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omg G to the D + 6 (pregnancy/parenting) please 🙏🏻 because he would be such a great dad 💕

➸ word count: 1k

➸ fluff, like so much floof i feel ;___;

➸ general audience

➸ a/n: honestly my friend, i too believe jiyong will one day make a great father and it makes me so emotionally unstable. i love that man. anyways, i really hope you like this, i had fun writing this and i think it’s the quickest ive ever gotten a fic done. started at like 11, it’s now half past midnight lol. anyways, carry on, thank you for the request! xoxox

“Come on little one, what’s got you so excited tonight?” ________ calls out softly in hopes of settling down the baby’s incessant kicking. Rubbing her baby bump, she peels away the covers from her body and makes her way towards the kitchen. 

Maybe a warm cup of tea will help. 

Jiyong sets down his luggage and sighs as he reaches his front door, the excitement bubbling inside of him is a little too hard to contain. He’s finally home after being away on tour, it’s been about three months and he’s missed his home. 

Most of all, he’s missed his baby girls, the two most precious and cherished beings in his entire world. 

He slots in his key, opening the front, and lugs in his belongings as silently as possible. 

Though he knows ________ is most likely sleeping by now, being that it is well past midnight, he can’t wait to curl up next to her in their shared bed and just soak in her peaceful beauty–maybe even pepper her face softly with light kisses. 

He’s also very much excited to see her growing belly in person. Although he’s kept up with the pregnancy via FaceTime, Instagram and photos from friends and family members–he’s yet to actually see how big his wife has gotten. 

In the midst of his excitement, he had yet to notice that the usual darkened house that greeted him when away for a long time was actually not so dark after all. There was a lamp dimly lighting up the living room, and there was also light coming from the kitchen. 

With knitted brows, Jiyong shrugged off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, quickly making his way towards the kitchen. Soon enough, he could hear a small ruckus of pans clinking against each other while one of his newest songs played softly in the back. 

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About damn time (Bruce Banner x Reader)

@halegalaxy00 requested prompt #50: “I want to hate you, I do, but god, I can’t hate you; not even a little bit”

  • Words:  1.212
  • Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
  • Warnings: None
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/L/N) is your last name.

