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Carrying pepper spray without proper training is dangerous in and of itself due to the fact that if you don’t know how to use it you can be effectively giving your attacker a weapon to use against you (same goes for if you’re carrying a knife and aren’t trained on how to use it)

But if you MUST carry pepper spray DO NOT KEEP IT ON YOUR KEYS because if and when your attacker grabs it from you they will effectively have obtained your car and entrance to your home and your student ID and whatever else you keep on your keys.

Also you make it 10x easier for your attacker to grab your pepper spray from you if it’s attached to a lanyard.

Common sense people. Please.

Source: my neighbor is an ex-swat team member.

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My new favorite thing to think about is fake ah and fake chop like having a heist together and fake ah is like... wtf are these kids... like Aleks gets pissed at Trevor in the middle of a shoot out and just straight up takes out pepper spray and fucks him and everyone else up with it and Geoff is standing on a roof watching them like "We......... we're fucking dead.............."

I love this!!!! Like half of Fake Chop and half of Fake AH are flailing around, pepper spray in their eyes, and Geoff turns to Brett and Brett’s like, “I, look man, I don’t know. I can’t control them. What do you want from me?”

Gasoline: Chapter 8

Members: All

Genre: Gang AU

Words: 3k (sorry)

Warnings: violence, swearing, etc as in previous chapters!

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8

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Deep red faded to pale blush as I washed the blood off in the sink, angry and intrusive against the polished white of the basin. I let my hands slide over each other, staring blankly at the red substance disappear down the drain, a reminder of how real this had just become. Although my eyes were focused on my hands, nothing could bring the cruel image out of my mind, the lifeless body of my brother in front of me as his cold, beady eyes stared back.  

“You need anything?” Ten appeared at my side, cutting into the corner of my vision with a somber face.

“No, I’m alright,” I responded, trying to keep a level voice, despite the hoarseness.

“When you’re done, Taeyong wants to talk to you.”

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you’re scary (stefan salvatore au)

this is clearly not a drabble but oh well lol. i might actually turn this into a mini series, idk. it’s a college au if you squint really hard (tw: abuse and blood)

(gifs are not mine!!!)

“You’re actually a really friendly and chill vampire and at night you float around outside of my bedroom window to talk with me about the universe and stuff” ft Stefan Salvatore (@origami-teacup)

You look at the clock on the side of your bed and see that it’s 10 past midnight. You sigh and furrow your brows, worried about Stefan. He normally drops by at 10 on the dot, happy to talk to you about anything and everything until one (or both) of you passed out. It was well after 10 and he hadn’t shown up tonight. Hopefully everything is alright.

You lay on your back and think of the first time you met Stefan, a smile etching its way onto your face.

You’d just walked out of your last class of the semester, a tired smile on your face and about a ton of books in your arms and in your backpack. You were walking to your apartment when you heard a scuffle. The logical part of you was telling you to keep walking: it was dark, you were a woman, things could get scary. But the compassionate warrior side of you was telling you to safely gauge the scene. You, obviously, chose the latter.

You turned the corner and peeked into the alley, only to notice two grown men fighting with a girl lying on the ground. You were about to walk forward and pepper spray the guys, but something wierd happened: the guy whose front was facing you held the other guy by the collar and pulled him close, it almost looked like they were going to kiss. Talk about a plot twist. But that wasn’t the case. The guy facing you (whom you’d come to know as Stefan) whispered something to the guy as he stared him in the eyes. The other guy then nodded and walked away as though nothing had happened. The guy (Stefan) then leaned down and… he bit his wrist?? Then let the girl do the same???

You didn’t think you could be any more confused until you saw the girl sit up, some dark liquid dripping down her face as the guy pulled her near as well and gave her the same treatment she gave the person before. As the girl rushed off, the man’s eyes landed on you and he started to walk closer.

