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I was wondering, what are the boys favorite holiday traditions? Like setting up the tree, cooking, etc.? You can also add the girls (Luna, Iris, Gentiana) and Cor if you want!

it’s always fun doing holiday stuff! here’s (most of) the gang getting in on the festivities!

Noctis: Nothing gets Noctis in the holiday spirit more than watching classic Christmas movies and TV specials. Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and just about any other Christmas staple you can think of. Prompto gets him out the house to go sledding for an hour or two, but goes right back in front of the TV after he’s warmed up a little.

Prompto: Wearing ugly christmas sweaters and sledding. Prompto’s favorite part of the holiday season, no contest, is the ugly sweaters - the gaudier, the better. He made it a personal goal for himself to make each year’s sweater uglier than the last. Prompto coerces Noctis into wearing one with him while they go sledding, but the first thing Noct does when they get back is throw it off. After begging Ignis to let him get some hot cocoa he plops down next to Noctis to catch a few movies.

Gladio: Helps Luna with decorating. Gladio is the only one who can reach high up without the assistance of a step ladder so he’s usually on decoration duty. He’s actually come to look forward to it, especially putting up the lights outside the house. Gladio also takes the opportunity to dump snow from the roof onto whatever unsuspecting victim (Prompto usually) steps through the door below.

Ignis: Barricades himself in the kitchen making Christmas treats. With the holidays come holiday-themed desserts, and it’s a great time for Ignis to experiment with different recipes using seasonal ingredients. In addition to the oven warming up the kitchen, the fresh-baked aroma wafting through the house makes for a very homey atmosphere. Though Ignis usually doesn’t let anyone mess with the icing on the gingerbread men, he makes an exception for Iris when he notices her impressive gingerbread house.

Luna: Decorating the house and making wreaths. While Gladio takes care of the more obvious decorations, Luna takes care of the more “minor” things that really bring the Christmas mood together. Making wreaths, peppermint candles, poinsettia arrangements, things like that. Once she’s done Luna joins Noctis and Prompto in front of the TV.

Gentiana: Wrapping presents. With her usual silent grace Gentiana expertly wraps everyone’s gifts. Pryna holds the different ribbons for her, while Umbra brings her the different wrapping paper. Come Christmas morning everyone almost feels too guilty to open their presents because of how good they look.

Cid & Cindy: Sets up a Christmas village. Cid and Cindy use their mechanical know how to set up an elaborate Christmas village. Flashing lights, automated “villagers” that move around the display, and an electric train. If you didn’t know any better you’d swear it were a real miniature village and not a series of machines.

Aranea: All about the alcohol. Ever since the group tried her eggnog and bourbon Aranea has been in charge of mixing the drinks every holiday gathering. To make sure everyone gets their fair share of alcohol, she has quite the arsenal of drink recipes at her disposal, like peppermint martinis and apple cider cocktails.

Iris: Making gingerbread houses.There aren’t many holiday goodies that capture the essence of Christmas quite like a nice gingerbread house. Iris is quite the master craftswoman, despite Gladio having to console her more than once as a child when her house broke. While she’s not tending to her own work, Iris is helping Ignis put finishing touches on his various creations.

Cor: Cutting his own Christmas tree. Since Noctis was born it’s been a tradition of Regis’s to let him choose a tree and then cut it down. Now that Regis is admittedly too old, Cor takes it upon himself to keep the tradition alive. Neither Regis or Noct have found the way to properly express their gratitude, but it makes their holiday every year.

Regis: Unbeknownst to the Crown City’s children, every holiday season Regis dons a Santa costume and hosts a meet and greet. Children from all around line up to get a chance to sit with Santa, take pictures, and receive one of the gifts piled high underneath the gigantic Christmas tree. It ends up being a great day for both the kids and for Regis, with the kids finally getting to meet Santa and Regis being able to have a day off from his duties as king.


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