A year ago:
You followed Tony Stark down the hallway that lead to his most precious room. The lab. He almost lived there and not everyone was welcomed and invited to hang around; only his long-time girlfriend Pepper Potts and his best friend and science bro Bruce Banner. You had been working in the development of the new version of Dr. Cho’s famous Cradle and for that, you were a wanted person by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
“So this is the lab” Tony explained as the glass doors opened for both of you “Thanks JARVIS. Oh, by the way (Y/N). You can just talk to him and he’ll answer, right pal?”
“Of course Mr. Stark” The AI voice replied with a polite voice “And welcome to the Stark tower Miss (Y/N)”
“Thank you” You smiled, looking around you.
The lab was such a tidy place and even though it was immaculate and perhaps a little sterile looking, it gave you a warm feeling that you had finally found your place. You kept looking around and you saw a male figure turning his back to you. Above the white robe he wore, you saw the neck of a purple shirt and the dark hair from one of the greatest minds of the decade. Dr. Bruce Banner himself.
“Bruce, please come here to say hi to the newest member of the science society” Tony spoke to his friend whose head got up right away.
Dr. Banner turned around on his stool and took his glasses off to leave them on the table. He moved in slow motion in your head; every movement he did and the way a kind smile drew on his face seemed to daze you away. Out of a sudden, his hand was reaching out for you to shake it. You shook your head slightly and shook it.
“You must be (Y/N), right?” He asked in a sweet voice and you nodded “I’m Bruce and please just call me like that” He smiled “It’s very nice to meet you, and thank you for accepting our invitation”
“The pleasure is mine, Dr. Banner” You said in a low voice “Sorry” You interrupted yourself “Bruce”
From that day, you spent most of your day with them and it was no wonder (for you especially) that you developed not only work related things, but also, feelings for Dr. Banner, but you had no one to talk this to so you decided to just suck everything up and be professional because this was truly an opportunity of a lifetime.
Present day:
The thing that started as a childish crush slowly turned into something very serious and almost unbearable. Why did you have to be so good at what you did? Maybe if it wasn’t for your brain you wouldn’t be in this situation. Everyone kept bugging you and giving the hints to Bruce on what you felt, but let’s face it; the man sucked with hidden language and you were slightly thankful for that, but you wanted him to notice that you liked him a lot and that you’d surely make him happy.
He always spoke of how his work and “the other guy” left him with no time at all to have dates or even think about falling in love. You didn’t say much because you thought you were still not allowed to say something that personal, and it was better like that for all of you.
“So, (Y/N)” Bruce said one day “I never see you going out with anyone but the girls… Don’t you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? You’re such a nice girl” Oh, that one last thing killed you. He thought you were nice and perhaps that was the only thing he would ever say about you.
“No” you sighed “Neither” You shrugged one shoulder and kept looking at the digital blueprints in front of you.
“No way” He said, shaking his head a little “People is just so blind these days, you know”
“You have no idea…” You couldn’t agree with him more.
You focused all your energies on trying to forget completely about him, and by that, your head misunderstood the concepts just a little. You went on full hate mode and you came out slightly rude whenever it came to talking to him. Everyone noticed the change in your attitude and even Bruce did it this time.
Yet he didn’t do anything about it; he just tried to avoid you until you felt better and the amazing relationship you two used to have came back alone. That was only making you feel even worst until you had to let it out one day. Oh boy, he was gonna find out.
“Can I ask you something (Y/N)?” He asked with a doubtful voice from his table.
“You just did” You replied coldly.
“Come on, don’t be like that…” He begged “What happened? Did I do something wrong that made you take this attitude to me?”
“No” You spat.
“(Y/N), please?”
“You really wanna know?” You swirled on your stool and crossed your arms over your chest.
“Of course I do” He said.
“I don’t care if this costs me my job, right now I couldn’t care less…” You rolled your eyes in annoyance “The thing is that I like you a lot, seriously a lot” Whoops, there it goes everything “and you seem to be oh so blind about it that it just makes me mad. It does. You’re always there, saying nice stuff but keeping me in the friend-zone. You’re always saying that you want to try dating again and I’m sure you say that because you wanna piss me off and god, you’re achieving it!” Your voice became a little louder “I wanna hate you so much Banner, I really want to! But god, I can’t!” You took both your hands to your head and grabbed it tightly “Not even a tiny little bit, and you know why?” He gulped; looking at you with his eyes wide open “Because I just love you so much that even taking this whole attitude against you makes me love you even more… I’m such a dumbass and I can’t seem to forget you” You sighed.
“(Y/N)…” He mumbled after an eternal silence; still sitting on his chair “I didn’t know that…”
“Of course you didn’t. You seriously are the worst for hints” You rolled your eyes again “I thought I was bad, but you really overpowered me”
“I really don’t know what to say (Y/N)” He ran his fingers through his curls “I’m sorry… I want to make things up for you” He walked to you.
“I don’t want you to, not if it’s for pity”
“It’s not” He replied, reaching out his hands to you “I’d never do that…”
“Then, why do you want to make it up for me?” You asked “Why on earth would you do that?”
“Because I thought my feelings were not corresponded…” You pursed your lips, evidently speechless “Look who ran out of words now…” He joked “Hey, how about you and I forget about this hate statement and just… See where it takes us to”
“About damn time” Tony said walking into the lab, making your face turn into a bright red shade.