You were scared, you were feisty, but above all else you were damned confused. So you did what any sane person would do: you waited for him to get close, pepper sprayed the shit out of his eyes and mouth and entire face, and then you proceeded to ask him questions with your bottle of pepper spray still in hand.

“Holy hell, woman what was tha–?” He panted out but you cut him off, pushing the bottle closer to his face.

“I am asking the questions here!” You huffed, unsure of what to ask him now. “What was–who was–how the–what I mean to say is… what the actual fuck just happened? Who are you? What are you? Who were they? What did you do? Why did–?”

“One question at a time, please. I think you got some of that shit in my ears, too,” he groans painfully and proceeds to answer your questions. “1. What happened is actually very complicated and if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. 2. My name is Stefan Salvatore. 3. I’m a student and I work at–”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it,” you grit your teeth, letting out a threatening puff of the bottle as Stefan held his hands up. “Tell me the whole story.”

“Fine. Ha-ha, I’m a vampire. What you witnessed was me saving a girl’s life from her abusive brother. I made him forget her and I also made him err-promise to never touch another woman again. I gave her my blood to make her feel better and then told her to forget me. Is that what you wanted to hear?” Stefan scoffs and you’re tempted to empty your bottle over his head for lying to you.

“You have about three seconds to be honest with me or so help me god, I’m emptying this bottle over your head and calling the police.Tell. Me. The. Truth.”

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“Oh what the fuck,” he whispered and jumped up, fast enough to make even you dizzy. He pulled you close to him, holding your hand down so that you couldn’t spray him. He looks into your eyes like he seemed to do with the others and his pupils dilated, like really fucking dilated. “You will go home. You will forget me, you will forget what you just saw. You will-”

“What the fuck are you doing?” You furrow your brows at him, head cocked back as he looked at you in shock.

“What the… why isn’t it–why are you–what?” He looked at you, almost more confused than you’d been before.

“Your three seconds are up. Tell me what the hell is going on!” You try to pull yourself away but you seem to be stuck against him. And Stefan, seeing as he was out of options, resorted to his final trick.

“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, alright?” He smirks, not letting you respond before morphing his face. His eyes were pitch black, the veins under them growing prominent as a growl escaped his lips. His teeth, holy shit his teeth were growing longer and sharper and you couldn’t help but drop your bottle but somehow, you didn’t hear it fall. When you looked down, you see that Stefan’s already caught it. He’s got a smirk on his face and an odd glint in his eyes. “Cool, isn’t it?”

“What the fuck?” You whisper and pull yourself away, doing your best to gather your materials and walk away as you’re fully convinced by this point that you were delirious. After all, school had basically burned you out. That was it, you were going crazy.

“What, you’re gonna leave your bottle here with me?” You hear “Stefan” call out to you and you ignore him… it… whatever, he wasn’t real.

“You’re not real, leave me alone,” you whispered to yourself, slowly pulling yourself together before walking away.

“That’s not very nice,” you hear his voice again, only this time right in front of you.

“Holy shit,” you whisper, tears building up as you grow to think you’re insane.

“Whoa, all I wanted to know was if you needed your bottle,” he starts, brows furrowed as he takes in your terrified figure. “Look, there’s no reason to be afraid of me, I’m-”

“You’re not real. I’m not scared of you, I’m just going crazy!” You groan and stomp your foot almost childishly. “I mean, it’s normal, right? I’m delirious because school and work are driving me insane but I’ll be okay it’s not a big deal I’m gonna be okay everything is gonna be–”

“Woah there, listen to me,” Stefan grabs your hand and you gasp, almost forgetting that you could feel him. You weren’t going crazy. This was real. “I’m real. You’re not crazy. This is scary, but trust me it’s just as terrifying for me as it is for you.”

“I’m a human, Stefan,” you make a face, saying his name for the first time. “You’re a vampire, why am I scary?”

“For a multitude of reasons! Did you forget that you almost blinded me earlier?” He exclaims incredulously, pulling a chuckle out of you. “We’re gonna figure this out, I’ll be here for you.”

