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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch13
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet. The same summer when everything becomes better, because of him.

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In the end, both of you do end up plastered to the floor. Yet you manage to pick each other up and move between karaoke rooms and bars with open-mic events. The rest of the night is a blur of peppy pop songs, Jungkook dancing perfectly to girl group songs–and getting indignant over your mixed-up choreography–and your silver-tongued rapping, that has everyone clapping, hyped up by Jungkook.

A couple of hours past midnight, both of you are slouched on one side of a booth of a 24-hour McDonald’s, all four feet propped on the other side. A tray is on your table, greasy and scattered with the remains of four large fries. Your head rests on his shoulder and you can feel his fingers gently tugging at the ends of your bobbed hair.

“That was fun,” you giggle. As tired as you are, your chest feels full of bubbles–whether from all the drinks or all the laughter, you’re not sure.

“Good.” You can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Did… you have fun too?”

“Of course, I did. Do you even need to ask?”

“I’m glad too.” you manage to reply in between yawns. “That someone likes spending time with me.”

He snorts then. “You’re so weird, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I like spending time with you?”

You lift your head to peer at his face. He looks as if asleep, but as you draw closer, his eyes open and gaze into yours. “Jungkook, how are you real?”

“Hmm?” he mumbles.

“Everything’s better now that you’re here. Maybe you’re just a summer dream.” You bite your lip, glancing at his own slightly parted lips. “But even if I wake up, I’m sure I’ll still be smiling.”

“Y/N, what are you doing?” His breath hitches when yours brushes the tip of his nose. As your eyes flutter shut, his opens wide, and he swallows, suddenly very much awake.

But your head slumps forward, your lips merely grazing his chin, before your face smushes against his shoulder.

He laughs then, relieved. “Ah, what the hell, Y/N. For a minute there, I thought you were gonna kiss me.”

Leaning his head back, he closes his eyes again, succumbing to sleep. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you had kissed me.”

i never actually sat down to translate Heidenröslein till now and i cannot fucking BELIEVE i heard a peppy schubert song and thought “wow! this sassy little rose is gonna win out!!” and was actually shocked that it turned out to be a “peppy music + downer ending” situation. it’s schubert lieder. like, wtf was i expecting

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Gonna test your playlists. Anxiety themed party mix, analogical mix, princey love songs


So, I’m not really sure what ‘party music’ is (bc i have no life and i’ve never been to one) so here’s some music I can imagine Anx just bopping around and having a Good Time to!!!

Anx’s Party:

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Forever Stuck In Our Youth - Set It Off

Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects

Holiday - Green Day, the cast of the original musical

House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) - My Chemical Romance

Party Poison - My Chemical Romance

Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance

Rise And Fall - My Chemical Romance

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance

Analogical (sorry it got kinda angsty hahaaaa):

Bleak December - Set It Off

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -  Green Day, the cast of the original musical

Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

Everything Goes Black - Skillet

Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

Limelight - Boyinaband (feat. Cryaotic)

Madness In Me - Skillet

My Religion - Skillet

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance

Save Yourself - My Darkest Days

Sing - My Chemical Romance

Teenagers - My Chemical Romace

What I Believe - Skillet

You - Breaking Benjamin

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring

This Is How I Disappear - My Chemical Romance

Roman’s Romance (haha get it it’s a pun):

American Noise - Skillet

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Battle Cry - Skillet

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

Good To Be Alive - Skillet

With Me - Sum 41

((sorry I don’t have that many peppy happy love songs aaaaaaaa))

Hope ya enjoy!!!!

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HC that Rich and Jake get more in love during summer and have summer lovin kinda nights where they sit outside during those soft warm nights and listen to music and lay in a hammock and watch the stars.

this is the most fucking peaceful ask ive ever gotten. sometimes they go to the beach and just hold eachother while they watch the sunset and listen to jakes overly peppy and upbeat love songs 

rent and hamilton are the same musical


  • set in NYC in the 90s
  • real good music
  • diverse cast
  • rly evil bad guy has peppy, upbeat song about how he’s right and the other guys will get that eventually
  • totally out of context musical number about life
  • passive aggressive, whiny white guy(s)
  • death looms over everything
  • ur fave probably dies
  • cute love song
  • cute girls
  • dancing on tables
  • you will cry i bet

Up, down, round and round, I’m going crazy with you
Feet lifting off the ground, I’m going crazy with you
Head spinning in the clouds, I’m going crazy with you
We’re crazy, going crazy, crazy, crazy, me and you!