Pepper Plays Berseria

[10:52 AM] PePPerPatrol: Berseria is breaking my heart bc you know from the get go the heroine becomes a broken shell of a person and yet you play through the beginning and she’s such a precious cinnamon bun sweetheart oh my god
[10:52 AM] PePPerPatrol: send help im gonna cry
[10:53 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Hahaha right choices were made I see
[10:53 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): You got them all?
[10:53 AM] PePPerPatrol: yeah
[10:54 AM] PePPerPatrol: She’s so sweet I just
[10:54 AM] PePPerPatrol: want to hold her and protect her from the sadness she is about to endure
[10:54 AM] PePPerPatrol: She has a sickly brother he’s going to die i just know it. Or her father figure is going to be the main villian. I can’t handle this I’ve only been playing for half an hour
[10:54 AM] PePPerPatrol: y did they make her such a cutie pie?
[10:57 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): I’m cracking up
[10:57 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Hooo boy you’re already in deep
[10:57 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Strap in sister
[11:01 AM] PePPerPatrol: It’s definitely the caretaker this fucker is shady af
[11:01 AM] PePPerPatrol: I already hate him
[11:01 AM] PePPerPatrol: Fuk u guy u haven’t done it yet but i know you will
[11:02 AM] PePPerPatrol: Van 2.0 I no it
[11:02 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): I know a Van when I see one
[11:02 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): In Tales games the traitors are usually pretty obviously traitors
[11:03 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Unless they’re red herrings
[11:05 AM] PePPerPatrol: she has a best friend now too she is definitely going to die
[11:05 AM] PePPerPatrol: they can’t get the medicine for her sick brother oh no
[11:06 AM] PePPerPatrol: I’m pretty sure her brother will be fine now that I think about it bc i think he’s a party member I saw in the opening
[11:06 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Or that’s a clone of her dead brother, depends on what kind of tales game XD
[11:07 AM] PePPerPatrol: oh my god
[11:07 AM] PePPerPatrol: Bro
[11:07 AM] PePPerPatrol: Her friend is telling her to have DREAMS
[11:07 AM] PePPerPatrol: Her friend is dead
[11:08 AM] PePPerPatrol: And she responded I WANNA JUST HAVE THIS NICE PROVINCIAL LIFE sorry bitch not 4 u
[11:09 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): She just wants to be a simple girl in a simple world
[11:09 AM] PePPerPatrol: Tho she is strangely reistant to provincial matchmaking
[11:09 AM] PePPerPatrol: I bet she wants some of her obvious traitor brother in laws hot dick
[11:10 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Strong women always reject marriages, period
[11:10 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): If you accept a marriage you become a waifish waifu
[11:10 AM] PePPerPatrol: But she wants to do like womanly shit for her brothers.
[11:10 AM] PePPerPatrol: Gotta make him
[11:10 AM] PePPerPatrol: Quiche
[11:10 AM] PePPerPatrol: Like my hot sister used too
[11:10 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Oh yeah that hot quiche
[11:10 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Hot quiche for my hot brother in law
[11:11 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): We’re not related by blood you know
[11:11 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): So stick a fork in my quiche
[11:11 AM] PePPerPatrol: My sister is dead time 2 get the 2.0 model arthy
[11:11 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): We probably feel the same on the inside
[11:11 AM] PePPerPatrol: That’s bad
[11:11 AM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): That’s terrible
[11:12 AM] PePPerPatrol: alright pretty sure I’m about to activate all the plot cutscenes brb
[11:49 AM] PePPerPatrol: yeah so he betrayed her by killing her brother so I guess it’s a different waifish blond boy in the intro
[12:18 PM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Oh
[12:18 PM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): Woops
[12:19 PM] PePPerPatrol: Then he also threw her into prison for three years
[12:19 PM] PePPerPatrol: Also she kind of became a demonic hell creature
[12:19 PM] PePPerPatrol: I can see how this might change a person
[12:19 PM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): That
[12:20 PM] blackstags (Snacks/magestaches): That would influence the way I interact with the world

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How about Rfa+V and a very shy, smol, and bashful mc

Ooh this sounds so cute! Thank you!



