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Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 3,652

Warnings: None

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

“Mary!” Dean shouted “Breakfast’s ready, come on!” he said loud enough, hoping the little girl was going to hear him.

“Yes daddy!” she said in her childlike voice as she ran down the stairs. Her brown curls were bouncing as her green eyes sparkled with happiness the moment she spotted the food that lay on the table.

“Pie!” she exclaimed and the man chuckled at the girl.

“Yes princess!” he placed the last pancake on the place and put the frying pan away. He leaned down and picked her up, giving her a big kiss on the cheek as the little girl giggled at him.

“And it’s your favorite!” he said with a big grin and she squealed.

“Apple pie!”

“-Which you are not going to have for breakfast.” you said with a strict – but loving – mom look.

“What?” she pouted “Why?”

“Sweetheart.” you said softly, taking her from Dean’s arms “Pie is not right for breakfast and you know it. We’ve said you can have pie whenever you want to- as a treat. You will have to eat your meal first.” you said, tucking a few brown curls behind her ear.

“But daddy eats pie all the time- even for breakfast and you let him. Why can’t I?” the four-year-old gave you those puppy eyes that could actually do you anything they wanted.

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With No Particular Place To Go

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff oh and, did I mention fluff?

Summary: Dean Winchester loved a lot of things. But if he could choose his favorite it’d be the pointless car rides he’d  go with you.

Challenge/ Prompt: This was a challenge hosted by the amazing @butiaintgonnaloveem for Baby’s 50th Birthday :D My prompt was No Particular Place To Go by Chuck Berry 

A/N: I gotta admit, I really enjoyed writing this one -even though it took 5 friggin days- I really want to thank @imagining-supernatural for beta’ing this fic. She is amazing and had she not pointed out all that stuff this fic would probably be trash. Thank you so much <3

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a/n: Tried my hand on the fluffiest InuKag fic I could write lol 900 words. Modern Teenage AU.

Kagome was propped up against a tree, her nose in a history book and her right hand holding a green highlighter tightly, while the the other supported her head. She had chosen something bright for the start of summer, an orange dress with peppered white monarch butterflies, and a blue bow to keep her hair out of her face. Her feet were bare, tucked beneath her neatly; toes peeking out like pebbled diamonds, painted a pretty sapphire hue. Her lips were pink like she had been nibbling on a strawberry, and her eyes were covered by black-tinted sunglasses with tiny white dogs on the side.

And that was how Inuyasha found her. Seated on the earth like a chest at the end of a treasure map.

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His Heart - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

[A/N] My dimply googly bear deserves all the love.

What’s more annoying than a continuous door bell ring so early in the morning. It drawn you away from your laptop instantly.

But your hate dissipates as soon as you saw who it was. Purplish hair-do, and deep dimple, bringing his own laptop. “I found a few routes that you could take. It’s shorter in duration but you’ll have to walk two minutes across the street to a bus station. And when I googled it, it’s not a street, it’s a highway.”

He stepped into your apartment, “So I studied the other route and although it takes longer, you don’t have to jump three train line like the first route. This one will be a lot…” he pauses as you pulled his chin down for a chaste kiss, “…safe. And they put the price on the side.”

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anonymous asked:

Now I have the mental image of Lexa attempting to go down on Clarke while talking about the universe and "why /are/ we really here tho" and Clarkes just like "can you shut up for two minutes and finish what you're doing thanks"

Awww no it could be cute!

*trailing kisses down Clarke’s body* “Clarke?”
*peppering tiny butterfly kisses on her thighs*
“Do you ever stop to think about the vastness of the universe?”
“AH-uh…yes. Actually.”
“Planets…” *kiss* “solar systems” *kiss* “galaxies” *kiss* “local clusters…” *she dips in* “…super clusters…”

By this point Clarke is writhing in pleasure but still listening.

“And somehow, I was lucky enough to find you.”

H.G x Reader #15

Prompt: Finding out that Hermione is pregnant during the war.

“Hey, ‘Mione. Harry says you called for me?” You sat down in front of your fiancé and pressed a kiss on her forehead.

She nodded and smiled at the gesture before sitting on her knees. She took a deep breath and tucked her hair behind her ear habitually.

Hermione opened her mouth but closed it quickly and wrung her hands nervously.

