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@candy-undertale I finished it!
I removed some of them and fixed some of the things that was bothering me because my style has changed and that I really just couldn’t follow vwv;;

But asides from all that, I hope you enjoy them!

All..4 of them…I make too many lmao–


I might make better/more fanart soon.

(╯✧∇✧)╯kurokomasu #1 ╰(✧∇✧╰)

Decided to do a fun Christmas (Kurokomasu!) thing. Here goes! How the GOM spend December 1st with their s/o. Throw me ideas in my ask box for future Kurokomasu themes!

Aomine: He groans as you drag him out of bed to go Christmas tree shopping. Of course, he doesn’t complain and holds the bags of ornaments begrudgingly, until you force onto him a Santa hat (which he objects to because it’s not MANLY). He’s not one for the holiday spirit, but there’s something about Christmas music that makes his heart leap a bit inside. Also, your radiating smile is highly contagious. He makes an effort to hold your hand constantly because he’s a wuss when it comes to cold weather, so he wears those dorky knitted mittens that he got at the thrift store out in public. He pulls your intertwined hands into the pocket of his coat, allowing you to drag him by an extension of your elbow. 

Akashi: The Akashi household is already decked out in expensive faux-fur mats, glittery ornaments, and the elegant smell of vanilla candles. Akashi would insist on cuddling you in his room next to the fireplace, throwing on you a comfy, hand-knitted blanket that his mom had made him. You enjoy the sight of him in green plaid pajamas and fluffy socks, clutching the mug of peppermint hot chocolate that you had made for him specifically. Akashi lowkey LOVES the holidays - just a look around his house can tell you how big of a family tradition it is - and he wants to share the holiday cheer with you. 

Kise: Obnoxiously fluffy matching Christmas sweaters? Fake reindeer horn headbands? The annoying noise of jingle bells? Kise is a bundle of joy to have around the holiday season, but your favorite part is the endless free pair of socks he receives from his modeling sessions. You curl lazily on his bed as he decorates his room to the soundtrack of Christmas music, and he even tries to wrap you up in tinsel. He’s constantly throwing hints at what he wants for Christmas, but you just pretend you don’t hear him, just to see him pout adorably. 

Kuroko: He likes wearing your Santa Hat around the house, nodding his head so the cotton tip would bounce around. You both struggle with putting lights up, and you take turns climbing the ladder to do the task. Kuroko proposes that you make a gingerbread house after dinner, but you both end up burning pieces of the house, so you just ate an unmade house anyways. He won’t take off the Santa Hat, even when you’re cuddling in bed together, so you literally have a pillow fight over a stupid hat. 

Midorima: ‘Tis the season where Midorima can wear green sweaters and he won’t feel like a ball of moss! You try to get him to wear a Rudolph nose, to which he crisply responds a stern, “No, nanodayo,” to. He secretly loves ugly Christmas sweaters (just not the ones that light up). When you decorate his room, you find that he has stored Christmas-themed lucky items and scarves lying around EVERYWHERE, so you just steal one of his wool scarves. You make him play Silent Night on the piano for you, and just to fluster him, you and Takao planned to string up mistletoe above his doorway just so you can steal a kiss off Midorima. Of course, he turns red, to which you compliment him on his Christmas spirit. 

Murasakibara: Christmas shopping consists of purchasing Christmas-themed snacks, which include gingerbread cookies, peppermint bark, green tea Pocky (because it’s green), and candy canes. You can never have too much candy cane, but your boyfriend insists on eating whichever ones you put on the tree. Plus, it’s basically impossible to find a tree that’s taller than Murasakibara, so you have no problem putting up the lights and the star on the tree. You make your boyfriend put on reindeer ears, and (for the reward of mint brownies) he’ll ride you around the house like a reindeer. To both of your surprise, it was pretty fun. Mura really loves Christmastime, even more so than Thanksgiving, because there’s always sweets and everyone is just really happy all the time. 

So I got a new tablet recently, as some may have noticed by the way the lineart changed in the last couple of drawings that I did. 
This, however, was me trying it out at first with a bunch of Candytale doodles. XD Hope you like it :D


Drew a thing for my favourite au! muffet and alphys are my favourites aaa

I added a lil whipped cream annoying dog too ^^ I really hope you like it!!

AHHHHHH THIS IS GLORIOUS ;;v;; Like seriously, this is awesome! I commend you for doing such a big picture! Everyone here looks really well-done and amazing! There’s like, so much I wanna say, like how you added the Annoying Dog (and whipped cream is such a nice idea!), Mint’s candy-cane knife, Undyne and Alphys, and the skelebros! :D It’s all amazing, thank you!