pepperedfarts brainfarts


AAAA its so great people are up for this!

Ok ok since we have social media’s hashtag features(now available on facebook as well) maybe (if youre comfortable) it can encompass reasons why you love YJ and GLTAS, why it should be brought back, FAN-MADE THINGS WE ARE STILL ALIVE AND KICKING i wonder if we can twitter bomb again

tag your friends or random people express yourself, your joys and sadnesses (try not to angers but its your expression), remember the show, how and if it changed your life, mindset and stuff. anything really.

just express yourself and make a positive tribute as a collective fandom

Preferably this will happen on the saturday of that week, making it the 15th of march, during the time the block aired. i know some of you were awake at the most awkward timings so please do this at your convenience.

remember #HeroesNeverDie