You watched her for several seconds before picking up on her growing agitation.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” You asked, furrowing your brows in concern. Hermione rarely got anxious but when she did it made you really edgy.

“I-uh… I have something really important to tell you. I know it’s a bad time but… I think you have a right to know, just in case we don’t make it, you know… after the war-”

You placed a finger on her lips and shook your head amusingly. “Just get on with it, love.” You took her hand and intertwined your fingers with hers. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. There’s no better time like the present, right?”

Your girlfriend pursed her lips and exhaled. “Yeah.” She agreed. “No better time like the present.” She played with your fingers and looked at her thighs.

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” she began, “but, I guess I’ll just have to be straightforward.”

Hermione clenched her jaw and looked up at you, holding your gaze intensely.

You licked your lips as the churning in your stomach became violent. The serious tone in Hermione’s voice was making the blood in your veins turn cold with worry. Nevertheless, you waited patiently for what seemed like forever for Hermione to speak.

When she did however, you nearly fell face flat into the snow.

“I’m pregnant.”

The blood rushed out of your face and you turned deathly white.

Your hands slipped off your knees and you just barely managed to catch yourself before your face made contact with the icy pebbles on the ground.

“I beg your pardon?” You blinked and cocked your head to the side as if that would help you hear better.

“I’m pregnant, [Y/n].”

“What do you mean-”

“I mean I’m expecting… a human… I’m going to have a baby.” She explained slowly, as if she was speaking to a child.

You shook your head and stared at her with wide eyes. “Yes I know what being pregnant means. I mean how are you pregnant? Whose is it?”

Hermione stared at you like you had just said the stupidest thing she’d ever heard.

She gaped at you.

“Well… it’s yours, first of all. Second of all, I’m not entirely sure how it’s possible but, I’m as certain that this is your child as I am about being pregnant.”

All you could say was “How?” as your heart hammered in your chest.

“Mrs.Weasley helped me with the spell to confirm. I already knew there was no way someone else could be the parent besides you but she also helped me with that spell and… you are the mother.”

“We’re going to be parents?” You asked incredulously.

“I- yes. We are. Do you want to be a mum?” Hermione bit her lip, swallowing down the fear of you saying ’no’.

You nodded your head back and forth as a grin spread across your face. You laughed and ran a hand through your hair messily.

Holy shit.

“I, yes. Yes! Yes, I want this baby!” You grabbed Hermione’s hands and kissed her knuckles.

“It’s not the best time to bring an innocent child into this world,” you admitted. “but hopefully the war will be over by the time our child comes.” Hermione nodded as she listened to you.

“I promise, we’ll make it through the war and we’ll settle down and make the world a better place for our little nugget. I’m going to be here for the both of you.” You placed your hands against Hermione’s abdomen and she placed her on top of yours, beaming.

“We’ll be the best parents we can be, 'Mione.” You promised, the shit eating grin not leaving your face.

Hermione giggled at your enthusiasm and threw herself into your arms. She laughed as you peppered butterfly kisses over her face and whispered how much you loved her.

You pressed your forehead against Hermione’s and kissed her nose.

Hermione’s grin matched yours as she ran her hands through your hair.

“I love you, [Y/n].” Hermione mumbled against your lips.

You smirked. “I love you, Hermione.”

A/n: Dedicated to the @Anon that requested this on Tumblr💖

Stop; Don’t Stop (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary//Request: It’s your first time with Jaebum - but the pleasure proves too much for you. Jaebum stops but still feels incredibly sexually frustrated - you notice, so you help him out.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut and first time sex.

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✿ Everybody Wants A Taste ✿

↳ Simon x Reader ( x harry )
Requested | by an anon!
Warnings | smut, jealousy.

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some days shinji hates himself so much that he wants to tear his skin off with his own fingernails, but when he feels kaworu’s gentle hands pulling the claws away from his skin he melts into tears and silent sobs as kaworu hums his favorite melodies and peppers his skin with butterfly kisses.

If there’s a thing Katsuki Yuuri is really, intimately used to, that must be falling. He’s been doing just that all his life, has learned the pains and the joy of a well executed fall, has been drilled on which way to turn and how to get up. He’s prepared to rise again, every time, higher and higher, tumbling down a step just to climb two.

They say the higher you fly, the harder you fall. Failures are recognizable, merciless, because they’re messy and big, always more easily remembered than success.

