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Chateauguay police launch inquiry after family pepper-sprayed during traffic stop
Aftermath of incident captured on mobile phone recording by mother

A father in Chateauguay, Que., says he was pepper-sprayed by a police officer last week after picking up his two daughters for school, and he’s demanding answers.

The aftermath of the incident was captured on a mobile phone recording by John Chilcott’s wife, Rosemarie Edwards.

The video shows their two daughters, aged 7 and 10, telling their mother their throats hurt.

“It’s in my throat,” one says.

“It went in your throat?” Edwards asks her.

“Yeah,” the daughter says.

Edwards is then heard telling the officer: “You sprayed my kids with pepper spray.”

An officer is shown on his radio and talking to Chilcott, who is still sitting in the driver’s seat of his truck and rubbing his eyes.

“Excuse me, I’m asking you a question, sir,” Edwards says.

“You just pepper-sprayed my children. It’s not right. They were present in the car.”

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5 Viral Stories That Had Insane Twists After We All Moved On

#5. The Pepper Spray Cop Got a Better Settlement Than the Students He Sprayed

After the video of the incident went viral, Lieutenant [John] Pike was suspended with pay from his $110,000-a-year job (that’s not a typo) while the university conducted an investigation. While the officers claimed that they were trapped by the students and justified in their use of pepper spray (and totally not creaming their pants at the opportunity to finally try out their shiny new Judge Dredd gear, honest), an investigation found that the use of force was “objectively unreasonable” and that even the size of the pepper spray can was against regulations… Well, a couple months later, Pike filed for worker’s comp because of the emotional trauma stemming from the death threats he and his family received after the incident (Which, to be fair, is right fucked up. Shame on you, Internet). Following a psychiatric evaluation, the university awarded him just over $38,000, which is approximately one dollar for each stinging tear shed by the 21 students.

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My City is Being Tear Gassed

This is not a good weekend. I woke up this morning to discover that while I’d been sleeping, police had begun tear gassing protestors in my home town. Please read this, because it really is breaking my heart. 

Quick background: Hong Kong was a British colony for 99 years, and in 1997, it reverted to Chinese sovereignty. It is now a Special Administrative Region of the PRC, with its own Basic Law that guarantees it more rights and freedoms that anywhere else in China. Almost more importantly, it is a city with its own distinctive culture and identity. According to the terms of the handover, Hong Kong was supposed to make a move to universal suffrage in time for the 2017 elections. Up until now, our Chief Executive (highest political office) has been elected by a 1200 member election committee, dominated by the business sector and heavily deferring to Beijing. 

In June 2014, Beijing released a “white paper” announcing the procedure for the 2017 elections. In 2017, the general public will be able to vote… for any one of three candidates approved by Beijing. We get to vote, but in a totally meaningless way.

This has provoked a lot of backlash. On Monday, students across the city went on strike, organizing a sit in around the government buildings in protest. On Friday, they stormed Civic Square, the forecourt of government headquarters.

At the end of the week, it was announced that the Occupy Central, a protest movement that plans to shut down the city’s financial center, was starting, building off the momentum of the student protests.

Thousands of people turned out to do just that. The police presence was strong, as is to be expected with a civil disobedience movement. Protestors were pepper sprayed, and arrests began, with at least 78 people arrested over the weekend.

And on Sunday, police fired tear gas into the crowds.

Hong Kongers are angry, and we are scared. These protests are about democracy, but they’re also indicative of a more general fear for our future. Come 2047, we lose our status as an SAR and revert fully to the mainland. Already, police and the judicial systems are becoming politicized. Even the anti-corruption agency was used as a scare tactic earlier this month as they were sent after media boss Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying, a pro-dem supporter. Basic rights like the right to protest are being curbed. And on a more everyday level, Hong Kong culture is being wiped out as the government, toadying to Beijing, continually put the interests of mainland tourists above those of local people.

Hong Kong is my home, and it really is a special place, and it’s a really horrible feeling for me to be studying abroad, sitting in a different country and watching as my friends get tear gassed, as this is happening in my city.

So please, help me tell people what is going on. Wear a yellow ribbon in support of Hong Kong. Stand with us.

Video: White Baltimore/ Black Baltimore


“”I really need you guys- do me a favor, guys. The last thing I wanna do is put somebody in handcuffs, alright. And I’m actually gonna ask you right now to please leave. The last thing I wanna do is put somebody in handcuffs, okay. Because you know why? Because we’re the community. […] This is gonna be the last warning.”


Police pepper spray this man, push him to the ground, handcuff him, and then drag him across the street. 

Saturday, May 2

Here’s a thing. I know a lot of women carry pepper spray to protect themselves. I don’t know if you’ve thought of this but pepper spray expires. 1 year is the shelf life for the one I just got. It’s probably a good idea to test it every once in a while too.  Just pick a spot outside where you know a person or animal won’t be there for a while and give it a quick spray.  Depending on what kind you have it should probably be a solid stream that goes pretty far.  I just tested out some expired spray and barely anything came out and if I had needed it to protect myself I would have been fucked.  If you carry pepper spray just do me a favor and take a moment to think about how old it is and whether you know how to safely use it. Thank you