pepper doodles

Tony gets a scooter

@reioka ​ because I couldn’t let go of the scooter idea.

Tony riding the scooter how I used to ride the scooter. And also that vague squiggle is Iron Man. Tony has an Iron Man scooter. 

Tony goes to his best friend. 

Steve says “Tony, no.” Well nobody asked you, Steve.

Rhodes says “Tony, Yes.”

Kool Kids Ride Skooters. (The proportions are fucked up but I literally don’t give a shit right now)



They got caught by Pepper. Steve you snitch Totally by accident. 

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FANART FRIDAY WOOOOO! Heres a cute lil Chili P and Sage! :D hmmmmm…. up next i think will either be Cardamom & Queen oooooorrrrr Proferror, Circuit, & Error. We’ll see how much extra time i have in the next week xD



Salt and Pepper Chibi

IronFam Scooters

For those who wanted Tony n his friends to all have their own scooters,

Now with 100% more ridiculousness. 

Tony, with his Iron Man scooter: 

I think he wanted to do the ‘leaning on one knee pose’ with his legs, but there was only one area he could ‘lean’ his leg on, and he couldn’t lean so much as precariously lay his ankle on it.

It’s not a very safe pose. 

Rhodey, with his own War Machine scooter:

You can’t see it, but he’s holding the scooter between his ankles and his thigh so it doesn’t fall over. 

(not sure if I got him looking right, or if I’m offending anyone but it was one of the lame poses I found on google so)

It is also not a safe pose. 

Pepper, with one special scooter Tony made because she doesn’t have her own merchandise, and another, cheaper scooter she bought in a store and painted her name on top of it so she can join the cheap merch quality Tony and Rhodey both has: 

Important PSA 1: do not lean on your scooter, it may fold.

Important PSA 2: do not balance your scooter on the front wheel. 

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“…Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve I don’t want to go I want to wooooooooooork—”

“Tony, playing catch with Dummy is not working and you know Pepper would really come and kick you with her high heels if you are late.”


Poor Tony, we all know Pepper is the real boss. Be quick and you still have time to get a goodbye kiss from your boyfriend before getting back to work. *pats*

Inspired by a voice dub by @pmseymourva

I’m sure this has been done a millions times before, but I wanted to do my own take on it.

Also, for some odd reason, I decided to risk it and ink/color this because I really liked how the sketch turned out. I’m about 93% proud of the result XD

mystery skulls gang: @mysterybensmysteryblog

Bonus Sketch Under Cut: 

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At last, here’s the finished product of the BANG BANG animation meme!

Original meme by @niramihasters | Help me get Camtasia