“Hopefully not too close by,” you’d rolled your eyes at him and he’d let out a beautiful laugh.

Of course, you two became the best of friends and he would make it back to you every night as soon as he was done patrolling your neighbourhood.

Tonight, he was running very very late and try as you might, you couldn’t keep still. Just as you’d decided to head out and look for him, he popped up on the side of your window and you let out a sigh of relief, quickly opening the window for him.

“Stefan, what are you–oh my god,” you whisper, pulling him onto your bed and locking your windows. Your eyes roam over his more than usually bloody figure, your heart beating uncontrollably.

“I-I told you you were scary didn’t I?”

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Matsu and his teen daughter are hanging out, suddenly some old pervert grabs his daughter's butt. How does he react?

Osomatsu would punch the shit out of that guy. Who the fuck gave him permission to touch his daughter? “Don’t fucking touch my kid, asshole! Die!”

Karamatsu would instantly go into daddy mode and probably kick the guy in the nuts. No one touches his baby girl like that, especially a stranger. “What the hell is wrong with you, you pervert?!”

Choromatsu would bash the guy in the head and instantly begin yelling at him. “Who the hell do you think you are, touching my daughter?! God, my ass hair is on fire, you fucking dumbass!!”

Ichimatsu’s stare in itself would scare the guy away. He would glare at him as if satan himself was going to come up from the pits of hell, and personally give him a slap to the face. “Fuck off, you scum.”

Jyushimatsu… Oh god, you never want to touch anything that Jyushi loves. This guy would get a good couple hits to the face, along with a really really terrifying stare from Jyushi. “Don’t ever touch my daughter again.”

Todomatsu would probably pepper spray the guy, or maybe even throw him across the street. “Pervert!!” 

