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Italian meat Stromboli and pepperoni bread. Pizza dough (2), Pepperoni (10 ounces), Ham (4 ounces), Salami (4 ounces), Pepperoni (4 ounces), Mozzarella (6 ounces), Parmesan (4 ounces), Tomato Sauce (4 ounces).

Preheat oven to 375. Grease two pans. Cut dough into three balls and roll flat across board. Top one with pepperoni and parmesan and roll into a cigar. Top second with ham, Salami, pepperoni, and parmesan and roll into a cigar. Top third with tomato sauce parmesan and mozzarella and roll into a cigar. Bake all three in oven for 20 min.

Beyonce Gets Political, and I Get Snatched Bald: An Overview of Themes and Motifs in the Formation Music Video

It is important that you know, I am not even a Beyonce stan like that. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the post I am going to relate. If we were not perfectly convinced of Jacob Marley’s death before the play began, then there would be nothing remarkable about him showing up at his “business” partner’s house to bitch him out in the middle of the night.

It’s also important to note that Beyonce usually doesn’t go in for this sort of thing. She’s not really the Artist/Activist type. This video is the most political she has ever gotten, and I swear it took the convergence of Black Lives Matter, Black History Month, Mardis Gras, a Nat Turner Rebellion movie, the blatant disrespect of casting a white man to play Michael Jackson, and all the planets to bring us this blessing. Many have said Formation is the phrase, “I love my blackness, and yours.” given physical form. It is all that and more.

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This opening line prepares us for the realness to come

Let’s start with the fact that Formation features a voice over by Big Freedia the Queen Diva of NOLA Bounce. If you don’t know Bounce music, or you don’t know Big Freedia–and if you don’t know Bounce, you won’t know Big Freedia–let me direct you to Youtube so you can educate yourself. I recommend you start with Excuse, and Y’all Get Back Now. Big Freedia also has a very nice feature in Ru Paul’s Peanut Butter.

All throughout this video we are treated to imagery from Black queer culture, from Big Freedia’s voice-over, to dancers, to queens just slaying in the beauty shop. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the richness of Black queer culture, I direct you to the internet, because there’s just too much to explain. Start with Paris Is Burning on Netflix and go from there I guess? Like, literal books have been written and it is too big an undertaking for me alone. But Formation is an anthem for Black Femmes as much as it is for Blackness in general.

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Beyonce heard all y’all talking that shit about “Why is her hair always done, but she can’t make sure her baby’s hair is done?” Uh, because Blue is a child, and that is her NATURAL HAIR, and she clearly is ROCKING IT.

In fact, this video features A WEALTH of natural hair, textured hair, weaves, perms, braids, Black hair in general.

Note: Baby hairs are small, fine, wispy hairs on your hairline that your mother would brush or gel in a specific way. If you don’t know what a baby hair is, ask a Black person, or someone with “ethnic” hair (gag).

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In fact, every single person in this video is Black except for the cops.

And let’s talk about that scene

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A little black boy dancing his heart out in front of a line of cops in riot gear,

and the cops put their hands up. YES YES YES YES YESYEYSYESYES!!!!!

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Please note the multiple nods to Majorette culture (okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, prove to me you got some coordination, slay trick or you get eliminated) which is very southern.

Formation is very southern

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From Southern Gothic imagery

to people dressed for Mardis Gras

To the scenes with people dressed in 19th century Creole garb, in their parlors, with fans.

Now let’s examine some of the lyrics:

My Daddy Alabama, Mama Louisiana

This is more than a statement about Beyonce’s roots. The vast majority of Black Americans can trace their ancestry to the South, after many of us moved to northern cities in the Great Migration. To this day, the majority of Black people in the US live in the South. I’m a New Yorker for generations back on either side, but guess what? The family reunion each year is held in Virginia, because that’s where my people come from.

I like my negro nose and Jackson Five nostrils

There has literally never been a more full-throated, stalwart, stark as hell positive affirmation of Blackness in mainstream, popular media since the original Black Is Beautiful movement in the 60′s. Maybe not since the Harlem Renaissance? I predict In a few years, people will be inverting their contours and getting plastic surgery to achieve the coveted Jackson Five nostril. Only by then they’ll rename it something more palatable to the mainstream (Read: white people).

I got hot sauce in my bag

Let me tell you something about my septuagenarian Grandparents: they literally always have a bottle of hot sauce in their car. Like many retirees, they like to travel, take cruises, do old people stuff. Never have they ever gone anywhere without a bottle of hot sauce. Never has my grandfather been in a restaurant and not requested hot sauce–even though he always has his own.

