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Skoryy: 9, 27 & 62 Mirka: 16 & 41

27: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be?

There’s a long moment of silence, the valiant staring off to the side as a hand slides through his ponytailed leaves. “A certain part of me wishes to say to decide for yourself what your feelings are sooner, but I am not certain that would have made everything necessarily better.”

“Perhaps if you asked me again in another year or two.”

62: How do you define “cheating”?

Skoryy thinks aloud, “Sadly, not all sylvari believe as I do that our love should be shared freely, but those are decisions I can and do respect. To not respect that, to flaunt disrespect, yes, I believe that is what I would call ‘cheating’.”

41: What’s your imagination of a “perfect date”?

Mirka pokes at an ear, “I never, uh, really wondered. I guess… quiet thoughtful conversations over a candlelit dinner…  a theatrical production… settling in for the night with more talk as we watch the clouds pass… oh, flowers. Can’t forget flowers.”

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"The last few days have kicked my ass." My fabulous salad booty.

It was moments like these that silently terrified the valiant. Maybe she had finished some intensive training with their superiors, or Eidolen had a few days to ‘assist’ with her education as well.

Or maybe she went hunting.

No, she wouldn’t do that again, not without orders. Right? Right.

The course of action ahead was instantaneous, Skoryy had taken up his own initiative to start thinking faster on his feet. “Come,” he invited warmly, sliding a hand around her waist to draw her in. You are tired. Let my strength be your strength. Let my hope be your hope. “Tell me all about it over tea and cakes, and, perhaps,” he winked, “Once you are rested I can see about kicking your ass again~”

He just hoped she had only been training.