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It’s Thanksgiving which means tables decorated with tiny porcelain figures of Native Americans sharing corn with pilgrims. It’s a holiday about being grateful, coming together, and being at peace but while we use caricatures of a great people, mainstream media ignores their cries for help. While we set tables with servings of food that are far too large, the original inhabitants of this great nation struggle to fight for clean drinking water and respect for their ancestors.

I’m not great at words but this issue is very dear to my heart so here’s some art.


Riot police clash with G-20 protesters in Hamburg, Germany

Anti-globalization activists set dozens of cars ablaze and tried to block national delegations from entering the Group of 20 summit Friday as the meeting got underway in the German port city of Hamburg. Responding to a second day of protests, police ordered in several hundred more officers from across the country.

Hundreds of officers built moving lines in different parts of Hamburg and used water cannons to force away protesters from streets across the city. Some were physically moved for hundreds of meters (yards) from a protest sit-in in front of the first security checkpoint near the summit grounds.

Police later tweeted that all the world leaders attending the summit made it safely to the city’s convention center, where the event is taking place. None of the activists who took to the streets to protest globalization, economic inequality and what they see as inaction on climate change managed to push into the no-go zone police established around the gathering. (AP)

Photo credits: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images (4), Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters, Bodo Marks/dpa via AP,  Markus Schreiber/AP, Ronny Hartmann/AFP/Getty Images, Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

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“Your safety is always our highest priority.”

These were the words I remembered

When I learned that students were gassed

As white supremacists were escorted safely

By police that the university had hired.

I gathered my anger into a ball,

Holding it just below my chest with my frozen breath,

And grabbed the milk from the fridge

For the ones whose safety “mattered”.

~Reyna M.

fishingknight  asked:

Hey, I love your work and hope you're doing well! I have just a quick question. If you were to throw a flashbang at UB how hard would it disable them? I know they don't handle loud noises to well when unprepared and I assume the same can be said for sight, but A managed to take the pepperspray like a champ, so their senses (touch for the spray) doesn't seem to be so sensitive for everything. Have a good day!

The pepper spray had more to do with their healing ability. The spray would have stung to start with (pretty bad due to sensitivity, but A can handle a lot of pain), but their healing ability would quickly dampen the effect of it so as it would be more of a nuisance :D

So a flashbang might surprise them, but its ulikely to affect them for all that long.

Thank you so much for the interesting ask! :)