pepper's pins

Four shells protection spell

Hellooo everyone! I did a lil something to celebrate summer since I’m finally officially on holiday! ♡


• salt

•black pepper

•rose thorns (pins will work as well)

•sea water (you’ll need just a few drops)






•4 candles (one for each element- I used blue for water, red for fire, black for earth and white for air.)


•4 sea shells (like these ☟)

☾1☽ Draw on the inside of the shells the symbols of the elements (one on each)

☾2☽ Light the candles, then place the herbs, salt and seaglass inside of each shell (the order does not matter). Sprinkle the sea water on the shells; while you do so visualize your goal, for example protecting your house from thunderstorms, from burglars… whatever you need

☾3☽ When you’re done, pour the wax of each candle on the corresponding shell to seal it.

☾4☽ Once the wax has cooled down, place the water seashell west, the air one east, the earth one north and the fire one south. 

You can bury them in the garden or if you don’t have one you can bury them in small jars. You can also keep them on the floor or forniture inside your house! ♡


Autistic Community Pins

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Thank you for being my inspirations and if you made it this far and are still here, I just wanted to let you know that I’m doing drawing requests and if you want me to draw what you guys want just let me know, but there are two things I won’t draw like: nswf and naked people.
Again thank you so much! X3 And I am sorry for the bad drawing, I’m really tired

You guys think that a serial killer clown had a real sob story and was the best character.

What about Pepper who was abandoned by her family, finally found happiness to have it ripped away, used by her abusive sister as a slave, framed for the murder of a baby she absolutely adored, and then locked up in a dirty asylum?

Pepper is the one who’s misunderstood.

literally no one asked but i love charioce xvii

Apple Curse Box 🍎

If you need to rain misfortune and folly down on your sniveling enemies, an apple curse box will work quite nicely.

Items needed:

- One red apple
- A knife
- A taglock representing your enemy
- Something to hollow out the core of the Apple (melon baller, spoon)
- Mortar and Pestle
- Dirt, for nastiness
- Cayenne Pepper, for a sting
- Pins and needles, for a prick
- Optional: Worms (fake worms, gummy worms, dead worms, or alive worms if you have something against worms)
- One Black Candle


Light the black candle first, so you have more than enough wax to seal the apple; you will need it.

Cut the apple in half with anger and violence (BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL so you don’t end up adding your finger to the curse box). Hollow out a decent-sized space in the apple to contain your spell ingredients, but leave enough flesh for sealing the box with wax.

Grind together the cayenne peppers and the taglock in the mortar and pestle and infuse it with the firey rage of a thousand suns. If you’re comfortable doing so, you might also grind the pepper with the dirt while envisioning all of the nasty deeds to be cast upon your enemy.

Before adding the foul concoction of dirt and cayenne pepper–that has smothered and bruised the taglock–to the empty apple core, take your pins and needles and stick them into the flesh of the apple, symbolically representing the physical hurt to be inflicted upon the poor soul who had done you wrong.

Add the dirt, cayenne pepper, taglock, and worms into the apple core. Drip wax onto the remaining flesh of the apple and quickly press the two halves together. Seal the seam with copious amounts of wax to ensure the box doesn’t fall apart.

Carve an evil, laughing face into the apple.

The apple must be present in your enemy’s space: toss it in their yard, in their car, in their house, in their garden, on their roof, in their office, whatever works.

The curse will end once the apple has rotted, decomposed, and returned to the earth.

                                   Protection and Warding

Okay, this is the spell that I used to take care of all the nastiness at my workplace. It was designed as a spell to cleanse and ward a place that you can’t physically go cleanse and ward, though it will work just as well to protect your own home! It’s a very adaptable spell, and feel free to tweak it to fit your needs. This particular spell will require lots of grounding, energy work, and visualization.  

What you need:

  • salt
  • dried sage (or cleansing herb of choice)
  • black pepper
  • pins, needles, nails, or something else pointy and thorn like
  • crystals associated with cleansing and protection (I used my big ‘ole block of calcite, quartz, and aventurine)
  • incense associated with cleansing and purifying (I used lavender and lemon)
  • fire safe bowl
  • some sort of paper material from the place you are cleansing and warding (NOTE: if this is not possible to obtain, you’ll also need a sheet of paper. my item was a paper shopping bag, which will make sense in the instructions)
  • optional: tarot card of your choice. I used The High Priestess. 

