ADAW 19/52 Freund und Gefährte warst du mir, als Waffenbrüder kämpften wir (Waffenbruder - Vogelfrey) von Roterwolkenvogel

Rare footage of the brothers being nice and on the same side. You know, before Varekai joined Pazuzu and Rajko married his ex-husband’s little sister.

The ‘what is what’
Limwha Limho Mono tan (2009 and 2014), faceups by MayYeo and Dr Krow, in Nezumitoo / pepperonipizza, wigs by eclipse 21 and Tonner, eyes from enchanted doll Soom horns with airbrush by Ara
Lulubell is a vintage taxidermy mink with harness by syrinxfox


Lol, #MikaelGranlund talking about ordering #pepperonipizza! “Pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni, pepperoni” and some #Finnish mixed in there. #Granlund #MG64 #mnwild #mnwild64 #Finnesotan #Finnishflow #interview #funny #cute #rakkaus #Suosikki #söpö

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Pazuzu is currently in shambles as she is finally getting her tattoos (good news: not from me) so I finally get a crack on all the dolls that were requested to be photographed on my IG!

Caspian is one of the traders who caught Mitra in Qusir Torpaq and sold them to Keybanu. Needless to say that Mitra hates his guts.

(Their colors look so gooood together though)

The ‘what is what’
Soom Ai/Soom Syen body with Soom Yarn stinger, customization by MisMantis, eyes from Taobao
Resinsoul An with face-up by KoalaKrask, eyes from Mako, wig by Frapzilla. Coat from fawnfeathers, pants from pepperonipizza


I commissioned this absolutely beautiful circus costume for my boy Caspar from pepperonipizza over on den of angels and I am floored and enamored by how amazing it is <3 she did such a wonderful job. It really makes the doll finally feel like he IS the character and it’s so amazing to see his costume in real life!! It’s so wonderfully made too! The corset piece is my favorite part Edit// woah I had a whole other paragraph here about my struggles getting his costume one but it seems to have disappeared? Ah well. Just know that it took a long time and a lot of restringing struggling to get it on!