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Hi there! I was wondering if you (or anyone, really) knows what song they played before Stevie came on stage during the 24K gold tour? It was some peppy sounding pop song they had on while the band started to come ou t and set up, then it faded into Gold and Braid. Anyway, thanks so much! Your posts give me life!

Hey anon, thank you so much. ♥

The song is ‘Destination Unkown’ by Missing Persons.


I fell in love with GX in large part because of dub Jaden’s voice. His voice actor just captured his high spirits and his breezy attitude so well, and had excellent comedic timing! Listening to him, you could feel the world being a little brighter, a little more fun! Along with the peppy theme song, he really set the tone for the show!

Sometimes I really hate Captain Swan

Like… hear me out, cuz it’s not negative.

Since season six began, my playlist for @ask-emma-the-swan has been well… depressing. Songs about death and losing loved ones and blah blah blah.

But now, Emma’s like in this really good place, and I figure her playlist should reflect that. (No, no one implied that maybe it was time for a playlist upgrade *cough* @gusenitsaa *cough*) So now, it’s all happy, peppy love songs and I’m just turning into a big pile of mush.


Movie Night (Luke Hemmings)

I got a request from an anon for a Disney movie marathon night with Luke. However, I have already seen something similar to that many times, so I decided to make my own fluffy version. 

My Masterlist

“(Y/n)!” Luke called loudly into the kitchen. “Which movie should we start with?”

“I don’t know; you pick.” You called back just as the oven’s timer went off to tell you the brownies were done. “I’m up for anything.”

“If you were up for anything then you wouldn’t have changed our horror movie nights to Disney movie nights babe.” Luke walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Luke, I tried okay.” You laughed nervously and began popping the brownies out of the pan. “It’s not my fault that not everyone in the world is as macho and thick skinned as you are,” you said in a teasing tone.

Luke snorted at your explanation, “Not everyone? Babe, ten year olds can handle horror movies better than you!”

“Then why do you keep making me watch them?” You asked, turning in his arms and resting your hands on his shoulders.

One of Luke’s hands came free, and he tapped you lightly on the nose with a teasing smile. “Because you are terrified by them so easily.”

“Oh yes,” You rolled your eyes and turned back to the tray of brownies, “you’re really winning awards for best boyfriend right there.”

You started pulling out the rest of the brownies only for Luke to tighten his grip around you and pull you back against his chest, spilling a few brownies across the floor. “Luke!”

Luke ignored your protests and rested his chin back on your shoulder, whispering in your ear. “I like watching horror movies with you because when we watch horror movies you get scared. Every time we watch a movie that scares you you always sit right next to me, curl up into my side, and hide your face in my shoulder through the bad parts.” Luke slowly trailed his lips down your neck as he mumbled under his breath, “And at night, after the movies over, you always asked me to stay over. When I asked you why one time you told me that you were still scared, but I made you feel safe.”

Luke’s hands left your waist and gripped your shoulders, turning you around so he could look you in the eye. “And that,” he leaned in and touched his nose to yours, “is why I love watching horror movies with you.”

“Well,” you blushed lightly and averted your gaze from his, “horror movies aren’t going to clean my kitchen floor.”

“No they won’t,” Luke consented, looking at the two brownies worth of crumbs scattered across your kitchen floor, “but your boyfriend will.” Pressing a quick kiss to your forehead, he pulled away. “You go pick a movie. I got this mess.”

“You sure? It’s quite the mess” You looked around the kitchen. It was certainly a pigsty from your baking experience.

Luke chuckled and waved you off. “I’m sure. Go put in the movie. I’ll just be a second.”  

“All right,” you sighed, picking up the plate of brownies and walking into the living room.

Luke turned back to the kitchen after you left and examined the mess. Chuckling to himself, he went in search of cleaning supplies. You usually weren’t quite as clumsy or messy as this, but he had a feeling that the rough week you’d had at work had something to do with it.

He knew for a fact you’d gotten in an argument with your boss about getting time off while he was on tour. Your boss wasn’t willing to be even remotely lenient about the situation. She was constantly insisting that if nothing was physically wrong with you than you should come in to work. It was ridiculous. Luke had already made a mental note to have a conversation with her. You had never mentioned who your boyfriend was to her, and you’d told him once that you’d frequently caught her singing along to his songs.

