Friends with Benefits - Is that even possible?

I don’t believe that it will work…and the movie kinda agree with me. Hahaha.

It seems like there are a lot of movies emphasizing that this “Friends-with-Benefits” relationship will never gonna work (see Love, Sex and Other Drugs? No String Attached?).

But one thing I do agree is MILA KUNIS IS SO PRETTY (even when she’s wearing super casual clothes).

Oh gosh, who does not want to be even friend with her? Hahaha. Anyway….

Watching movie at dinner time make me having a late dinner (I know I know it’s not recommended by all personal trainers in the whole universe). But who can’t resist the grumbling stomach and this Hamburger Steak & Egg from Pepper Lunch. I was so lucky cuz I am the last person who’s able to have rice. (They surprisingly ran out of rice!!!).

I’m having serious doubt about my teeth’s health. I’ll probably should stop eating chewing gum and sweet drinks like bubble tea. Hikz. And start praying hard! And saying this to myself in the mirror: I HAVE HEALTHY TEETH AND GUM!