peppy songs

rent and hamilton are the same musical


  • set in NYC in the 90s
  • real good music
  • diverse cast
  • rly evil bad guy has peppy, upbeat song about how he’s right and the other guys will get that eventually
  • totally out of context musical number about life
  • passive aggressive, whiny white guy(s)
  • death looms over everything
  • ur fave probably dies
  • cute love song
  • cute girls
  • dancing on tables
  • you will cry i bet

i never actually sat down to translate Heidenröslein till now and i cannot fucking BELIEVE i heard a peppy schubert song and thought “wow! this sassy little rose is gonna win out!!” and was actually shocked that it turned out to be a “peppy music + downer ending” situation. it’s schubert lieder. like, wtf was i expecting


I fell in love with GX in large part because of dub Jaden’s voice. His voice actor just captured his high spirits and his breezy attitude so well, and had excellent comedic timing! Listening to him, you could feel the world being a little brighter, a little more fun! Along with the peppy theme song, he really set the tone for the show!

Sequels of Eurovision 2017 songs

Alma - Happy Peppy Bubblegum Pop Song That Isn’t Sad At All

Anja - Where I Will Be Tomorrow

Artsvik - Hop With Me

Blanche - City Is Dark

Brendan Murray - Reincarnating to Try

Claudia Faniello - Who Am I Kidding I Can’t Hold My Breath For Three Minutes

Demy - This Is Mixed Feelings of Regret

Dihaj - Digestive Systems

Francesco Gabbani - Accidental Karma (Darn You, Autocorrect)

Fusedmarc - Hail of Civility

Hovig - Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear Force, Weak Nuclear Force

Ilinca, Alex Florea - Opera It!

Imri - I Feel Dead On The Inside

Isaiah - Don’t Come at Moderate Difficulty

Jacques Houdek - My Acquaintance Whose Presence I Appreciate

Jana Burčeska - Mow The Lawn Alone

Jowst feat. Alexander Walkmann - Grab the Booty

Julia Samoylova - Flame Is Burning… My House Down (Someone Help)

Kasia Moś - Wrench

Koit Toome, Laura - If One More Person Asks Us Where Verona Is We’re Gonna Lose It

Kristian Kostov - This Mess Isn’t So Beautiful Anymore

Levina - Slightly Below Average But Still Ok Life

Lindita - Boat

Lucie Jones - Never Give Up On Oreos

Manel Navarro - Do Your Lover For It

Martina Bárta - My Turn Again (The Game Is Rigged In My Favor)

Nathan Trent - Running On Hydrogen Chloride Gas

Norma John - Tawny Frogmouth

O’G3NE - Sounds and… Silences?

O.Torvald - I Really Like Clocks.

Omar Naber - I Said I Was On My Way But My Ride Never Showed Up So Actually I’m Just Stranded Here Help

Robin Bengsston - I Have Found The Inner Strength Necessary To Go On

Slavko Kalezić - General Relativity

Sunstroke Project - Just Epic Sax Guy Doing Whatever For Three Minutes

Svala Björgvinsdóttir - Pencil

Tako Gachechiladze - Reject the Faith

Tijana Bogićević - Still Waiting Here At The Bottom Of The Ocean, Drowning Now (Gurgl-urgl-urgl)

Timebelle - Hades

Triana Park - Polygon, Polyhedron, Whatever a Four Dimensional Shape is Called

Valentina Monetta, Jimmie Wilson - Spirit of Lunchtime

honestly i’m probably going to do a more in-depth post about their mini-album after my class is over in a few hours but like… guys. i’m literally crying in a café over how proud i am and how good and peppy their debut song is and everything and their whole mini-album is so good????????????????

as a side note:
for those critiquing WEE WOO’s choreo and the overall song - it’s a catchy song that’s easy to sing with a cute point choreography that anyone can do… that’s the whole point??????? like WEE WOO is upbeat and cute and fun and the choreography has a point move that anyone can do and therefore can catch on quickly??? i get it’s not what you were expecting but this is just their debut and PRISTIN has so many other sides to show everyone!

More "I Like It When You Sleep.." Songs

She Lays Down: acoustic song about his mother’s postnatal depression

Ugh : a reflection on Matty’s relationship with cocaine

Paris: a peppy pop song

The Ballad of Me and My Brain: a song about his state of mind

If I Believe You : a song inspired by George and Matty’s love of gospel music that features a gospel choir

On Dancing...

Peppy song comes on the radio in the store this evening. I started dancing (like I usually do when a fun song comes on in store) while I was in the register area. My coworkers always find this amusing.

I see an older man and his wife walking towards the register counter… the older man also started dancing when he saw that I was. I smiled, greeted him asking, “Can we help you find anything this evening?” He replied, “Yes, we’re looking for a winter duvet. You’re the one dancing, so I’m going to ask for your help on this matter.”

It was a good note to end on. They were a fun couple to assist.

Grammy’s Sweaters

Merry Christmas Secret Santa!!! Here’s your gift

Gail pulled the sweater over her head and grimaced at the image in the mirror. Ugly Christmas sweater indeed. It was handmade, just for her, it showed in the big G knitted into her back shoulder.

“You look so cute in your sweater! Grammy is going to be so excited it fits, she was really worried.” Holly exuded happily, pulling her own sweater down and into place. She smiled fondly at the little reindeer and snowmen that matched her wife’s. She’d never been crazy about the holiday, never the one to rush decorating, but she did love everything that came with Christmas. The lights, the glow about the city, the low buzz of excitement, peppy, soft, jazzy songs that everyone could sing along to, but most of all she loved the sweater her Grandmother made each year. Holly was her Grammy’s only grandchild so she got spoiled with each holiday, each visit, and she felt the special love in every knot of her sweater. They always smelled like her perfume, like her cozy little house, and they were warm and soft. Holly looked forward to a new one each year, and was absolutely ecstatic that her wife now had one too.

Gail grunted. Turning around she burst out laughing, the brunette looked even worse in her sweater. “Grammy really knows her ugly sweaters. She should enter a contest or something.”

“Hey, they’re amazing, and comfy.” Holly pointedly told the blonde.

“I’m just saying, they do the job.” Gail gave her a chaste kiss and went to the bathroom to continue getting ready.

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