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Regarding OCs: Treat them kindly.

First of all, we all started somewhere and belittling or berating someone’s creativity is bullshit and just plain cruel. I get that there are some OCs you don’t jive with and that’s cool, I’m selective just like everyone else, but that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to talk shit about them. Remember those “embarrassing” times where you were a one-liner only OC that was probably something “generic” or “cliche” or even a “Gary/Mary-sue”? Yeah, Pepperidge farm remembers that shit honey. No one starts off with some immaculate and elaborate character design, plain and simple.

Instead of being rude or cruel, its better to offer advice as a “veteran” of writing. Give them tips to help them improve rather than tearing them down and making them feel bad or making them feel like they shouldn’t even try. Remember that one person when you were younger that you looked up to because holy shit their writing and style was amazing and you felt so happy just getting to read it? Or that person that wrote with you for the first time? Or maybe your friend that you started off with in general? Having those moments are imperative to a writer’s growth and if you get to be that person they look up to or the person that gave them a little advice is friggin’ great okay? It is an amazing thing and you could literally be helping them become the next nation wide known creator.

But you’d never know if they never had the aspiration or hope to become that if you just shoved their face in the ground.

Canon characters are someone’s OCs. These characters are created by someone, became big hits, and are now written by others because we enjoy them so much. But never forget that they are the creator’s original character.

So be kind. You don’t have to like someone’s OC, you don’t have to even interact with them or anything at all, they might not be your cup of tea. But that doesn’t give you the right to be a dick. Period.

My cat, you guys.

She was asleep on my bed 30 seconds before I took this. But when she heard that bag rustle, she came running. She LOVES Goldfish crackers.

Plot twist: those aren’t Goldfish. They’re Milano cookies. (Which she would also eat if I let her.)

Pepperidge Farms uses identical packages for most of their crackers and cookies. Which means I have to keep a bag of crackers on hand so she can have a fishy when I get a cookie.


Remember back when you could have more than four dialogue options?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.  And so does the Cascadia team.  We liked it.  We liked it a lot.  People have been trying to figure out a way around it since day one.
Well friends… take a look what we did!
I think we can officially declare Cascadia team member Neanka a genius for figuring this out. 

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What exactly would a clan head in Naruto do? For instance, Shikamaru who is working for Naruto all day, Ino runs a flower shop, and Choji goes off on ninja missions, those things take up most of the day without much time for other things. Before the villages they had to keep their families alive and doing missions. Now they don't have to worry about those things and focus their attention on other things.

Ok let’s pretend for a moment that the Naruto worldbuilding makes more sense and is more coherent than it actually is, and that therefore one can reasonably extrapolate from what occurs in canon based on comparable real world cultures.

So we’re gonna go way back to the Warring States era, pre-hidden villages. This era is called Warring States, seemingly inspired by several famous eras in East Asian history that were called Warring States, but it would more accurately be called Warring Clans era from the perspective of ninja. Basically we’re told that various feudal lords–a daimyo is just a term for a large land owner–and other warlords who were not ninja would hire various clans of ninja to fight for them. These clans had no allegiance specifically to any feudal lord or country except what allegiance they might have by way of being hired repeatedly by a lord and having a good relationship. With me so far?

So in this kind of society, the clan is everything. There’s no national loyalty, there’s no sense of ethnic loyalty that we seem to see in canon.

Some people have argued that child soldiers don’t make much sense in this environment. I don’t agree. The issue that it’s a waste of resources to send children out to fight when they’re not fully trained is a good point. But chakra users are so much better than non-chakra users that even a genin-level child ninja can be reasonably expected to be able to kill an adult non-chakra user fairly easily. This makes child ninja useful for some mercenary tasks. Also, children are small, enabling them to complete some tasks in tight spaces, and children don’t seem threatening, enabling them to get access. Considering in the real world what horrible and dangerous jobs adults have used children to do, and still do, including child soldiers, I’m not going to say that child soldiers in Naruto are necessarily irrational from a worldbuilding perspective. In particular if you think of this era as an arms race and a world of extremely short-term thinking. A world in which everyone is just thinking, “I just have to live through this week. The results are for future me to worry about.”

So. In this era, the clan leader is responsible for his (let’s be real, his) kinsmen. He chooses the jobs to take, he chooses who fights, he oversees training, he ensures payment, he invests, he arranges marriages.

Then Hashirama and Madara have this idea of bonding different clans together into a village. Rather than hundreds and thousands of competing clan loyalties, you now have something like a dozen or two hidden villages–a big drop. Plus, with the Hidden Villages functioning as a sort of shinobi union, they have more pull in setting prices and preventing people from skipping payment, etc. Also, the clans pool their resources to do things like training–voila, ninja academies.

But you wouldn’t expect the clan leaders who agree to join in on this new system to surrender all of their sovereignty, and what we see in canon is that they don’t, the best example being the Hyuuga.

As of original flavour Naruto, which occurs maybe 50-60 years after the founding of the villages, Hyuuga Hiashi has more or less absolute control over the internal workings of his clan. Nobody does anything to challenge his right to inflict the cursed seal on fellow clan members, nor his right to use those seals to inflict pain on them for disobedience, nor his right to choose to train or not to train his oldest daughter, nor his right to choose his successor. He can do whatever he wants.

Ah, remember when Naruto literally never shut up about how he was going to change the shinobi system and be a reforming Hokage?

So here we basically see the reason why the manga by the end and in Boruto is afraid to touch the issue of what clan heads do now. We don’t want to pick up the issue of clan heads and clan leadership beyond maybe a little bit of aesthetic window-dressing because it would mean bringing reader’s attention back to how the shinobi system hasn’t changed an iota and how, as far as we know, Hyuuga Hiashi can still scramble his kindred’s brains at will, he just magnanimously chooses not to.

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Good gravy.

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I feel like kakashi didn't give that much emotional guidance to his students. There was his talk with sasuke tied to the tree but it felt more like ordering to STOP wanting revenge and get over it. And there was that time he told sasuke to think about sakura's love for him. I'm just "kakashi, don't support this. This unhealthy and toxic for both of them."

All due respect Anon, but if I had to pick a dude in the Naruto verse to give emotional guidance, it wouldn’t be Kakashi “compulsively reading porn to avoid thinking about his feelings when he’s not staring at a piece of stone for hours overcome by his feelings” Hatake.

I mean part of the whole problem with Naruto is that nobody caught up in the shinobi system has any idea what mental health or normal development is, which Naruto was supposed to fix.

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