peppermint butler cosplay


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Peppermint Butler (Adventure Time) Tutorial

People far too often assume I bought (!!?) my Peppermint butler for my Princess Bubblegum cosplay.. Which makes me feel like this;

Therefore: I will now give you the process of making him (from back in 2013). 

My Peppermint Butler is made out of simple cotton fabric.

The basic pattern is pretty simple: round circle with red “slizes” and a blue “bottom” (a bit below the center of the circle). There’s two sides; I actually put an extra layer of white underneath so that the thread wouldn’t shine through. 

This took patience! Always use pin needles to keep the fabric in place, and iron everything for the best result. No short-cutting!!

Used same colored cotton thread to sew the red and black onto the white circle. 

Folded and sewed the bow tie + buttons in place on the front (before sewing together back and front side). 

His adorably evil face was drawn with textile markers. 

The back of his tuxeedo has a little “butt-flap” :) Two pieces of blue fabric sewn together, folded inside out, ironed and sewn along the sides one more time to maintain shape. 

His arms and legs were made by sewing together blue, white and red fabric to a “strip”…

.. before sewing it together longside (always iron!!) and turning inside out and filling with stuffing (below). 

Next; sew his sides to one side, making sure the red stripes aline !! (this took patience!) before sewing the backside towards the sides as well (look how cute he is all cuddled up with his little feet! X3)

You will then have a soggy looking fabric-cake. 

Cut along edges, to make edges more smooth when turned inside out.

Turn inside out…

.. stuff with fluff and then sew together..

.. and your very own cosplay-buddie is finished and ready to go on adventures with you! :D 

Please let me know if you’ve found this tutorial helpful or have any questions :) If you use this tutorial, please link!