  • okay so he works as a bodyguard but a very violent one
  • but a very good one
  • who protects people secretly
  • except when it came to you, all he did was follow ( almost ) every move of yours
  • ye it’s pretty stalkerish but that’s his job ok
  • over the span of 7 months he picked up a bunch of things no one really knows about you
  • some that you dont even know about yourself but you catch yourself doing them
  • like your strange ways to listen to music
  • you could go to 80s german pop to chinese folk music
  • hes also experienced you being in and out of relationships
  • hes seen you with your heart broken
  • but dont worry, from afar he’s cheering u on to get better
  • bc he lowkey has a crush on you
  • only lowkey though no one knows bc why would he have a crush on the one he’s trying to protect hahHAhhHHhha…
  • there would be these bad guys who would attempt to kill you but that would never work out bc hansol was always in the background ready to fight
  • he’s also extremely fast and skillful at fighting
  • but he’s also rlly tall too so he’d hit his head against something trying to follow you only to be in huge pain
  • one time while blocking some bad guys that were trying to kill you, they pulled down his mask and fuck he’s like “ poor girl !! cant protect her now hahHHAHH my identity’s out !! “
  • like srsly hansol what the fuck
  • but no actually he knocked both of them rlly quick and had his partner ( yuta ) give them these pills which resulted to short-term memory loss
  • but he was still being paranoid that they know what he looks so he bleached his hair
  • “ hansol you dont look different it’s just your hair “
  • “ exaCTLY, they wont know anything “
  • “ that doesnt make sense “
  • one time you nearly escaped from getting kidnapped and the bad guys were trying to find you
  • “ whered she go “
  • “ idk man “
  • and hansol beat them up
  • but you were like
  • “ ohhHHh shit i dropped something there let me go BACK to where i ALMOST got kidnapped ;;;; ))) “
  • and you saw hansol mid punch with a buff dude and another buff dude on the ground basically dead
  • after hansol was done with the buff dude #2 lets just say you were “ surprised “
  • hansol looked at you, but rmbr he only saw you from afar and he has a crush on you so he was like
  • “ oh…………….. you’re up close…… ”
  • he kinda just stayed staring at you for so long you felt violated
  • you dove into your bag ready to get your pepper spray out
  • “ how did you.. ?? i didnt even get it out yet ?? wat “
  • “ oh shit “
  • the whole time you were like who is this man and why is he saying hes a good guy
  • you demanded for an explanation
  • so he basically went all out bc why wouldnt you am i right
  • “ i was protecting you bc that’s my job. you’re this huge ass company’s target, and i stop them from killing you. and for your information i’m actually really good at my job. “
  • “ wait so im targeted ?? what the fuckie why “
  • “ you expect to work as spy and have no problems ?? “
  • “ ok u right “
  • lets just say you guys had a little coffee “ date “ after
  • “ what do you want? “
  • “ extra hot no whip white mocha “
  • “ no whip?? what the fuck you really are hardcore “
  • also cue the cliche oh there’s whip on my lip let me.. wipe it off for you..
  • HA SIKE hansol was all like
  • “ that’s what you get for getting whip! “
  • so you had to wipe it off yourself
  • but during that little date you were still pretty baffled by how events turned out
  • “ he’s really a spy.. he ain’t that bad looking either i could have fun with this“
  • even though he wasn’t really “ secretive “ anymore he started being by your side
  • well
  • more like 10 feet behind you
  • you would always meet in your apartment
  • s e c r e t l y
  • and you’d both have deep conversations on how fun but shitty your jobs were
  • he started even falling for you even more when you both were getting closer
  • but how is that possible ?? idk bro
  • same as you, you were also developing feelings for him
  • until one time
  • he discovered your diary that you write all your lil secrets in
  • but seriously you’re a spy and you fucking have a diary containing secrets when was this a smart thing to do
  • pull yourself together man
  • he was snooping through your diary when you were taking a nap
  • “ hansol, he has badly bleached hair, but he’s cute… sometimes too quiet “ you wrote
  • “ what the heck is this girl… my hair costs more than she does— “
  • hansol what are you saying, you’re literally protecting her
  • you also wrote your “ planned “ confession on a page
  • hansol kept grinning and giggling to himself while reading it, it was so cheesy
  • may i also add that he changed some of the ways you described him–
  • your handwriting and his are so different
  • “ badly bleached? you mean. .. perfect hair ehem. abnormally tall? you mean gorgeously tall duh “
  • as he put your diary back where it was, trying to make it seem like he never touched it, he quietly lied on your bed facing you and kinda just admired your features
  • he was blushing even though you were asleep
  • you woke up awhile after that only to meet his eyes staring right at you
  • you pushed him away
  • “ you’re so creepy oh my god hansol “
  • he didn’t say anything
  • he just leaned toward you, leaving a kiss on your forehead
  • “ i like you too “
  • “ what the fuck hansol– how’d you know? what did you look through oh MY GOD HANSOL “
  • you just stayed here half blushing from the kiss and half freaking out how he figured out you liked him
  • you also noticed how he kept glancing at your diary every second
  • “ hansol… you didn’t “
  • looking through your diary, you noticed a bunch of eraser marks and smudged writing
  • “ hansol is the best.. hansol is hot.. did you seriously write this all ?? “
  • “ hey! i obviously didn’t write that, you’re the one who likes me here pft “
  • “ so do you! “
  • and you both just sat there thinking … wow the other person likes me .. oh ym GOD
  • he blurted out “ will you be my girlfriend, ___? “
  • you guys are now the happiest couple there could ever be
  • on some of your dates, bad guys would try and come and he’d just.. make out with in public so they wouldn’t notice you two
  • his kisses are the best
  • whenever a guy is checking you or something, he would always keep you by his side
  • “ hansol there isn’t anyone bad here “
  • “ yeah there is, that guy right there– looking at my… girl hmph “
  • your relationship is filled with adventure ( or basically doing your jobs side by side and you both escaping from people )
I have never in my life thought twice about Rachael Ray, but in the past hour reading this Food Network book I’ve learned:

She always wanted to live in NYC proper (her family was from Lake George) because she thought ‘something magical would happen to her there.’ 

