Had freshly cooked savoury cheap version of #BeefPepperRice for dinner. By dripping it with the #GarlicSteakSauce and #HoneyBrownSauce together complement and amplify the taste & flavor of the beef and it’s pepper rice topped with corn kernel. The Pepper Lunch celebrates its 1st Anniversary, so they offered their Beef Pepper Rice for more than a half of its price just for today only (May 17).
#PepperLunch #FoodHobbyist #instafood (at Pepper Lunch, Estancia Capitol Commons)

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Friday the thirteenth isn't so bad after all.

The only downside of this day is that i woke up late. Hahaha! i was supposed to meet boyf at D.jose but as i’ve said, i woke up late. so we decided to meet at anonas station instead. Did myself a favor and turned my not-much-of-a-good-start upside down by treating myself with an hour long thrifting. We went straight to Robinson’s Magnolia afterwards and did a bit of window shopping.(This would have been a nice shot if not for kuya.)

(Pepper Lunch)

*Happy friday the 13th. ;p

First time to order a seafood dish at #PepperLunch @Pepperphil!🍳 Enjoyed my Salmon & Prawn Cheesy Teppanyaki Rissotto but The classic beef pepper rice is still my fave.🐮 (at Pepper Lunch)

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Pepper Lunch USA in Milpitas, CA

3.5 stars on Yelp

$7.95 for Number 5. This dish contains yakisoba noodles, beef, corn, garlic butter, and curry powder (I think) all cooked on a steaming hot plate. I love how it keeps the food hot. God I’m drooling as I type this review. It is so good. So filling. So flavorful. I usually add condiments like teriyaki sauce (RECOMMENDED) that are provided on the table and season the dish to my liking. Note: your clothes and hair gon smell like food after eating here.