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Red Coat isn't exactly the master of disguise, I mean, she's nick named after what she's seen wearing all the time. You'd think she'd at least change the color of her coat. It's almost like she wants to be unmasked or something. I don't know.

Very interesting point. Mona does say “They need to know that she’s in charge.” Maybe she actually does want to reveal herself to them? Maybe she actually planned to reveal herself to them at the lodge? She could have been hoping they would all be in one spot so she could make herself known without anyone else seeing her, but then it caught on fire. Hmmm. 

Or maybe she doesn’t have any money to buy new clothes. Haha. 


My character #Pepperonitony is huge in the Italian American community pt. 3

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Lana Del Rey - Carmen

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I got number 29. Could I have a blog rate? Cheers.

Yes u can :) Thank u so much!

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Do you think season 5 should be the final season? Season 4 is necessary because there's so many questions that need to be answered but even then I feel like season 4 should be the final. I feel like it's just being dragged on too long and it's all starting to become a little unrealistic so I'd be disappointed if they made a season 6 because they really just need to pop the big answer. Also what are your thoughts on Ravenswood?

I feel like they could answer all of our questions and wrap up the series in season 4, but I know they wont do that. They want to make the show last as long as possible. 

I just honestly can’t see them wanting to continue the show into their college years. I mean, come on, they could just move away. I just can’t fathom anyone staying in Rosewood for any longer than they have to. 

I would be completely surprised if they decided to do a 6th season. 

I need to see Ravenswood first to decide if I will like it or not. I mean, Caleb isn’t my favorite character by any means. So, that isn’t a huge draw for me. I can see why the producers of PLL would want a spin off show. PLL is such a big hit, and they know it won’t last forever because the girls are getting older. I am assuming that Ravenswood will be a similar writing style. (Probably a lot of unanswered questions for a really long time.)