She wound up living in Queens, and got mugged when her boss dropped her off at home after midnight but managed to pepper spray the guy and he ran away.

A few days later, she was sitting in an awkward position and her foot fell asleep, and when she got up to answer the phone, her ankle snapped.

While on crutches and trying to hobble inside her apartment building, that same mugger came back and this time wanted revenge so he nearly beat her to death with a gun. (She was saved by a dog, MY HEART.)

When she finally admitted to her mom that she just needed to come home, she was driving to work and got into an accident that flipped her car upside down.

Eventually she started working in a little deli type place and brainstormed the idea for 30 minute meals while trying to beat Domino’s promise of ‘delivery in 30 minutes or less.’ Why not make your own meal (healthier than pizza) in 30 minutes or less?

She started doing demonstrations at the deli and a local news anchor happened to take a class. He liked her so much they gave her a 3 minute segment on the news that became a recurring thing.

Al Roker (the Today Show) saw her on local television and called the producers of the Today Show, told them about her, and got her on for a cooking segment where she made chicken and dumpling soup.

The next day, she was in a meeting with Food Network execs, and the rest is history.

i have mad props for her because sometimes when I stub my toe I’m like, ‘lmao that’s it for today’ and she fucking decided not to take any bullshit from life. 


Last night my sister’s dog, Buddy, was pepper sprayed by cops. The dog and cops were separated by a 6-foot high fence that is meant to keep horses in. Buddy had done nothing but bark and had shown no signs of aggression. Cops later denied pepper spraying the dog. I understand that cops have a right to keep dogs at bay but through a fence? That’s just not right.

Update (12/20/14)

My family and I wanted to update you all with some more details and to thank you all for the support.

First off we wanted to add some other photos of Buddy to show his lovable and playful sides. I also wanted to add a picture of my sister with Buddy. The photo of my sister, Charlie, and Buddy was taken before they spent a day at a dog beach in California.

Buddy was rescued from a shelter this past summer and has found a home with lots of love in it.

Since the incident my sister has attempted to talk with the sheriff about the officers conduct but so far no action has been taken. We are still waiting to hear back from them again.

Buddy is doing better but he is still a little shy about going close to the fence. 

We also wanted to bring attention to the fact that the cops came to their house to take action on a warrant that was no longer valid. While they were there on this no longer relevant warrant they pepper sprayed this lovable guy through the fence leaving him in pain and discomfort for a good hour. Worse than that they have left Buddy with a distrust for people.

This type of behavior from officers is unacceptable! Help us spread the word by continuing to like, reblog, share, comment and pass the word on to anyone you know!

Last but not least we wanted to thank everyone who has liked and reblogged this post!! The support has been amazing!!

We will update this post as more information is available! 

I don’t hate you

Brett imagine where he pretends to hate me but really he likes me but is too shy to admit it and my name is Hannah


Hannah’s POV:

Today was just like any other day; wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, and go to school. When I got to school I found my friends Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Brett, Malia, Liam, Isaac, and Jackson. (i know Isaac, Allison and Jackson are gone but I just wanted to include them.) 

“Good morning Hannah” said everyone but Brett. 

“Good morning guys” I replied smiling

“So, I was just telling everyone that we’re having a pack meeting tonight at Derek’s” Scot said 

“Okay, same time as always?” I asked 

“Yeah same time” replied Brett annoyed 

“What’s your deal?” I asked 

Right when I said that the bell rang an everyone went their seperate ways and Liam and I walked to class together. 

“Am I the only person he hates?” I asked Liam 

“Trust me Hannah, he doesn’t hate you” he replied smirking

“Well then why does he always give me attitude? It’s like I ruin his day just by walking into the same room as him” I replied walking into Mr. Johnson’s class and taking my seat in the back next to Liam. 

