This is your body on police brutality:

Pepper spray in the eyes burns 10 times worse than habanero pepper.

Tasers don’t electrocute, they scramble the electronic signal from brain to muscle.

Flash-bang grenades could blow your jaw off.

Rubber bullets are still fired out of shotguns.

And it doesn’t end there. There’s a program to decide what “nonlethal” weapons could kill you.

Whychcraft? Pepper Spray Brew @ Siren

~~ the second pepper spray brew workshop was held at the Rising Sun Collective’s converted pub space, where Siren, an all female techno DJ collective from London, were holding their 1st bday party. ~~

We began the ritual as just three adorable non-binary witches, and ended with a lil coven of babes.

i brought my whole on-the-go apothecary of herbs with me, and described their magical properties. the babes then chose which 7 herbs to put into the potion. 7 is a v magic number… 

base mixture:

~ x-tra hot chilli peppers (dried)

~ rubbing alcohol 

~ lemon

added magical herbs:

~ garlic - helps overcome fears of evil spirits

~ st john’s wort - strengthens your own will, and makes one invisible in battles

~ onion - absorbs illnesses and diseases. works well with garlic for protection

~ heather - carry heather as a guard against rape

~ rose petals - for love, in this spell, the love and healing of ourselves

~ mullein - wear to instill courage. keeps wild animals away from you in the wilderness, or in our case, the city. 

~ our pubes - our personal scent confuses our attacker into a tangle  

++ pieces of paper with handwritten words, describing places of refuge, safety, things that make us feel protected of whych we are grateful for. 

As this workshop was scheduled as part of a larger event, we had less time to ‘craft’ and decorate the amulet bottles, however the outcomes were still beautiful, and unique to each participant. 

I will be running more pepper spray protection workshops in London and the UK so follow my ig : @ayeshatanjones for upd8s <3 <3 <3

@joeyfourr@jourjender <3


“Police at Seattle-Tacoma International airport pepper-sprayed protesters after giving them a final order to disperse. The crowd was protesting President Trump’s immigration ban from seven Muslim-majority countries.” From CNN

This ain’t right.

Here’s a thing. I know a lot of women carry pepper spray to protect themselves. I don’t know if you’ve thought of this but pepper spray expires. 1 year is the shelf life for the one I just got. It’s probably a good idea to test it every once in a while too.  Just pick a spot outside where you know a person or animal won’t be there for a while and give it a quick spray.  Depending on what kind you have it should probably be a solid stream that goes pretty far.  I just tested out some expired spray and barely anything came out and if I had needed it to protect myself I would have been fucked.  If you carry pepper spray just do me a favor and take a moment to think about how old it is and whether you know how to safely use it. Thank you

So there I was, sitting at my desk. I hear an uproar of coughing. Then the next thing I knew I thought I was dying.

Turns out my co worker thought it might be cool to test pepper spray in the office.

In case you were wondering asthma and pepper spray are lethal.

So my boss let me work outside 😭

Enjoying the sunset from the walkway lol

Oh and yes I’m much better now!!!