peppermint & camomile

Go the Fuck to Sleep Spell

A spell to just go the fuck to sleep when you’re too angry to even though you’re really, really tired. The whole point of it is to just use things you’ll have in your house so just swap stuff out if you don’t have it.

•Coffee filter

•Camomile or peppermint or both
•Apple seeds or something I don’t care it’s just for peace. I literally just used an apple and cinnamon tea mix
•Bay leaf
•Lavender or rice or both
•Sea salt because it just seems relaxing and like it would get rid of what’s keeping you up and regular salt would work too tbh

Just dump everything in the coffee filter and tie it off. If you’re doing it and you’re mad, just use that to help motivate you so it really, really works. Stick it in your pillow case or tie it on your bed frame or something. Then you can get rid of the string and bury it because it’s bio-fucking-degradable as long as you didn’t put salt in it . It would also probably make a good anti-nightmare or protection charm too honestly.

Per Manum Flashback #2

She goes to the transfer appointment alone, telling him she appreciates his support but that this is something she needs to do by herself. He’s waiting at her apartment afterward though, with dinner on the stove and a cheesy sci-fi movie on the counter. They eat spaghetti in front of the TV, and when she falls asleep on the couch, he gently wakes her and gets her tucked in bed. In the morning, she sees that he cleaned up the kitchen before he left.

They both have months of unused leave saved up, so she takes the next week off work. He calls her periodically from the office, somehow intuiting when she needs distraction, and he makes her laugh with his claims that he’s getting so much done without her there.

She’s back at work the next week, and he does an admirable job of pretending nothing is different. He shows his panic face only once, when a case comes across his desk that will undoubtedly require a lengthy trek into the woods. Asking her to sit this one out will disrupt the carefully constructed facade of normalcy they are both trying to maintain, but even she has to agree it’s not a great idea for her to be out in the field if she’s trying to give the IVF every possible chance for success. She rescues him by saying she’s already booked reservations to take her mom out of town for the weekend, and could he maybe handle this one on his own.

The relief on his face only slightly counteracts her guilt over the fact that now this means he’s going out alone without backup. What good is she to him as a partner if she can’t physically have his back? She reminds herself that if the pregnancy does take, she should be able to get back to a regular workload soon after.

(It’s just as well she didn’t come along, he tells her after they’re both back on Monday; the supposed cryptid sighting just turned out to be a bear with a really bad case of mange.)


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Hey, could you do a drabble or headcanons about Klaus having a nightmare and Caroline comforting him?? You are my favorite blog for Klaroline btw.

Klaroline. Nightmare??

Thank you so much, there are so many wonderful Klaroline blogs out there so that means a lot.x

Klaus either sleeps like the dead or he doesn’t sleep at all. After twenty years that only really felt like five, Caroline was well versed in all of Klaus’ habits and peculiarities. She no longer found it odd when Klaus would lay awake, gently skimming his fingers through her hair as she’d drift off and learned how to sleep despite the sound of little cogs turning in Klaus’ head as he plotted and schemed his next victory or newest enemies’ demise in the late hours of the night.

However, being torn out of her sleep, Klaus thrashing beside her, murmuring unintelligibly and slick with sweat; was something Caroline was unprepared for. True to form, when confronted by her the first time Klaus dismissed the notion that he was experiencing something as juvenile as ‘night terrors’. 

“I am the thing that men fear,” he’d insisted dramatically.

Caroline considered rolling her eyes but decided it was a waste of energy and persisted, regardless. Her concern fell on deaf ears. Klaus insisted he simply went to bed feeling slight restless the previous evening, hence that must have manifested its self in his sleep. He’d also had some of Kol’s dodgy O negative (out of sheer desperation) left in the fridge during his last visit, perhaps that was it. Caroline was skeptical but otherwise dropped the issue.

The next time happened 3 weeks before their 21st anniversary. It began very much the same. The shaking, followed by incoherent mumbling; Klaus tossing and turning until the sounds he’s making grow increasingly louder and Caroline’s leaning over him shaking him out of the state he’s in. Klaus wakes with a start. The beads of sweat trickling from his forehead down to the necklaces around his throat. Immediately Caroline’s pressed against him resting his head against her chest, stroking his hair; whispering words of comfort in his ear until his heart stops ramming violently against his ribcage.