“It seems to me that you like him” 

“I do not like him “ 

“That’s not what your heart says” he replied laughing

*at Derek’s*

“Glad you could join us sadly the meetings over” Derek said as Brett walked in late “ Hannah fill him in” he said looking at me.

Brett found his way to the couch so I followed and sat across from him.

“Okay so Derek said you, Liam and I have to-” i began but stopped because he wasn’t paying attention to me. “Okay seriously what is your probelm?” I asked making the whole pack turn around and look at us.

“What are you talking about?” he asked me

“I’m talking about the fact that you always give me attitude when all i’m bein gis nice to you!” I yelled

“I never give you attitude” he yelled back

“Yeah, you kinda do” Stiles said immediatly putting his hands up in defense when Brett glared at him

“Maybe I would stop giving you attitude if you stopped being so annoying” he replied 

“Oh come on! I’m never annyoing! You’re the one who’s always happy and then once I walk into the room you start mugging me and always seem to be in a pissy mood.” 

“Okay you really want to know what’s wrong” he asked


“I. don’t. like. you.” he said and walked out of the loft.

“Hannah we all know that isn’t true” Lydia said walking up to me

I was still in the same spot staring at the floor while everyone was around me. They all tried comforting me but it didn’t work. When Brett said those words I couldn’t believe it because I liked him and i didn’t think that he would hate me.

“Okay that’s it” Liam said getting up and walking out of the building and everyone looked at him puzzled

“I’ll go see what’s going on” Isaac said getting up and following Liam

Liam’s POV:

*Liam and Isaac at Brett’s*

“ What are you two doing here” Brett said as he opened the door

“We are here to ask you what your probelm is with Hannah” Isaac said sitting on Brett’s couch

“I know what his deal is, I just want to know when the hell he’s going to stop acting like such a child and tell he he likes her already” I said 

“I don’t like her” Brett said

“Yeah you do, you don’t think i notice your heart beating fast whenever she walks into a room? You just shut off your emotions and act rude to her” 

“Woah woah, you like Hannah? Thats why you act like such a prick?” Isaac asked 

“No I don’t” he said 

“Yes you do! Stop acting like this Brett! She likes you too!” I replied 

“No she doesn’t” 

“Yeah she does" Isaac said getting up and making his way to the kitchen 

“How do you know she like me?” he asked

“You never listen to her heartbeat? Her heart beats so fast when she sees you and when you told her that you hate her, she just stood there feeiling like crap and she looked so sad” I said “So you are going to tell her how you feel or I will”

“Yeah you should do that before I tell her I like her and take her away from you” Isaac said standing at the doorway of the living room

Hannah’s POV: 

A few minutes after Isaac went after Liam, Lydia and Allison took me home. They both decide to spend the night considering it was a Friday. We were watching Cake boss and eating a lot of junk foood when we heard something downstairs. 

“Did you guys hear that?” Allison asked

“Yeah I did” I replied reaching for my metal baseball bat; Allison reached for her knifes and Lydia reached for her tazer and peper spray. 

We opened the door and looked at each other.

“If anything happens I want you guys to know that I love you guys” Lydia said as I began walking downstairs. 

Whatever was downstairs we knew that it wasn’t super natural because we heard the voices of a few guys.

“Oh my god we’re going to get kidnapped” Lydia said 

We got near the middle stair case and the noise stopped. I kept walking but Lydia and Allison told me not to. Once I reached down stairs someone grabbed me and I hit him with my bat. Lydia and Allison ran towards me and they were both also grabbed. Allison had dropped her knives and Lydia began to pepper spray the guy and almost tazed him but he yelled out. 

“Hey it’s us! It’s us!” said the familiar voice and turned the lights on. 

“WHat the hell are you guys doing?” I yelled seeing Isaac, Brett and Liam

“We didn’t think you were home” Said Brett

“So you decided to break into my house!” I yelled 

“We we’re trying to surprise you” Liam said from the kitchen trying to rinse his eyes out form the burning sensation of the pepper spray. 

