Cherry Pepsi

Food: green corn tamales

Dream wedding: small and to the point

Dream job: starring in a genre show

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I HAVE BEEN IN THE ER FOR 7 HOURS and it’s all ‘cause my dad dehydrated himself ‘cause he’s a stupid old redneck who legit only drinks pepsi and i only got a ride home ‘cause i called dad’s friend and he came and rescued me thank god for old men

The Cure

Ma hallgattam némi Cure-t. Például belehallgattam a 4:13 Dream című legkevésbé klasszikus lemezükbe is. És hát nem volt rossz vacsikésíztés mellé, 6-7 szám táján kézdtem csak unni. 

Aztán a régebbi számok után eszembe jutott, hogy már vagy tizenöt éve bírom őket, de Pepsi Sziget 2002 óta biztosan. Arra a koncertre a best offal készültem és olyan két órán nem ismertem semmit, de a vége felé a Bloodflowers csodás volt. Ettől függetlenül sosem volt oylan, hogy rajongó lettem volna. Póló szóba se jött, és kedvenceim között sem emlegettem a Cure-t. 

Most azonbanrám jött, hogy jó lenne Cure-koncertre menni akár ilyen eszetlenül hosszú, 40 számosra, amiket mostanában tolnak. Meg is néztem egyet, és hát nem kellett volna. Full hülyeség. Kb tök értelmetlen az egész. Amikor szegeden voltak (2004-5?), akkor is fél órát söröztem, amikor kezdett sok lenni, majd miután visszamentem és még egy egész koncertnyi hátra volt. 

Szóval módosítottam, egy ilyen Cure-koncertre mennék el:

1. Open
2. The Pictures Of You
3. Just Like Heaven
4. Primary
5. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
6. Fascination Street
7. Friday I’m In Love
8. Six Different Ways
9. The Caterpillar
10. Killing An Arab
11. A Forest
12. Charlotte Sometimes
13. One Hundred Years
14. A Thousand Hours
15. Bloodflowers

De jó lenne a Paris is egye fene, úgyis az inspriált erre a fiktív szetlistre.