peppermint frosting


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Small devotional acts.

  • Wear whites, grays, or blues
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Go on a walk in the snow
  • Make cold or icy drinks
  • Wear clear quartz/crystal jewelry
  • Stock up on supplies for winter
  • Knit cozy layers
  • Look at snowy photography or wintery videos
  • Have snowball fights
  • Drink peppermint tea
  • Make designs in frost on the windows (if no frost, use condensation!)
  • Go sledding
  • Burn winter/holiday scented candles
  • Listen to classical music
  • Eat ice cream or sorbet
  • Get or make a snow globe
  • Donate extra layers to homeless shelters, charities, etc.
  • Decorate your home with whatever plants remain the same in winter, or when harvested (evergreen trees, certain flowers, berries, etc.)
  • Play around with freezing various fruits (berries, grapes, pears, etc.)
  • Take a cold bath or shower
  • If you live someplace hot, wake up before sunrise and enjoy the nip in the air.
  • Many, many, many other things not said here

With contributions from an anon! I hope this list gives you some ideas even if you don’t live in a cold/snowy area!

Seduce Me Holiday Week

 Day One: The Incubaes First Christmas 


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James is aware of holiday traditions and is more than happy celebrate. But his idea of celebrating is simple, classy, and charming.

The best part of the holiday for him is just sitting back in a comfy chair, sipping a hot drink and reading a book, most likely something about christmas or holidays.

For you, his significant other, he prepares a delicious dinner and surprises you with the house beautifully decoraced and lit up with lights.He tells you that your eyes are  sparkling beautifully in the lighting and holds your hand gently as you eat their meal. Then he takes you out on a walk around town to look at christmas lights.

On Christmas Day, James wakes you up with a small present. He then leads you to the living room, giving you presents along the way, and you find larger presents under the tree. He then makes you breakfast and you two eat while opening presents.


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But he also thoroughly enjoy placing mistletoe around the house in places he KNOWS he can catch you under. Just to name a few, on the door frame of their bedroom, archway of the kitchen and living room, and directly over the couch. He also has one on him AT ALL TIMES. This just gives him an excuse to kiss you as often as possible, which you are usually more than happy to return the favor with a giggle or two. 

Erik spent Christmas Eve with you inside, listening to holiday music and watching the snow fall. When night falls, Erik takes you out to a fancy dinner and a slow ride in the car to look at the christmas lights.

On Christmas Day, you wake Erik up with kisses on the neck. Erik then takes you in his arms to carry you to the dining room so you two can make breakfast, then open presents.


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It all started when Sam looked out the window the morning after a huge snowstorm swept over the land and left a blanket of fresh snow. Of course, he tried playing it off that he wasnt too excited about it, but when you pulled on your winter clothes, made him put on his, and dragged him outside, he changed his attitude real quick. You started a snowball fight with him, which turned into him tackling you into the snow to wrestle with you. He pulls you into a kiss as you started making snowmen and an igloo together.

On Christmas Day, Sam woke you up with your present in his hands and a smile on his face. He kissed you on the cheek as he said he will do whatever you wanted to do together. It turned out to go out on the town and just have fun. The night ended with a dance in a gazebo lit up with lights.


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As soon as December came around, Matthew spends all of his free time planning the PERFECT gingerbread house. He wanted to make something fantastic with you. So you helped him gather all the ingredients and a wide selection of candy to use as decoration. When the two of you started it, he was getting a bit upset because it wasn’t staying together, but with your patience, guidance, and 3 tubes of frosting later, the gingerbread house was finished. A small, simple one, but decorated very nicely and it honestly looked very good. But thats not to say that you and Matthew ended up looking just as nice. YOur faces were covered in frosting and peppermint dust, but you laughed with him as you two looked in the mirror. Once you washed yourselves up, you guys took all the leftover candy and snuggled in bed to watch Christmas specials. 

On Christmas day, Matthew woke you up with tickles and you two made breakfast together before opening presents. 


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 You decided to keep the christmas decorations simple with a tree, stockings, decorations, and presents. The house ended up looking like its own winter wonderland and when he saw what you did for him, he started tearing up. On Christmas Eve, the day was filled with memories of laugher and song. You took him caroling, around town for him to experience the public Christmas cheer, and even got him to go on a sleigh ride. Boy did he love that. At the end of the day, you gave him a collection of classic christmas stories for him to practice with. So you made hot chocolate to share, wrapped him and you up in a blanket, turned on the fireplace in your shared room and sat next to him on the bed as he read to you. After the second story he read, you decided to give him a break and read to him. But halfway throughout the story, you found him asleep, head placed on your chest as you ran your fingers through his hair.

In the middle of the night, you gently slid out of him embrace and snuck out to the christmas tree in the living room and placed at least 10 presents under the tree, then went back to the room and back into his arms.

When he woke you up with kisses, you smiled and lead him to the living room. When he saw the presents, he couldnt believe his eyes. Throughout the rest of the day, he would not let go of you.

I don’t need to taste to believe.