clouds in my coffee; a lily/chesa (mtf leaf/chip) fanmix

001. happy together- the turtles

002. wake me up before you go go- wham!

003. daylight- matt & kim

004. you’re so vain- carly simon

005. the 59th street bridge song (feelin’ groovy)- simon and garfunkel

006. spring song (songs without words)- felix mendelssohn

007. undeclared- the dodos

008. you are my sunshine- o brother where art thou

009. we’ll meet again- vera lynn

bonus track: sunshine on my shoulders- john denver

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(thanks to jay for the cover art!)

so for a little while now i thought jay hadnt been on tumblr to post in a while but i came across one of jays replies to hannah and im like wtf why arent i seeing any of jays posts? 

so i went on jays blog and i guess i had unfollowed them at one point????????? i followed them again but idk man im super confused like when did that happen

amyfieldmouse-deactivated201508  asked:

hey just a heads up a much better way to tag triggers is #[thing] tw or just #[thing] bc if you put a word in front of it like #tw [thing] it doesn't get blocked for people who don't have that exact phrase blacklisted u_u

oh seriously?

I usually have it put in as “tw ____” in my tumblr savior so i kind of just tagged based on that :c I didn’t know this ahh