As I type this, I have a bottle of hot sauce on my night stand, next to my bed. Why? Because I put that shit on everything, and it’s just more convenient to keep it handy. I put hot sauce on pepperoni pizzas. Sometimes I sip out of the hot sauce bottle like it’s a fine wine.

I make all this money, but they’ll never take the country out me

A reminder to never forget your roots, a statement about preserving your identity under the pressures of assimilation, or commentary on respectability politics–no matter how much money you make, how famous you become, you’ll always be Black to the powers that be? Trick question. It’s all three

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Note: Red Lobster is known to be the de-facto Black date night restaurant. I have no idea why.

All of this culminates in Beyonce, sprawled atop a NOLA police car, sinking into the flood waters of Katrina. She metaphorically drowns the police in a flood caused by the colossal abdication of responsibility by those in power at the expense of the disenfranchised. She is prostrated on the symbolic corpse of the oppressor as it is subsumed by water.

I Literally Can Not.

Other images that made me want to praise dance:

  1. Black man riding a horse down the street. Little known fact, Black people were some of the first cowboys in the American west. For the most famous example, see the actual man The Lone Ranger is based off of.
  2. The newspaper with the picture of Martin Luther King and front page headline that read, “More Than A Dreamer.” A reference to the #ReclaimMLK movement, which is about countering the sanitized, white-washed, commodified version of his message with the reality of his radicalism.
  3. The fact that the portraits on the walls of the mansion are of Black women
  4. I slay, I slay, I slay

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The hc about Subaru with a pregnant s/o was really cute, could maybe do it with the other s brothers, please?

Anonymous said:Headcanons for Ayato with a pregnant s/o. How he treats her, does he talk to the baby, does he touch her tummy? Etc. please?

@sasu-naru-is-the-best said:Headcons with Shu with his pregnant s/o? How would he treat her? Would he be sweet or just his usual lazy self?

Sorry, this took so long babes, I’m finally getting some juice back!


Shu -  

”Hm? Pregnant? When did that happen?… Don’t play dumb I know where babies come from.” Overall he’s pretty chill about the announcement, a little surprised at first but he calms down rather fast.
♫ He will be sure to make you take it easy, there’s no need for you to be worrying and stressing during this time.
He’s still lazy, after all, there are familiars to do his bidding, so be ready for cuddles with which he constantly has a hand on your stomach.
He can handle your cravings, even sometimes getting up to get the food you want if he doesn’t find it too troublesome, don’t expect him to run to the store tho… or fire up the oven… you’re better off asking Reiji or doing it yourself.
The least likely to hover over you when you are doing something though don’t be mistaken, he’s always watching.
The chillest of all, even when you go to have the baby there is so much chill… inwardly there is no chill.

Reiji -

♠ Inwardly nervous about you and the newly found baby but doesn’t show it, happy all the same tho.
He makes sure to give you your space while pregnant, especially when your mood swings like a ticking pendulum, and will only touch you as much as you allow.
Loves to touch the tummy tho and will at night while you two are settling down for bed, your irritable moods be damned.
Tries to steer you away from unhealthy foods while you are craving and tries to give you healthier alternatives… No, Reiji, that salad is not better than that pizza and dammit get me a banana to go with it.
Makes sure you are careful with everything you do. Getting into the bath? Be sure not to fall. Going down the stairs? You better hold on to that railing. Chopping veggies or fruit? You better make sure that knife doesn’t- better yet hand that him.
Nothing really changes housework wise, he just picks up the slack which isn’t that much, to begin with. But that also means more time to yourself and more time to plan the nursery… with Reiji’s approval of decor as well.

Ayato -

Of course, he’s overjoyed, his kids are going to be the best after all!*He’s touching the tum tum and even talking to it as soon as you tell him, he doesn’t care once you get on into the pregnancy and the irritability starts he’ll touch your tummy as much as he wants.
Ayato cuddles? Yes, please! He has taken to relaxing with you more than usual and like to kiss your tummy, draw circles on it, and whisper sweet things to you during your serene moment.
That doesn’t mean he sits still often tho, instead of forcing you to play basketball or do other physical things he makes you watch him… let the praise go to his, it slows down when the babies come.
Cannot fathom how odd your cravings are… Pancake how can you eat that? You just put hot sauce on your waffles! Help him.
Pumps himself up all during the pregnancy, he’s the best dad after all, until it comes time to give birth then it dawns on him that he is, in fact, not ready… but he’s the best dad after the fear is gone.