The next day Klaus leaves early. ‘Business outside of the quarter’ apparently.

Caroline thinks it’s all too convenient.

The third time, when Caroline goes to wake him she finds herself on her back with Klaus’ hands clasped around her neck and his fangs bared. He recoils immediately but the realization is evident on his face; there’s a problem and he can no longer run from it.

“Sometimes they’re about Mikael,” he admits, albeit reluctantly but only after Caroline threatens to leave Klaus alone in their bed for the foreseeable future if he refuses to have a conversation.

“Other times I’m just alone, running- scared,”

That last word has a bitterness to it. Caroline understands he resents the vulnerability he’s feeling. Fear is not an emotion Klaus can reckon with, the implications of mortality too strong.

“You should have warned me,” Caroline answered him, her voice soft but firm. "You said complete transparency when I agreed to this. You promised. Nothing goes unsaid,“

"I’d honestly believed my self to be over them. I haven’t had that particular brand of nightmare in years.” Klaus answered her honestly. His otherwise handsome face looking drawn in the pale moonlight coming through the drapes.

“It seems my various demons never truly rest in their pursuit of robbing me of my sanity.”

Caroline huffed impatiently.

“What you need is some tea. Peppermint, or some camomile, something like that. You need to give meditation a try,” (Klaus scoffed loudly but she ignored it) “-Maybe read a little before bed. But most importantly of all, you need to learn to communicate with me, Klaus.” she implored.

Klaus sighed remorsefully and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry,” he said. And then in a barely whisper.

“Stay with me,”

“Idiot,” she chastised, climbing into his lap and resting her face in the crook of his neck. 

“I’m not going anywhere,”

Klaus secured his arms around her and settled back. They stayed like that for rest of the night.

T I P S - How to study when you're sick

Hello guys! I’m back today with some advice on how to study when sick. It happened to me a lot the past semesters, being sick but still having to study.

Of course, the obvious and best thing I could tell you is to rest when you’re sick. But as you know, sometimes you also really need to study for a coming exam or you have a due date that is really close. So you have no choice but to study/do homework even if you’re absolutely not feeling well.

Feel free to add anything to this list :)

1. First of all, take the time to take care of yourself.

If you don’t try to get better, you won’t be able to study well at all. You’ll just make yourself sicker. Here are some things you can do:

  • Go see a doctor if it’s really bad/you need some medication you can’t buy without a prescription
  • Take a short nap + have a full night sleep
  • Take a hot/warm shower or bath (hot water will give you energy but cold water will make you sleepy as your body temperature will reach the one it is when you sleep)
  • Drink lots of green tea or water or lemon infused water (+ ginger).
  • If you have a sore throat, try some hot water with honey and lemon juice.
  • Good advice from @evoleth27: camomile and peppermint teas have antibacterial effects.

2. Have more breaks than usual

Rest is important and you don’t want to make you more sick. Also, more frequent breaks will help you stay focused during your study session because it is obvious than being sick doesn’t help staying focused.

During your breaks you can just do nothing and relax, drink/eat something, do some meditation.

3. Don’t try to be overproductive

As a consequence of the precedent point, take your study session slow. It is okay not to do everything on your to-do list. Try to do what is more important: prioritize!

4. Avoid screens the more you can

Especially if you have a headache/migraine or nausea or even if you’re very tired, please try not to spend unecessary time on your phone or your computer. If you can, print all the materials you need from your computer instead of using them directly from it.

5. Ask a friend for help

Or parents/siblings if you live at home. They can help you do some homework or help you in your revisions. There’s nothing new that learning in groups is a good thing :)

6. Email your professors if it’s really bad


At first, Sirius didn’t see anything. The room was dark, the curtains we’re closed and the light of the street lamp couldn’t find it’s way in. But he could hear. He could hear sobbing, quiet, badly hidden sobbing.

“Lils? Are you- are you okay?” He said, his voice being thick as he fell asleep on the couch while watching football again.