  • honestly you two are the most pure and awkwardly-adorable couple in the world
  • like nobody knows how you two possibly get through the day 
  • you two have such equal naiveness and clumsiness
  • you’re just so sweet and cute??
  • seven almost feels bad to prank you two when you’re both so gullible
  • “Yoosung, maybe he’s telling the truth. I mean they might have…um possibly, thrown it away in the dumpster behind the game store…right?”
  • “Hmm… yeah MC. Maybe there really is a special edition LOLOL pack in the dumpster…!”
  • almost
  • when you first start dating-
  • you both are so awkward and cute  it almost hurts to watch
  • a blushing and embarassed mumbling mess when you accidently brush against each other or when you hold hands anytime (awww =>u<=)
  • “You guys are grossly cute. I almost want to throw up.” -707 everytime
  • yoosung thinks it’s even more wonderful that you’re shorter than him
  • it makes him feel more “manly”   lmao this puppy-boi
  • like you guys are so cutesy when you wear matching outfits and go for ice cream dates just because you’re feeling like it
  • this blonde gets so giddy when you give him hugs and cheek kisses
  • and he gets so flustered when he tries to kiss you though XD
  • the few times when you’re both completely at ease and comfortable with each other enough to get cuddly are when you’re both playing video games   typical


  • “so cute” 
  • that is literally 75% of what comes to his mind when he looks at you
  • you’re soooo small next to him 
  • and when you’re being extremely shy and just a blushing little person
  • it does funny things to his heart 
  • and especially when you’re surprised at something- he can’t help but start to chuckle at your quizzical expression every time 
  • he really loves to give your surprises kisses and randomly say “I love you”  ALL. THE. TIME. 
  • however, when you turn the tables on him and reciprocate his antics- he becomes so quiet and red  (blushy zen >w<)
  • zenny is just super cheesy, so he goes all out with the shabang
  • buying you flowers and other little gifts, romantic gestures, and just constantly proclaiming his love for you in the most movie-dramatic way
  • like even when you’re in the cereal isle while shopping 
  • everyone stares
  • but he’s such a gentleman to you
  • never does or says anything that would make you uncomfortable (except maybe announcing to the world how much he adores you in the middle of grocery shopping) 
  • he teases you about how tiny you are sometimes and just loves to hold your delicate hand in his on walks 
  • whenever practicing lines, he saves all the lovey-dovey parts for when you’re helping him just so he can make you blush and to give you kisses
  • never hesitates to call you beautiful (your reactions are his favorite) 


  • you are just so adorkable
  • yes, you’re her adorable dork 
  • first of all, she loves your size since she’s always been the shorter person 
  • like hugging you and getting to place her chin on top of your head~ she loves it 
  • her favorite petname for you: mini-muffin
  • shopping for you is also really fun- outfits in your size always look so cute 
  • “MC, how about this?” 
  • “Jaehee! That is so not casual. Did you get that from the kids’ section?? We’re not going to disneyland for crying out loud!”
  • she especially loves it when you wear big sweaters
  • because WARM HUGS 
  • sometimes when you’re embarassed and stutter, she tries not to giggle- you just look too cute
  • your laugh is her favorite sound- soo loud coming from such a tiny person
  • and the fact that you’re such a fangirl over many different shows, movies and books- means you get excited so easily 
  • she once bought matching t-shirts for one of zen’s musicals, which was an adaption of one of your favorite books, and your giddy squeal was quite something
  • baehee really loves it when you get talkative and excited over something you love, more so when it’s something you both enjoy- your affectionate brightness makes her day 


  • he finds you endearing 
  • you being smol and so bashful 
  • it makes this toll bean smile too much 
  • he loves how tiny you are 
  • so easy to fold you into his lap and wrap his arms around you
  • and you being so shy and a blushing mess when he’s being affectionate in public or private- makes him only want to protect you more 
  • holds your hand everywhere 
  • like your smallness just makes him want to hug you forever when you cuddle 
  • calls you his “little kitten” 
  • and when you’re trying to reach for things, he has no problem lifting your light figure up or just getting it himself 
  • he’s a giant next to you gdi
  • you remind him awfully like a doll 
  • particularly when you wear cutesy dresses and do your hair all nice for dinners
  • you’re so awkward sometimes and just so shy- it makes him chuckle in good humor
  • he of course always asks for your consent when touching you- he would never force you to do anything 
  • gentle kisses after being 100% sure you allow it
  • but when you surprise him by being bold
  • “Jumin you’re so cute!” and give him a deep kiss
  • he becomes the blushing mess so fast 
  • nothing makes him melt like the sight of you curled up with Elizabeth 3rd and playing together 
  • just soooo cute
  • your giggles are just also extremely adorable and contagious  (giggling jumin imagine >w<) 
  • sometimes, he just stares at you and realizes how happy you make him


