pepper preserves

pepperup potion tea ☕

a harry potter inspired potion for the common cold. not for serious problems.

Pepper-Up Potion can be used to cure colds and to warm the recipient up. Drinking it can cause steam to come out of the drinker’s ears. The potion was invented by Glover Hipworth.

☕  in a sterilized jar, combine honey, lemon, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. 

☕  keep the preserve sealed in the refrigerator. mix well before using.

☕  brew a cup of plain ginger or black tea, do not use milk. 

☕  take out preserve, mix well, and blend a couple spoonfuls into the tea. 

Eating Habits
  • Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the first house; Jupiter in Aries; Aries on the second house cusp: Prefers warm or hot food. Might like spicy food. A special preference for meat, especially mutton. May enjoy leeks and onions, or flavour their food with mustard and chilli.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the second house; Jupiter in Taurus; Taurus on the second house cusp: Is likely to eat large meals. Prefers warm food. Likes meat, especially beef. May enjoy apples, pears, berries, sweetcorn, cereal, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, or beans.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the third house; Jupiter in Gemini; Gemini on the second house cusp: Likes eating small snacks throughout the day. Drinks a lot of water. Enjoys dried fruits, peas, broad beans, and the like. May enjoy the taste of citrus. Is prone to eating issues or disorders.
  • Jupiter trine the Moon; Jupiter in the fourth house; Jupiter in Cancer; Cancer on the second house cusp: Likes food to be safe or familiar. Often enjoys sweet food. May really love milk. Probably enjoys eating fish, but not meat, and a lot of watery fruit and vegetables.
  • Jupiter trine the Sun; Jupiter in the fifth house; Jupiter in Leo; Leo on the second house cusp: Likes fun or childish food. Is adventurous with food. May love the taste of honey. Enjoys rice, cereal, meat (especially red meat), grapes, and iron-rich food. Probably really likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Mercury; Jupiter in the sixth house; Jupiter in Virgo; Virgo on the second house cusp: Usually not a big eater, but healthy. Drinks a lot of water. Is prone to eating issues or disorders. Enjoys vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and celery. Fussy eater.
  • Jupiter trine Venus; Jupiter in the seventh house; Jupiter in Libra; Libra on the second house cusp: Likes their food to be attractive and well-prepared. Might like very sweet food and puddings. Enjoys berries, apples, pears, grapes, beans, corn, and cereal. Likes subtle, elegant spices.
  • Jupiter trine Pluto; Jupiter trine Mars; Jupiter in the eighth house; Jupiter in Scorpio; Scorpio on the second house cusp: May dislike sweet food. Either very healthy or very unhealthy. Enjoys red meat, garlic, and strong tastes.
  • Jupiter in the ninth house; Jupiter in Sagittarius; Sagittarius on the second house cusp: Can eat in excess. Often prone to drinking problems. Likes meat, especially game. May enjoy grape-fruits, raisins, and onion or leek based foodstuffs. Probably likes soup.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter in the tenth house; Jupiter in Capricorn; Capricorn on the second house cusp: Usually a healthy and regulated eater. Often enjoys meat, potatoes, and stock foods which are hearty yet not unhealthy. Is likely to need a lot of starch in their diet.
  • Jupiter trine Saturn; Jupiter trine Uranus; Jupiter in the eleventh house; Jupiter in Aquarius; Aquarius on the second house cusp: Likes unusual food. May enjoy apples, limes, and peppers. Often enjoys preserved fruit; likes alcohol.
  • Jupiter trine Neptune; Jupiter in the twelfth house; Jupiter in Pisces; Pisces on the second house cusp: Likes light, soft, and airy foods. May have a sweet tooth. Not a big eater, but not prone to eating disorders. Might enjoy the tastes of melon, lettuce, cucumber, or pumpkin.

2013 Turley Wine Cellars Juvenile Zinfandel

Zins really do it for me when I’m in the mood. And when I’ve got some Turley on paw, believe me - I’m in the mood! Blackberry compote and mixed berry jam on the nose with cinnamon, clove, graham crackers, molasses, and a twist of black pepper. Blackberry and boysenberry preserves with cherries, licorice, cinnamon, graham crackers, and pepper on the palate. Pretty solid Zin. 

4/5 bones



15.5% abv

California, USA

I made you, and I can UNMAKE YOU, TOO!

…is what I said to the jar of bell pepper preserve that refused to be opened today.

In other news, I am not dead, I remember you guys, I see all those asks, and I will get back on track as soon as I clear the backlog on all the rest of my life.

Alright, I know this isn’t much to luck at, but let me tell you… this is the Devil’s tea right here.

I was making ginger tea to help with my throat, and my brother, @jackofnone suggested we add something to it.

We wanted it to be spicy, and we so happened to have a jar of novelty ghost pepper honey.

The honey itself is delicious, and I’ve been using it in a ton of my recipes… the flavor comes from a ghost pepper preserved in the honey itself. We fished the pepper out and added it (and the rest of the honey) to the pot.

This tea tastes delicious… but oh my god drinking it will make your freaking ears hurt! It’s clearing out my throat all right… as well as my mouth, stomach, ears, nose, and eyes.

And yet I continue to drink this devil water.

2012 Domaine Grande Bellane Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas

Loving this organic baby Côtes du Rhône - especially at this price! Blackberry preserves, macerated red fruit, and a touch of twig on the nose. Bursting with plums and berry preserves, cinnamon, pepper, and bramble on the palate with zingy acidity. 

4/5 bones


Syrah, Grenache

13.5% abv

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas, FRANCE

2004 Ben Glaetzer Anaperenna - Godolphin

So this is some interesting stuff - an unfiltered Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon blend out of Australia! Purple and blue fruit on the nose - blackberries, cocoa powder, espresso powder, raw chuck, and black pepper. Blueberry and blackberry preserves on the palate with olives in addition to the chuck, chocolate, and espresso from the nose. Kinda evil stuff! Almost seems like it’s made by a madman!

4/5 bones


Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon

15% abv

Barossa Valley, AUSTRALIA