What to do

  • Gather all of your materials and set up everything within reach. Light incense, candles, etc., and do some major grounding.
  • Invoke any deities, familiars, or spirits if your wish, and ask all materials to assist in the fruition of your spell. Draw energy from them now, and throughout the spell. 
  • In your firesafe bowl, add the salt and dried sage. Light the sage, and while it’s smoking, take your paper and tear it in half.
  • On the first half, write down your intent of cleansing and banishing all negative energies and entities. Also write down the address of the place, or anything else that further ties the object to the place. Light that baby on fire and toss it in your firesafe bowl while visualizing the negativity fleeing the building.
  • Once everything has burned all the way down, add the black pepper and pins to your bowl.
  • On the remaining part of the paper, draw a box and label it with the name of the place you are now warding. Draw a second box around it, and in the space between the two write your intention that nothing but positive and neutral energy shall pass through your wards. This is where some heavy visualization comes in. Bring the place up in your mind, and visualize your wards being put in place around the building. Put as much energy as you can into this. Draw from your materials, your deities, and the earth itself. Once you feel you have put enough energy into your wards, light the drawing on fire and toss it into the bowl. 
  • Once everything has stopped burning, allow the ashes to blow away or dispose of them along with everything else in your bowl. It was a windy day for me so I let the ashes of the paper bag be carried away in the wind, and dumped everything else in the trash. 
  • Reground, recharge, and relax! 

If you have any questions or need and clarification or advice, feel free to ask!


Complex Bramble Protection Spell

This is a spell for those needing something with a little more ”oomph” in regards to protection spells. This isn’t for people wanting general protection; this is best used when you think that something has already been thrust upon you.

Step one: First of all, clean. Get all the dirt out of your house. Sweep your house in a counter-clockwise motion and then get the dirt out of the house as soon as possible (you can also take this time to visualize getting rid of old problems, grudges, etc).

Step two: Next, you should cleanse your house, your car, your person(s), any place or thing you spend a lot of time around. Cleanse it. Cleanse everything. You can use whichever method works best for you. 

One particular method I enjoy is a spray. Here’s the basics on how to do it:

  • Salt, water, sage, rosemary, all in a bottle.
  • Shake it up.
  • Use it to spray everything.
  • You can find some clear chiming bells and ring them as you do this.
  • If you can get your hands on some holy water, that’d be great as well.

Then IMMEDIATELY after, do this:

Step three: Go out and find a young, healthy bramble bush. Raspberry, blackberry, etc. It must have thorns, and berries, and be edible (this only leaves the spell available to you within a certain period of the year!).

Step four: Make a GOOD offering for the plant. Something that will really help it grow. Perhaps take the time to make your own compost with some dirt, eggshells, food, and buying some worms. Make sure you really leave something nice for the bush. 

Step five: Bury the offerings at its roots, while chanting 


Step six: Cut the healthiest branch off of the bush. Try to get a branch with a lot of thorns and growth. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN. 

Step seven: Go home. Strip the branch of its leaves (wear gloves while doing this!) Place the leaves under your doormat, or anything similar you have outside of your door. Place them anywhere else you may think is appropriate. Under pillows, in cars, in satchets, etc etc etc. Just don’t eat the leaves, they’re most likely poisonous, depending on the plant you chose. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN.

Step eight: Take off the berries. If this spell is for more than one person, separate them into equal amounts, and have each person eat some. Be thankful, don’t just gobble it down. Realize that this bush gave a part of itself up so that you may protect yourselves. THANK THE BUSH AGAIN (note: for each of these “thanks”, you can use the chant in step ten, or you can use something more personal)

Step nine: Now what you have is a thorny branch with no leaves or berries. You should prick yourself on the thorns, so that it knows who to protect. Again, have everyone involved in the spell do this.  Chant:


Step ten: Hang the branch over the threshold of your front door, on the inside of the house, while chanting: 


There it should stay until its purpose is fulfilled. 

Lots of steps, sorry for the length, but that’s all there is to it! Happy casting folks, and best of luck with whatever you’ll be using this for. 


Notes: For extra protection, if it’s possible, here’s what I suggest you can do as well. Take a strand of hair or something equally personal from each person that you suspect is attacking you. This could be a photo, their handwriting, a favorite piece of jewelry, etc. Take something from each suspect and throw it all in a jar. Fill that jar with nails, pins, chili peppers, black peppercorns, garlic, and onion.  Then, seal the jar with black wax, shake the living hell out of it, and then bury it in your front yard. Your basic witchcraft protection bottle, as a companion piece. 

**Spell copyright TheLivingWiccan — DO NOT REMOVE SOURCE. If you wish to use this elsewhere, or copy it into your spellbooks, etc, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST**