pepperoni pizza is the best

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57. Favourite food? 

Pizzaaaaa like no lie i was eating it like crazy a week or 2 ago the way i get it is double motzerella, double cheddar cheese, double pepperoni, double chicken, double bacon and wingstop, pizza and wings are one of the best combos 

The First Time I Saw You Cry

Here’s my contribution to the Soul Eater fandom’s angst week, day one! Enjoy~

Soul remembers the first time he’d ever saw her cry very, very clearly.

They were only kids when they first paired up. She seemed to know everything- about the monsters and the witches, the ins and outs of Shibusen, even the best pizza joints in town (The Evil Olive, by the way, has the best slice of pepperoni pizza in Nevada)- while he only knew how to play the piano and doubt himself. She was sure footed and confident in everything she did, she talked to everyone without a care in the world and she could just as easily slice a monster in half. For a long time, he was half convinced that she wasn’t human- that there was no way there could be someone so completely put together at all times. Once they moved in together, though…well, he finally began to see how unperfect she was. Of course, to someone on the outside looking in, there was nothing to be seen that was out of the ordinary. Maka did her routine meticulously- dinner, dishes, shower, homework, bed, then up at the crack of dawn to get his lazy ass up and get to school. He complained. There were too many stairs and it was too hot and the sun hurt his sensitive eyes, but she had taken it all in stride. She let him complain without saying a word to the point where he made it a mission to find what got under her skin. He became desperate in his prepubescent, one-track mind to find out what it would take to make Maka Albarn crack.

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Thaddeus: Mama, can we have PIZZA for lunch?

Me: Not today, we don’t have a pizza, or stuff to make one.

Thaddeus: But you can just buuuuuy a pizza, Mama! How about that?

Me: *okay clearly he has learned the secrets of delivery and is using this against me, how do I respond*

Thaddeus: We can get a pepperoni pizza! Pepperoni is SO HOT, it’s my best! Is pepperoni your best too, Mama?

Me: *okay clearly he understands pregnancy better than most adults and I must abort this conversation immediately before a craving hits*

Thaddeus: Mama, can we get a pizza, puhleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Me: Ummm.

Me: *‘No’ is a complete sentence, Monique. Just say no. Let’s not get irrational.*

Thaddeus: Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeease? It’s my best!


Me: *gets irrational*

Me: *this is toddler manipulation if you give in it will never end! stand your ground you are the adult here don’t be a pushover, Monique*

Thaddeus: With pepperoni that’s hot and all the cheese!

Me: *ignore this ignore this ignore this ignore this ignore this ignore this ignore this ignore this*

Me: *but… cheese*

Thaddeus: Yeah, Mama. Pizza’s my best!

Me: *imagines pizza and drools*


Me: *orders pizza*