  • he considers you a fun-size human being
  • “MC, I bet you can fit inside a honey buddha chip bag.” 
  • “How’s the view from below? Is the grass growing too fast for you?”
  • “Oh you can’t reach that? Here let me get it for you…” and instead of handing it over, he makes you jump and climb up to take it from his overstretched hand above you
  • *ensue wrestling and a game of chase*
  • you two are ultimate prankers thanks to your amazing ability to hide ANYWHERE
  • finding crazy places for you to jump scare the RFA is a game you two take very seriously 
  • “hey, MC, do you think you can hide in the air vents?”
  • he tries to convince you to pass off as a kid to get special discounts at restaurants and arcades because you’re short enough (he will legit dress up as a mom to pull it off)
  • also
  • 24/7 hugs 
  • because engulfing you in his ol’ big jacket is so warm??
  • he just loves how easy it is to pick you up and carry you around too
  • sometimes he jokingly calls you his “koala baby”
  • because sometimes you can be so clingy 
  • like during long hours of working, he just gathers you in his lap and types away with you all curled up against him  (*can somebody draw this for me please??)
  • and it helps that he can easily carry you around the house whenever- even when he’s going to the kitchen to grab some drinks from the fridge
  • your cute laugh is contagious, but also your blushing??
  • like you look too adorable when your face is red- so it does crazy things to his heart and his thoughts??? 
  • so yeah hair and face are the same shade in an instant!
  • he becomes such a tomato boy too whenever praised with a kiss
  • and he hides his laugh when he sees that focused face you make when you’re confused on something- where your eyebrows knit together and you pout your lips 
  • he purposely messes with you (when does he not?)- you’re just so gullible sometimes 
  • “Yes, MC, i’m color blind. My hair is green to me, while everyone says I’m a red-head. And so that’s why I don’t eat vegetables, since I can’t really tell what’s what.” 
  • but again, he becomes a stammering pepper-head boy the instant you decided to surprise him with a *ahem* naughty phrase 
  • what he loves to do the most is just classic cuddling on the couch while watching movies-
  • like just keeping you close and giving all his attention and focus to the most precious person in his life 


  • your small frame reminds him of lovely small flowers
  • in fact, one of his favorite names to call you is “little flower”
  • he can’t see how short you are, but he sure can feel the height different
  • sometimes he’ll accidently take the hand of a random kid at the park, thinking it was you (so many apologies to parents before they could call the police)
  • as implied, he just needs to hold your hand- and like jumin, everywhere but also ANYTIME 
  • whether you’re out for a walk, doing an errand, chilling on the couch, in bed, even when you’re cooking together or you’re on the phone
  • it’s just if you’re within reach- he’ll have your hand in his 
  • and sometimes, he’ll just pull you into his arms and hold you just to feel you close
  • you also fit perfectly in his arms??
  • soooo many cuddles
  • touching you is one of his only ways to assure himself of you being there
  • so yeah, constant hugs and again, hand-holding
  • he’s so tender and gentle with you, and anytime he compliments you-
  • you get so blushy and shy- and even though he can’t really see your reddening face he can tell from your actions
  • the way you shyly giggle or stutter a bit, pull a bit on his hand, and reach up to tuck your hair back 
  • honestly, he starts to blush himself  (this sweet teal boy ^u^✿)
  • being unable to see, his heigh isn’t much help when you’re having trouble reaching something
  • “V, uh no that’s not it. Careful…to the right a bit, it’s the thick- CAREFUL!”
  • you’re so smol that he kinda has to lean down to kiss you
  • but he has no problem dropping them on the top of your head
  • one of his favorite things about you is your voice
  • just so sweet and soft to his ears- your laughs, excited chatter and whenever you ask questions  
  • or when you’re being loud about something that’s frustrating- it helps that you can be loud at times so he can find you 
  • if you’re mad or having a bad day, he can tell right away by your tone
  • so he’ll just swoop in, tuck you under his arm and carry you to sit somewhere and talk it out 
  • when you two go out on your relaxing photography dates while walking through woods, 
  • you help him angle the camera and steady his hands
  • you’re like his human tripod
  • and when you lie down in the grass for a break, you leaning against him, he’ll just start braiding flowers into your hair 
  • loves, loves being able to hold you
  • and it kinda makes him sad that he can’t admire you with his eyes 
  • he starts wondering how lovely his little flower is if only…