When Luke returned to the kitchen with the broom he could hear the introduction start playing to the Lion King from the other room. “Should’ve known,” he mumbled under his breath as he started sweeping up the crumbs with a chuckle.

By the time he’d cleaned up the mess on the floor, washed and dried the dishes, and wiped the mess off the counter the end credits of the movie were already playing in the other room. With a final sigh of relief, Luke walked into the living room, “Hey (Y/n), can we watch…” You were already asleep on the couch, curled up in the seat he usually occupied, clutching a pillow to your chest.

Luke smiled and flipped the tv off, taking cautious steps towards you. Hoping not to wake you, he slowly pulled the pillow from your clutches. You whimpered when you lost hold of it and reached out for it in your sleep. Quickly, Luke slipped a hand under your shoulders and your knees, pulling you up against his chest. Your grabby hands connected with Luke’s neck and latched around it, cuddling tight against him as he carried you to your bedroom.

Maneuvering your thin halls and opening your bedroom door was quite the task, but Luke managed to get you to your bed in one piece. After some nudging, your hands left his neck for the pillow under your head, freeing him to set you down.

Luke sat on the end of the bed and pulled your shoes and socks from your feet. You were sleeping unusually heavily tonight. You barely even moved as Luke pulled the covers from under you and tucked you back into bed.

“Love you, beautiful,” Luke whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead before he turned to leave.

“Luke?” You finally stirred as he reached the door.

Glancing back Luke smiled, “Hey, sleepyhead.”

“I fell asleep during the movie,” You grumbled, sitting up and rubbing your eyes. “I’m sorry. It was our movie night.”

“(Y/n), there’s nothing wrong with you being tired. Just get some sleep, and I’ll let you subject me to rainbow cartoons and peppy children’s songs some other time.”

“Wait!” You reached out as he turned to leave again. “Stay with me?”

“(Y/n), you have work in the morning,” Luke reminded you but made no move to leave.

“So?” You pouted up at him as he made his way back over to you. “I got…” You tried to think something up, “I got scared by the stampede that killed Mufasa, and I don’t want to be alone.”

“I’m not buying that,” Luke chuckled, “even from you.” Walking back over to the bed, Luke began to strip himself of his jacket and flannel, “But I’ll stay anyway because I love you.”

On Dancing...

Peppy song comes on the radio in the store this evening. I started dancing (like I usually do when a fun song comes on in store) while I was in the register area. My coworkers always find this amusing.

I see an older man and his wife walking towards the register counter… the older man also started dancing when he saw that I was. I smiled, greeted him asking, “Can we help you find anything this evening?” He replied, “Yes, we’re looking for a winter duvet. You’re the one dancing, so I’m going to ask for your help on this matter.”

It was a good note to end on. They were a fun couple to assist.

Saturday Night’s Alright || Cass & David

Things always felt right when Cass was performing. She could forget everything else when she got lost in the music. Anytime she slowed down lately, her thoughts would catch up with and leave her reeling. She still couldn’t shake the horrible nightmare she’d had the other night. Instead of slowing down, she was doing her best to keep herself occupied, including taking the gig at this club. It wasn’t one she’d played at before, but she figured it would be a good change of pace and might shake her out of her funk. 

She had just finished her final song in the set, a meaningless but peppy song that she was supposed to use to make the patrons feel relaxed and happy. It was much harder to project feelings that she herself wasn’t feeling, so she’d had to work harder at it than normal tonight. Cass sat down on the edge of the stage and fiddled with her earpiece, trying to figure what she wanted to do next.


10 SU episode ideas

DISCLAIMER 1: These ARE NOT actual episodes of Steven Universe set to premiere in the future. These are FAN-MADE CONCEPTS. I am not an official writer or storyboard artist for Steven Universe, and therefore cannot make any claims of these episodes being official. These are only creative concepts and ideas for episodes I’ve come up with based off of past episodes I’ve seen from the show.

DISCLAIMER 2: Almost all but 2 or 3 of these episodes are “filler” or non-plot-heavy episodes. If you are not interested in episodes like these, then please move along and ignore this post.

All the ideas are below the cut.

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