peppers pantry

Keep Away

Imagine all these superheroes playing an intense game of keep away with Tony.
Maybe it starts out small Bucky wants an upgrade on his arm but Clint asked for new arrows before him. And they’re all shouting in each other’s face when suddenly they both get this mischievous look on their face. Tony who was sitting on the couch peacefully watching this fight squeaks when they turn that look on him. Cue Bucky shoving Clint before scooping Tony into his arms and taking off.
This goes on for a couple hours, but then suddenly more people slowly start getting involved.

So Clint is sitting all content in his perch, Tony is sitting on a mountain of pillows like a prize. Having succumb to his fate he simply sits there playing solitaire on his phone. Bucky is tied up in the pantry. Suddenly Pepper walks in, “I’m taking Tony and if you fight me I’ll make you regret it.”
Tony calmly climbs down from the perch while Clint throws and “adult” temper tantrum. Cries of “not fair!” being ignored as they stroll out.

Later when Tony is sitting in a meeting with the board and Pepper, Tony at the end of the table a Pepper on the opposite end. Standing tall as she goes over their budgets. She only turns to look at the screen for a moment but when she turns back Tony’s seat is empty. When the board turns to look at what she’s staring at many or amazed to see the billionaire gone.
In the kitchen twenty floors up a bag is being removed from Tony’s head. “Natasha.”
He waits til he has the other woman’s attention. “I think I’m slightly more terrified of you because I have no idea how I got here.”
Natasha just smiles.

Somehow Natasha is able to keep Tony for the next 24 hours without anyone finding him. It isn’t until Phil Coulson is going to file a report and realizes Stark hadn’t filled out his portion that he goes to retrieve the genius.
He knows for a fact that Natasha is working out in the gym, Bucky and Clint pestering her for answers as to where their favorite genius is. So with his “competition” distracted he calmly enters Natasha’s floor and heads straight for the bedroom. Inside he finds Tony curled up in a blanket fast asleep with Monty Python and The Holy Grail turned on low playing in the background.
Snapping a quick picture he wakes the genius and then they head off to SHIELD.
When they arrive Phil texts Natasha the picture with “Need a better hiding spot.”

And so the game continues….

whyflannery  asked:


1. First impression: this girl likes hp a lot
2. Truth is: you are one of the sweetest, smartest people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing <3
3. How old do you look: 14 or 15
4. Have you ever made me laugh: heckie yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: *looks at tfios aus*
6. Best feature: your art is presh and so is your face
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: friend crush yup
8. You’re my: best friend <3
9. Name in my phone: Pepper
10. Should you post this too? sure

Sorry this took so long, but here’s my oc for you for the design swap. Her name is Cherry Bomb {but you can feel free to change that} and her talent is gardening, especially for cherry blossom trees. Thanks for doing the design swap, it was a lot of fun. c:

aaah oh my gossshhh, she is SO cute! ; u; thank you soooo much for the design trade, I love her! (my school notebook shall now be full of sketches of her, ehehe) I’m sorry my half is so lame in comparison D:

whyflannery  asked:

★★★★★ I give this blog 5/5 stars.

I have six pets- two cats and four dogs

When I was in 4th grade, I dressed up as a tree for Halloween. 

I hate raisins, but love Raisinets.

For some reason, people think I hate kids when I really actually love them a lot.

I want to be a preschool art teacher when I grow up.

whyflannery  asked:

Purple & Yellow because those are my favorite colors and actually have cool questions

Purple: 10 facts about my room

  1. I currently have three litter boxes in here
  2. I have a giant poster of TGaP Trixie
  3. I have a fireplace, but I don’t think it works
  4. My room usually smells like a litter box
  5. I cleaned my room Sunday though, so it’s really clean
  6. My room is a disgusting mustard yellow color
  7. My closet doors are that color too so it looks really weird
  8. I only have four pieces of furniture
  9. My windows don’t open
  10. I have an Andy Warhol painting of a cat on my wall

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

  1. My mom taught and owned the preschool I attended
  2. I started crying when I accidentally burnt a microwavable pancake
  3. I used to make my own cooking shows
  4. I also made news shows with my Webkinz
  5. I used to be really religious
  6. I went to a Ben Folds concert when I was 8 or something
  7. Once I stepped on my dog’s leg and he broke it