Lily threw of the blanket, stared up at him, and quickly reached to the bedside table to turn a light on. “Yeah, I’m good.” She wiped her nose with the sleeve of her pink silk pajamas. “I just have these bad dreams sometimes you know…”

Sirius nodded, and looked at the other half of the king sized bed she was sitting on. It was neatly set- the blanket remained untouched, although hers was crumpled, the pillow was freshly fluffed, and blue pajamas were carefully folded on top of it.
“James and Remus called from a muggle phone box. They should be here in, like, one hour and half?” The truth was that they could have been there already, if they used floo powder as always, but Lily insisted her father should take them in his car, so they could get to know each other, since they are both living in HIS flat.

Bullshit, Sirius thought. But as he saw the girl, always so sharp and confident, with teary eyes and shaky fingers, he smiled and said: “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

She bit her lip. “Maybe, if you want of course, you could have a cup of tea with me?” She said, standing up from her comfy nest.

“Yeah, sure.”

He followed her into the kitchen. The whole flat was Lily’s parents, they wanted her to have a place of her own. Funny enough, there were five people living in it now.

She filled the ‘electric kettle’, a concept Sirius never truly understood, with water and took two mugs out of the cupboard.

“Peppermint or camomile?” She asked.

“Uhh… Peppermint.”

Lily chose camomile. As soon as the two of them were holding the steaming mugs in their hands, she looked much more relaxed and calm.

“So… Do you have these kind for bad dreams often?” Sirius asked to break the silence.

“Mostly when I’m at home. Or when I’m here, without… James.” She looked down at her cup.

Sirius nodded in compassion. “I used to have bad dreams, too. Before I went to Hogwarts and met Moony, and your father, and Peter.” He took a sip from his tea. “There was nothing I could do to help it. Sometimes I would lie awake, forcing my self not to sleep just so I didn’t have those terrible dreams.”

“Oh my… ” Lily whispered. “I’m- I’m so sorry about that, Padfoot.”

“It’s okay, it’s over now. I’m not coming back to that house ever again.” He stared out of the window, into the night streets of London. Lily looked up from her cup, too.

They were standing there, on the cold kitchen floor, staring into the distance and waiting for the people who saved them in every possible way.

The snow was falling slowly, when the door bell rang, and the two of them hurried to open.

Mellow Insomnia tea

ive been having somemild crappy insomnia lately so a few nights ago i threw this blend together with what i had on hand, so far it tastes great and has been knocking me out. great for helping get into a relaxing mode for sleeping

Materials needed, Mix equal parts of

  • Camomile
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon balm
  • Cat mint
  • Lavender
  • Raspberry leaf 

Boil then steep for 10 minutes, drink before bed 

for after their music core precording, shinee got shawols (which totaled to around 600~) who attended a food truck. the banner on the truck read: “sorry for recording so early, shawolsus-nim. shinee will take responsibility~.” (the nickname is a mixture of “shawol” and “dionysus”, which is related to a meme that the members have been acting out during prerecordings throughout promotions.) along with pizza, the truck included a menu of both hot and cold drinks, including: hot americano, latte, hot chocolate, camomile tea, peppermint tea, iced americano, iced latte, iced hot chocolated, grapefuit-ade, pomelo-ade, and cherryade. (source: omggminho / vanilla cube)

blindspot secret santa

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year Sandra!! @ourstartingpoints

This is the unplanned follow up to ‘christmas memories’ :)

He rapped on the door and stepped back, careful on the frozen stone steps. The snow was still falling fast, the vast blanket that had settled over the city thickening by the hour. 

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How do I make myself not uncomfortable after eating? Is there anything I can do?

Wear comfy, loose clothes (and hug a pet, or a pillow!)

Draw, paint, colour; play an instrument - physical activities that engage your body in some way are amazing for calming and comfort

Similarly, do something you can get absorbed in - read a favourite book, put a film you love on, etc

Have a cup of tea  - peppermint and camomile are good

Do some very gentle stretches or mindfullness - there are apps with 10/15/20 minute sessions on which could be good for getting through that initial discomfort!

Hope this helps some!

Emma x