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Steve being from Irish decent wud know those celtic vows and tony wud quite happily agree to them

Oh, Steve would definitely know those vows and I think he would insist that they use them. Of course, Tony is happy with them because they’re just so beautiful and meaningful, it’s wonderful. He has never had such vows in any weddings that he has ever attended and these ones are true, taking permanent place in his heart. 

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannot command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand.

These words are what speak to Tony because one thing that I think he fears is commitment and being bounded to someone. This isn’t a problem with Steve because he has known Steve for such a long time and the love that they have for each other is so strong. But these vows are amazing because it’s saying that they don’t own each other because they’re their own person but they will give each other what is theirs to give. 

And that settles Tony, in fact, it warms his heart so much. 

Steve knew these vows would be just right because it’s something precious due to his background but also because the words are just right. It’s perfect for the both of them and when they do get married, they are definitely a few (a lot) of people sniffling into their handkerchiefs. 

Rhodey wiping his eyes stubbornly while Pepper gives a watery smile, her handkerchief raised to her eyes. Most of the Avengers are definitely in tears, especially Bucky who turns away for a minute. 

Such beautiful vows, I just love them. 

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So I've only been in the marvel fandom for a while, and I see enough people say that that apparently a lot of people hate Tony Stark. I haven't seen a lot of that hate, but why? I think he's pretty great.

Well what you see on your dash depends on who you follow so if you don’t see any Tony hate you must follow quality people (I myself have ‘trimmed the fat’ so to say, so I mostly see people defending Tony against attacks).

Now to address your question: why do people hate Tony? (this is going to be a novel because I have a lot of Tony feels.)

I think the biggest issue is that Tony is a very complex and nuanced character and that many people likes simplistic things that they can fit into tidy little boxes. You’ve seen how tumblr turns against anyone who makes the slightest mistake; how ~problematic has become a synonym for ‘unredeemable pos’. Similarly, ‘good guys’ are deified to an absurd level. A character like Steve Rogers, for example, is very popular in part because he’s a very straightforward character who always does the right thing, always says the right thing, and always finds himself on the right side of history. He’s the proverbial cinnamon roll.

Tony is no such thing. He’s complicated and contradictory and fucks up a lot (but always cleans up his messes) and has a lot of emotional and mental health issues that he doesn’t often deal with in healthy ways. And with him what you see is not what you get. When it comes to Tony, you have to consider what Tony says VS what Tony really thinks; what Tony does in public for an audience VS what Tony does in private; what effect Tony’s actions have VS what Tony meant to accomplish (save lives, always).

A good illustration of this complexity is IM2. On the most superficial level, this movie is 2 hours of Tony behaving like a reckless douchebag, but in reality it’s Tony at his most vulnerable, facing his death and locked into a self-destructive downward spiral but still trying to do The Right Thing™ with the following:

  • trying to cushion the people he cares about from the blow of his impending demise (by pushing them away, because Tony has the emotional competency of a toddler)
  • securing his legacy by giving his two most precious—and dangerous—possessions to the only people he trusts not to use them for evil (Stark Industries to Pepper and the IM technology to Rhodey)
  • cleaning up after his emotionally abusive father even though it’s killing him faster (the Vanko mess).

That’s the kind of person Tony is. His goals are emphatically good, but his methods are… messy.

But beyond that there’s also a massive amount of hypocrisy and double standards going on in the fandom. Specifically, the fact that people constantly bring up Tony’s past as a war profiteer as a supposedly ‘legit’ reason to hate him even though it’s something that he has taken responsibility for in the first movie and has been making amends for ever since (up to and including sacrificing his life for 8 millions+ people).