By this line of reasoning, you’d think spectacular falls would also make a great noise. And sometimes, they do. But not here, not now: that’s the irony of the unforgiving ice. No matter how hard you fall, the sound of your skin scraping against the cold surface is ridiculously faint. A hollow thud, and that’s it.

No matter if you ruined your whole life or just gained a new painful bruise for your already complete collection, the noise will be the same, measly and inconspicuous. Because the real sound is the one you make, grunting or screaming or crying, and the ice doesn’t ever want to steal the spotlight.

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Void - Part 3

Characters: Johnny, y/n, the ‘friend’.
Word Count: 1, 396
Genre: Angst
Warning: Mature Content

A/N: Hey guys ^^ I hope you all are doing well. I don’t know what had gotten into me but I ended up writing a genre I never really had tried, and admin Jiah advised me to turn it into a part of ‘Void’, which I really don’t know what is becoming gradually. I hope you guys like this, constructive criticisms are, as always, welcome ^_^
This part has… mature contents *coughs* so please skip if you’re uncomfortable :)))

Oh, the parts in Italic font happened in the past!

Part 1 Part 2

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Serape Hug || McCree x Reader

Requested - Anon - “Fluffy McCree”

A/N - Maybe not too fluffy but hopefully enough. Also chubby!McCree cuz I’m a slut for that.


McCree groaned as he grew conscious from his slumber. He shuffled to his side draping his arm over his lover. He felt his love of his life roll over to face him.

Lips where briefly placed over him followed by a mumbled greeting. McCree’s eyes slowly opened only for his vision to be engulfed with your weary face lazily smiling at him.
“Mornin’ pudin’.” Jesse greeted groggily words slurred together.

You lifted yourself up with your legs dangling over the edge.
“Where are you goin’?” McCree lifted his upper half slightly blanket falling to his waist revealing his slightly chubby torso.
“Going to make breakfast.”
“Aren’t you going to stay with me?” Jesse moved to slowly wrap his arms around your waist and pepper the back of your neck with kisses. You moaned with a giggle trying to shove Jesse’s head away from your neck.

He then fell on his back taking you with him. You both laughed as he continued you pepper you with more butterfly kisses.

_ _ _

McCree watched you as you happily talked to Hanzo making all sorts of gestures and sound effects causing the archer to smirk with a light huff of a laugh.

The cowboys body began to burn as he watched the scene unfold. He tapped his foot and took a long drag of his cigar and tilted his hat over his eyes.

“Hey Jesse! You did great in that match today!” You cheered happily as you made you way over to him. He nodded signaling that he heard you. You lifted your eyes at this then smirk knowing what was up. You titled you head and body so you could get a proper look at your boyfriend’s face. “What’s wrong big baby boo?” His eyes quickly looked at you then to the side moving his head as well. You moved to where he was looking towards. “Are you jelly of Handsoap?” The cowboy tried his best to stifle a laugh so he puffed out some smoke and took another drag.

Sun suddenly piereced McCree’s eyes. He squinted his eyes not used to the amount of light. He then saw you with his hat on your head walking away with a feint skip in your step.

McCree shook his head and followed you with his large steps quickly catching up to you taking the hat back.
“You weren’t to bad yourself. Although you deserve player of the game more than that bloody archer.” He sneered at the thought of Hanzo getting player of the game because he was the one to save you and take the objective with you.

_ _ _

A cloud of breathe left your lips as you gazed up at the stars in amazement. They never failed to make you do so.

But you never failed to capture McCree’s eyes. When you decide to stargaze you’re the only one the cowboy can look at.

He saw you shiver slightly and draped his arm over your shoulders moving you closer to him. You snuggled against his arm trying to capture any warmth that he was emitting nuzzling your head.

An idea then popped in his head and smile. He quickly picked you up by the waist and placed you in his lap wrapping his serape around you. You popped your head out of the fabric to smile up at your boyfriend.
“Thanks babe.” You leaned back further snuggling into both Jesse and his serape, slowly closing your eyes falling asleep enjoying the warmth.


Just for fun, I wanted to draw some female Disney characters(from cartoon series) that were either the main characters of their own show(whether it’s named after them, or it focus’ around them), or shared the equal amount of screen time as the male main characters/had their own episode. 

