peppermint recipe

Altar Cleansing Tisane for Summer Solstice (or any time, really)

Happy Litha, witchies! I’m feeling the summer love today and have had a really good day, and I’m being mostly successful at keeping anxiety out of my head, yay!

I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning up my altar because it was a dang mess after having plants all over it for months. It hasn’t been organized or clean in a long while. So to start, I spent some time in my garden and harvested the herbs I needed, and gathered the other things I wanted to put in my cleansing water:

From my garden:

- Peppermint (cleansing, energizing)

- Lilac (sweetness)

- Rosemary (cleansing, sun correspondence, success)

- Sage (classic cleansing herb)

- Nasturtium Leaf (spicy, adds energy)

- Lavender (calm, cleansing)

- Chamomile (calming)

- Thyme (longevity of the cleanse, positive mindset, strength, banishing hopelessness)

- Cayenne (I always add cayenne to recipes that I really want to give a kick to)

- A poppy petal (the first of the season! for beauty,)

Other Ingredients:

- Cloves, one for each area of my life I want to cleanse (pain relief, fire correspondence, luck, prosperity)

- Calendula (soothing, healing)

- Himalayan pink salt (cleansing, healing)

I crushed it all with my mortar and pestle, putting a clear intention into it, and then put it in my favourite mug, and poured boiling water over it, and covered it with a saucer and lit a candle anointed with my normal ‘cleansing/protection’ oil (sorry I don’t have a recipe written down.) I let that steep while I cleared off the alter and did the mundane cleaning up of the dirt and such.

After tidying up, I added some essential oils to the brew. Ginger (energizing) Lemongrass (cleansing) and Wintergreen (energizing, protection, cleansing.) I also added a couple drops of liquid soap to act as an emulsifier.

Then, Just go about soaking a clean rag in the the brew and wiping down all your surfaces, keeping your intention clear. I dipped all my crystals in this brew as well, hence them all laying out to dry. 

Feel free to use this cleansing water recipe however you like! Happy Litha/Solstice! ✨☀️✨