pepper the corgi

Pepper, Cardigan Welsh Corgi (9 m/o), Thompson & Bleecker St., New York, NY • “He hasn’t quite grasped ‘sit’ yet. He definitely likes chasing dogs and little kids on the street.”

anonymous asked:

Hi there,I was hoping you could answer a question for me about Pudge, the beautiful Tri-colour corgi who features on your page. I was wondering about it's long hair - we used to have a long haired corgi named Pepper but all our other corgis have had short hair - my understanding is that this is somewhat of a genetic fluke and there is no way to actually be sure if you will get one with long hair and that it's just more left up to chance? I was just wondering whether you knew much about it

Pudge belongs to the creator and owner of Corgi Addict, and he is fucking MAGNIFICENT!  His fantastical floofiness, and the floofs of fluffies (as they’re known) has been mentioned here before.

Pudge’s long, luxurious coat is the result of a recessive gene mutation.  Breeders typically can tell if they have a fluffy pretty early on in the litter and unfortunately because breed standards consider it a coat fault (for conformation) they choose and selectively breed to ensure there are NO fluffies.  Which is just tragical as all hell because fluffies are GLORIOUS and AMAZING and everything about them is fantastical. 

It’s not “chance” so much as it is genetics.  For more about Pudge, check out his tumblr here: and here instapudge !

Pepper had a grand ol time at the dog beach today. She loooved running through the water. She went in the water far enough where she had to swim, but the second a big wave came she was pretty freaked out so I helped her get back to the shallower water. Didn’t seem to phase her though as she still kept going back to the water (but only as far as she could stand). She also had a great time plopping down and rubbing her sandy butt on our towels the second we’d get up… oy.