Kanato -

Eew babies are gross… but he can deal.
Won’t really touch your stomach as much as you’d think he would, he’s more interested when it grows tho… He may also talk to it, but that’s only during sleepless nights without you listening.
Kind of peeved that you won’t be able to fit into the dresses he makes for you when you get further along, but can easily be convinced to start on the baby’s wardrobe.
Likes to push your limits and quite frankly is not getting into the parenting mindset at all. He’d rather watch you trip and stumble to see how much the baby can take…
Does not understand your cravings, why would you put chocolate sauce on pepperoni pizza? Please stop eating bananas with your chicken alfredo…
Rather fascinated with the growing fetus inside of you, but at the same time would rather not deal with it or you in this state.

Laito -

Oh… a baby? He disappears for a week there, meandering and doing what Laito does before coming home and facing up and taking responsibility.
Actually, doesn’t want to touch your tummy as you thought he would, he’s much more comfortable watching the baby move around on its own.
Pregnancy sex? He’s down, especially when the hormones kick in, but he’s also perfectly content with laying beside you and doing crosswords while you ponder all the baby stuff.
He picks up some of your slack when you’re tired but only when you are absolutely irritable and nagging at him. He takes the complaints with a smile and does it, he understands that by the way your stomach is stretched and how the baby keeps you up at night you’ve got to be exhausted.
Your cravings never cease to amaze him. “Little Bitch why are dipping grape bubble gum into your tea? Would you rather me go and get you something… better?… … Oh, pizza and apple slices… I can do that!”
Overall pretty chill after the initial shock wears off

Hope & Healing (Newt Scamander X Reader)

@mudbloodscars requested: Reader is very self-conscious about her looks/weight and doesn’t think she’s pretty at all. She is very sarcastic and cracks jokes a lot, but inside she is very depressed and anxious. (Element of thoughts about self-harm, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you can leave it out.) Newt senses something is up and tries to dig deeper, but reader is so anxious that she doesn’t trust anyone. One night, reader can’t sleep at all and starts crying (just because of general anxiety). Newt hears and rushes in. It’s very fluffy, a little dark, but they end up having a little make-out session and say they love each other. @ashfox1203

A/N: *For everyone feeling this way, please know that no matter what, you are loved and needed and the world is a better place with you in it. We all have a part in the story. Make it the best! You will find hope!*

Title: Hope and Healing



Pairing: NewtXReader


Warnings: Fluff, Angst, implied self harm but nothing graphic

Fluff Level: Out of control!

Author’s Notes: This is a little gift for my new friend Alexis. I enjoyed writing this because it was a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t typically write too much angst. (I’m all about that fluff life.) But, I DO like to branch out with my writing and this helps. I really hope you enjoy it, girl! As always, feedback is appreciated.

Newt had tripped over the same hole in the floor of his shed about a hundred times now. 

“Well Pickett, about time we patch that up, don’t you think?" 

The Bowtruckle squeaked in response, peering out from the lapel of Newt’s coat.  

"Yeah, I agree. Maybe later.” Newt smirked, walking out of the shed.

You were standing near the Occamys, laughing gently at the little creatures as they writhed around in their giant nest. You somewhat envied them. They looked so comfortable. “Hello, little ones, I wish I could cuddle up with you and take a nap.”

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Keto Mushroom Pizza

4 portobellos
1 cup grated mozzarella cheese
1 cup Chopped spinach
5 cherry tomatoes sliced
Sugar free tomato sauce
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 375. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy clean up.
Clean your Mushrooms. Stem removed and gills cleaned out. Then toss with oil on both sides and season with salt and pepper. Bake for about 7 mins. Set aside and drain any liquid. Then fill Mushrooms. Cheese, spinach, tomato and then Mushrooms. Bake until cheese has melted.
I heated my tomato sauce in a pan before serving. Poured about ½ cup on my plate.

Dwight Fairfield walking into the fog like...

*Holding a XL pizza box with a bag an hour late* “Hi how are you?”

The Trapper: “….”

Dwight Fairfield: “did you order an extra large triple meat lovers pizza , extra sauce, extra pepperoni, hold the sausage, with 6 chicken wings extra dip and a 1 liter coke?”

The Trapper: “….”

Dwight Fairfield: “….2 liter machine broke”

The Trapper: *screaming bloody murder*

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I would love to hear your pizza stories

the best one is the old guy who actually lived down the street from me, ordered the same thing every time, meticulously checked his pizza, tipped nicely… and also had the entire wall covered in framed pictures of cats not taken by a professional photographer. They were of all varying sizes and some were printed on canvas including the giant one that was at least 3ft tall in a gilded frame

i had a guy who didn’t want to give me cash so he tipped me with a box of candy wrapped in christmas paper

a guy who lived in a mansion who answered the door in a ratty brown robe only and wished me a good morning at 2pm every time he ordered (frequently)

a guy who payed for 30$ of food exclusively in quarters he had in a single ankle sock

a guy who managed to order a pizza without cheese or sauce, demanded a re-order (i didn’t take the original order, and my boss had him pay for redelivery), and tried to pay entirely in pennies in a bag that on tv would’ve held cocaine, while it was raining and was pissed i wouldn’t take them.

