peppermint cane

svt as winter things
  • s.coups: a big puffy jacket that will keep you warm
  • jeonghan: laying in the snow to make hundreds of snow angels
  • joshua: adorable rosy cheeks from the cold wind outside
  • jun: long hot showers after playing in the snow
  • hoshi: spontaneous snowball fights with the neighborhood
  • wonwoo: cozy mittens with soft fleece on the inside
  • woozi: the lil floof ball on the top of hats
  • dk: a crackling fire always jumping and leaping on the logs
  • mingyu: refreshing red and white peppermint candy canes
  • the8: gingerbread cookies that are just a little spicy
  • seungkwan: the most spectacular firework on new year's
  • vernon: piping hot chocolate with heaps of whipped cream
  • dino: curling up under fuzzy blankets all day long

Christmas House by Lonnie
Via Flickr:
Since I’m too lazy to put up Christmas decorations of my own, I present to you….someone else’s! :D


Ingredients1 block white chocolate
1 lg. or 25 sm. red, white, green striped candy cane, crushed into sm. pieces
  1. Heat white chocolate in double boiler over low heat until all is melted.
  2.  Add crushed candy cane to white chocolate. Make sure white chocolate stays warm. 
  3. Pour mixture onto wax paper-lined cookie sheet, spreading very thinly with spatula. 
  4. Place cookie sheet in freezer until the mixture has hardened. 
  5. Take out of freezer and crack bark into small pieces. 
  6. Remove from wax paper and store at room temperature. Do not refreeze.