I mean, Thor began as a racist bully but then got a cute (if rather flimsy) redemption arc and now everybody accepts that he’s a Good Guy™ (I like Thor btw, this isn’t a criticism of him). My point is that in 2015 you can discuss Thor without people barging into your inbox yelling ‘Hey! Remember when Thor was a genocidal asshole!!! How can you like him!!!!’, but for some reason people still expect Tony and his fans to apologise for stuff he hasn’t been doing since 20 mins into his first movie.

So yeah, in short Tony is a complicated character and people are intellectually lazy and Manichaean in their view of the world, hence the hate.

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Now that RTX is closer do you have any more tips for us?

Well, I would imagine that most people who are traveling from out of town are starting to plan their trips for realsies. Some of this planning will probably include packing and maybe buying any last-minute items you may need for your trip.

I would start making a list of what you need to pack. Especially if you’re not a big flyer or traveller, it’s so important to go over what you need to take, what doesn’t need to be taken (e.g., being wary of overpacking!). If you’re staying for 5 days and 4 nights, for example, you need 4 changes of clothes (4 pants, 4 bottoms, 4 pairs of underwear, 4 socks, and coordinating shoes). Then, you would want to think about any additional outfits you may want to bring– are you going to cosplay? How are you going to pack your cosplay? Do you want to pack a nice outfit or two for a night out with friends? Do you plan on going swimming (and thus need to pack a bathing suit + suntan lotion)? Are you going to work out or jog at all? Then bring an extra set of tennis shoes, socks, and a comfy workout outfit. 

Then you have a set of items you probably want to have on you at all times while you’re around RTX/Austin. Here are a few things off the top of my head:

  • sunscreen (especially a bug repellent if you’re near the lake!)
  • a backpack/comfy bag that’s not too bulky and can carry stuff easily
  • any type of passport holder to keep the most important thing on your person at all times, especially if you’re an international traveller (even if you’re not from out of the country, these things can hold a TON of stuff and come in handy!)
  • comfortable shoes that you can stand/walk in all day
  • sunglasses/hat/umbrella to shield thine precious skin from the sun
  • gum
  • a phone and charger!!!! (TRUST ME! The Austin Convention Center/Downtown Austin in general has TERRIBLE service!)
  • Pepper spray or some incapacitating item should you find yourself walking around alone at night

Don’t forget to pack all of your necessary hygiene items, too! Hotels will almost always have soap/lotion/basic hair care products, but it’s up to you to bring stuff like toothpaste, deodorant, (feminine care products), shaving items, face wash, and so  on.

(Sidenote; if you’re flying, be careful about what you put in your carryon bags–some pressurized items like aerosol cans can end up ruining your whole bag. Take a look at the TSA regulations for carryon items and other helpful information for security/air traveling.)

Then you have to think about leaving room for all the souvenirs you bring back. Are you planning on buying any perishable items (food)? Extra shirts or clothes from RTX? Novelty items from the exhibit hall that could be potentially breakable (mugs, figurines, etc)? If this is that case, then it’s important to leave some “wiggle room” in your suitcase(s) so that you can afford to use that extra space for the trip back. If you pack to the brim, then you may be caught with having to ship some of your things back home (which I’ve had to do, and believe me, it’s pretty nerve-wracking having to wait for a package you just kissed goodbye to).

Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s so important to carefully plan out your budget for each day. From food, to parking, to nightlife, to buying drinks, to tips for your waiters/servers, to souvenirs that you randomly run into at RTX and just HAVE TO HAVE!!!, all that money can add up pretty quickly. Give yourself a reasonable “per diem” amount, and have some “emergency” money set aside (say, you end up lost somewhere downtown after a long night, and unexpectedly have to take a cab back to your hotel).

So, tl;dr, it’s important to pack the essentials, leave out the unnecessary items, and prepare for your trip accordingly!

Any more specific questions about traveling and prepping for RTX? Feel free to ask!