a guy who took my pen and, as i watched, put it in his mouth and straight up drooled profusely while looking at his receipt. he tried to hand it back to me after but that was his now

a mom who ordered pizza for her and her kids, was way outside our delivery area, and as i was going to leave said, “oh yeah we all have pink eye so probably wash your hands”

a woman who had a ramp system for her corgi to get up to window height. the corgi’s name was moose.

a guy who LEGIT only ordered when it was super foggy and dark and lived around the back of a house that was nearly impossible to get to

a woman who ordered pizza so she would have someone to talk to because she was lonely since her husband died

a sorority party at a bakery that had a paid ticket, insisted they hadn’t paid, and ended up giving me 100$ tip just in case

a company that ordered NEARLY 400$ of food that i had to wheel into the building on a dolley (that thank god i had in my trunk) including 160 wings and 20 pizzas. the lady complained that i delivered it on time and only tipped me 20$.

a group of children wanted the delivery person to ask out their friend as a prank and all complained when i didn’t

a guy who lived in another mansion-eque house where the door lock was on a timer and locked automatically. he forgot and tried to open the door again without unlocking it and was extremely embarrassed

a horrible old man that ordered five extra sauce pepperoni and sausage and EXTRA NAPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!! (just like that) and no one liked bc for all his fussy bullshit he tipped 1$ and a lecture about getting your life in order

a guy who was so adamant not to tip me he had me go back down and up three flights of stairs when i forgot my bag of change.

a teacher who was a tiny little thing but fierce as hell and super nice

a person who tried to order a crepe (???) and though disappointed ordered chicken wings instead

a guy who opened the door to his place and a visible cloud of marijuana smoke poured out

a grandma who taught her grandkid “how to tip properly” by tipping me 25$ on 60$ of food

a guy who was so high that he put a 2 in the tip line, but instead of adding 2 to the total, he doubled it like it was a math problem.

a woman who only ordered two medium pizzas but also 16 liters of lemonade

several deliveries into a local busy mall, always accompanied by several comments from mallgoers of “who ordered pizza to the mall what the fuck”

there’s more but most are of people who yelled at me at length for things like not having the soda they ordered in stock :B

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Prompt: Victor and Yuuri cooking a new recipe together

“Yuuri, why don’t we make pizza together?” 

“Huh? Can’t you just order pizza?” 

“It’s no fun if you order it all the time,” Viktor pouted a little. “I want to try making it like they do on TV!”

Yuuri thought about it for a moment. “Well okay, but making the dough is a lot of work.”

“We can just buy pre-made pizza dough from the store, the rest we’ll do by ourselves!” Viktor suggested.

“Okay, if you insist,” Yuuri shrugged.

They went out together to shop for the dough, sauce, and topping ingredients.

“What do you usually eat on your pizza Yuuri?” Viktor asked.

“Hmm, in Detroit, Phichit and I always ordered chicken and bbq pizza or pizza with ham and pineapple.”

Viktor stopped and gasped. “P-Pineapple?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty good,” Yuuri answered nonchalantly.

“So you’re one of those people,” Viktor pretended to look shocked.

“What? What’s wrong with pineapple on pizza?” Yuuri frowned.

“How can you stand having fruit on a pizza, it defies logic!” Viktor argued.

“What does logic have to do with pizza?” Yuuri seemed confused.

To avoid arguing any further they decided not to go with a pineapple pizza (”Besides it was just one time we had it!” Yuuri countered) and make the standard pepperoni. 

Yuuri spread the sauce on the crust and let Viktor put on the toppings.

“Viktor, you’re putting too much!” Yuuri noticed a bit too late.

“It’s fine! The more the merrier!”

Yuuri groaned. The cheese got everywhere and Makkachin might have stolen a few licks from the floor.

They put the pizza in the oven and when it was finally done they both enjoyed the rest of the evening on the couch with a messy pizza, a poodle and some old movies.

They both agreed to just order pizza next time.

be your teenage dream tonight

reposted from my old blog (peacockgege) // requested by kpopgame-strong:

Could you do a scenario where youre Kris ‘ little sister but Chanyeol likes you and wants to date you??

[ Chanyeol is a freak. Chanyeol likes to eat his fries with mustard and he claims his favorite food is school cafeteria mac and cheese. Chanyeol likes to sneak up on people and bite them. Chanyeol Park once brought last year’s yearbook with him to a tutoring session and counted with you all the pictures that he photobombed. Chanyeol Park in glasses and a cardigan and his guitar makes you want to kiss him. ]

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