“Sorry Liam” Lydia yelled 

“It’s okay we thought you guys were intruders also” he replied coming into the living room 

“So what exactly were you guys trying to surprise Hannah with?” Allison asked pickng up her knives. 

“I’ll let Brett answer that for you” Isaac said rubbing his head. 

“Sorry for hitting you” I said 

“It’s fine don’t worry about it, glad to know that you guys know how to defend yourselves” he replied chuckling 

“So what are you dooing here” I asked Brett 

“Uhh I came here to uhh” 

“He came here to tell you that he likes you” Liam said returning to the kitchen to rinse his eyes out

“Dude!” Brett yelled 

“You like me? I thought you hated me?” I asked looking at him 

“I never hated you, I just acted like I did because I like-“ Brett was saying but I cut hi off and kissed him and Isaac awwed.

he cleared his throat and replied “Sorry”


Hope you liked it Hannah! :) Requests are open! 

People say that women in this game (Arkham Knight) are useless. Okay, Batman was written in a misogynistic time and has fairly standard gender roles, which does make it awkward in the modern age. But surely it says something that Oracle’s like “I’m gonna to try and break free, I’m gonna pepper spray a guy in the face, I’m gonna crawl out of a car, I’m going to try and escape.” She could have just sat there and done nothing and cried. Okay, Poison Ivy’s still in lock-up, Catwoman needs to be rescued by Batman; it shouldn’t be about the end result of what happens. And I know this story-line.  I know it’s pretty dark, but she’s not just lying down and taking it. She’s trying to fight and I think that’s what’s important. It’s what you do with the time that is given to you, to quote Gandalf. A lot of comic book stuff has come under fire recently; Black Widow and The Avengers as well. People seem to forget that Batman’s from the 40’s. That’s a lot of history that they’ve got that you can’t just click your fingers and change. You’ve got to do it gradually. It’s a delicate balance, cuz if you get it wrong you end up pissing off the old fans as well as the new fans, so I kind of feel sympathy for people who do comics and films and games. You’ve just gotta be sensible about it and not start waving pitchforks unnecessarily, which seems to be the done thing currently.
—  Hannah Rutherford

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SwanQueen coming out to the town about their relationship and people get confused because they all thought they were with Hook and Robin

I like you, anon.

* * *

“Wake up, my little swan.”

Emma kept her eyes shut, hoping to buy herself another five minutes.

Regina slipped her hand under Emma’s shirt and rubbed small circles into the small of the younger woman’s back. “I know you’re faking right now.”


Once she’d milked the faux sleeping act for all it was worth, Emma sighed. “Do we have to get up?”

“I’m afraid so.”

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Prostitution AU / / Quirktwins


Jenna was shaking when she went out on the street, terrified of what could happen. What if her first John hurt her? What if he wanted her to do something terrible? She was new, she couldn’t say no. She wasn’t walking with any other newbies, though. A safety precaution; newbies always walked with more experienced workers. Usually for a year.

She knew the tall, dark haired man, Bones, had been working like this since he was about twenty. That meant he’d been around for about ten years. He was nice, gave her some advice on how to handle a bad situation and gave her pepper spray.

Then the blonde guy, Jim. He’d been around for about six months and was about four years older than her. He was still learning, but Bones said he was going to be looking after her when he was with people.

And lastly, the other woman on their stretch of road. She was pretty young still, but had been around for a couple years. Jenna thought it was likely she started working when she was a teenager. They were supposed to be sharing a room, but she hadn’t actually talked to her yet.

“How much?” She jumped and turned to see a man much larger than her. “For you and that one,” he pointed to the other woman. “How much?”

“I, uh….’m not sure…” She squeaked, flinching when he angrily raised a fist to her.

“The hell so you mean you don’t know?!”