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Imagine Steve playing with getting different piercings all over, because his healing means they only last a few weeks, and having the ones he likes best re-done frequently.

Steve, Nat, Sam, Sharon, and Pepper are hanging out the first time it occurs to him. Well – the first time it’s suggested to him.

Pepper’s fiddling with a long silver bar dangling from one ear and he just can’t take his eyes off it. He doesn’t think he could wear earrings like those, specifically, but – although, maybe he could, he thinks, resting his head against the couch and considering how lovely the column of her neck is, how it’s set off by the straight silver line…


He jerks up. How tired is he, that he let his mind wander so long? How much of Thor’s mead has he had? “Hm?” he asks.

“I know we’re all admiring the hickey Pepper’s got, but you don’t have to stare,” Sharon says.

“Oh,” Steve says as Pepper throws popcorn Sharon’s direction, “I, yeah, that’s what – yeah.”

Sam narrows his eyes at him. “Hey what if we pierced your ears?” he asks.

Steve goes bright red. “I, uh?”

He manages five whole seconds pretending that’s not what he wants before he gives in. The minute Sam’s said it, he really, really wants it, so it feels like ten seconds later that he’s sitting in the bathroom, a cube of ice pressed against his earlobe, head tipped to one side as Natasha sterilizes a safety pin with her lighter.

Pepper lends him her earrings, after, and he makes it a whole six hours before they close up on him. But it’s six hours where he can’t stop turning to stare at the flash of the earrings in the darkened window, remembering the sharpbrightyellow flash of pain through his earlobe.

He already wants it again.

River loved nothing better than hanging around the Chili Peppers,“ reports a long-standing music-business friend of River’s. “They were his big friends, and Flea was his man”. I remember how happy River was when he was with the Peppers. His beaming face said to me, ‘This is where I wanna be.’
—  US Magazine [Oct 1995]

Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear Kiedis

RHCP - Go Robot

P. S. Everly didn’t cut his hair, you can see it at the end of the video :)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

John, Anthony, Chad, Flea


Iron Man 2 AU: When Sharon Carter is given the mission of evaluating her cousin for SHIELD, she considers it the lesser of two evils after she learns that they might send in the Black Widow if not for her. Tasked with getting Tony to step back on his Iron Man adventures and focusing on solving his palladium problems, along with marking his eligibility for the Avengers Initiative, Sharon must walk the line - between family and doing her job. Tony, from his side, is not making things any easier as he pushes everyone away in his attempts to solve his problems alone. 

“I can’t help you if you act like a stubborn asshole!”

“Maybe I don’t need your help, cousin o’mine!”


Hump de bump John

“Hump de bump doop bodu
Bump de hump doop bop
Hump de bump doop bodu
Oh no!” - RHCP