Maggie Pesky - The Buzz On Maggie(Main Character)

Kim Possible (Main Character)

Star Butterfly - Star VS The Forces Of Evil(Main Character)

Penny Proud - The Proud Family(She’s part of the Proud family so that makes her a Main Character)

Pepper Ann (Main Character)

Lilo Pelekai - Lilo and Stitch(Main Character)

Brandy - Brandy and Mr. Whiskers(Main Character)

Riley Eugene Daring - The Replacements(Sister of the Main Character/Main Character)

Ariel - The Little Mermaid(Main Character)

Sabrina Spellman - Sabrina The Animated Series(Main Character)

Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls(Sister of Main Character/Main Character)

Candace Flynn - Phineas and Ferb(Sister of Main Characters)

Sashi Kobayashi - Penn Zero: Part Time Hero(Friend of Main Character)

Bea Goldfishberg - Fish Hooks(Friend of Main Characters/Main Character)

Sylvia - Wander Over Yonder(Friend of Main Character)

If I left out any other show that has a main Disney female character or a female character who shares the same equal amount of screen time as the male main character; feel free to share nicely.

Not Even Two out of Three

I got carried away as usual. It’s playing in the same sandbox as this, but it can be enjoyed on its own, I think. Smut. x.

It was the sangria that had possessed him to convince you that his eyes and his dimples were better than anyone else’s and that two out of three was more than good enough. It was the sangria that had possessed him to kiss, and bite, and pry his way in between your legs and to grind you both to orgasms that he still plays over in his head (he still hears you when he’s pulling on his dick and he can still imagine how tightly you must have clenched and what that would have felt like).

If it was sangria that got him that far, it was the mojitos that had compelled him to sidle up next to you and to put his hand on your thigh. He’s always handsy when he’s pissed – he always likes a good cuddle, whether it’s a lad or a girl – but the way his pinky is all but buried in the crease between your thigh and your pelvis is new. He leans on you a little more and he drags his nose along the edge of your jaw, and he enjoys the way you grip your glass just a little tighter.

You’re trying so very, very hard to ignore him. He doesn’t mean it; he’s just pissed.

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Harry Styles - 1144 words


“I love you.” Harry breathes against my hair as his arm tightens around my shoulder, my pointer finger slowly tracing circles and other shapes onto Harry’s tight abdomen.

“Likewise, as you already know.” I press my lips to his collar bone for a mere second but decide to linger anyway, enjoying the scent of his cologne mixing with the sweat that dampened his skin. A shiver runs down my spine and I push against Harry’s chest. “What’s wrong?”
I shake my head and press my lips to his, silencing the insecure side of his momentarily. “Cold. Going to put on a shirt for now.”

I crawl out of the disheveled bed, picking up my underwear at the end of the sheets who are now on the floor. I toss them on to the bed for Harry to cover his naked form. He never had any problems with his nudity but with the large, open window to our right I would appreciate if I wouldn’t see his dick in the tabloids in the morning.

“Where the hell did you toss my shirt?” I laugh as I stand in the middle of the hotel room, hands resting on my hips. Harry smirks from his position on the bed, one of his hands supporting his head as the other lays carelessly on his abdomen. “The only thing missing at this picture is a smoke.” I point towards my boyfriend, wiggling my wrist up and down before I drop to my knees to look underneath the bed for my missing clothing, only to come up empty handed.

“You know I don’t smoke, love.” Harry mumbles, stretching himself and showing more and more of that V-line I can’t help but drool over, eyes glued to his pelvis before we meet each other’s eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Like I mean those black and white pictures, damn.”
“Did I leave you that speechless?” Harry laughs and I kind of wish I could immediately locate one of his dirty socks and fling them towards his head.

I flip him the finger and a tiny squeal of joy passes my lips involuntarily when I spot his light blue button up within arms reach. I’m back up on my feet in a few as I push my arms through the designated holes, starting to button a few so at least my chest would be covered.
“Hm.” I let out, looking down and raising my arms to my side to give myself a once over.

“What’s wrong love?” Harry sits up a bit properly, smiling when he sees I’m sporting his shirt. “Oh I like.” He pats the spot next to his tall, lean frame and I laugh but shake my head.
“I spend so much time on the Internet and girls always write like his shirts came down to the middle of my thighs. Look at this,” I point to one of my favorite shirts of Harry, “it doesn’t even come close!” I laugh and raise my arms, exposing a little stripe of skin above my knickers.

“It’s still too long of you though.” Harry notes, his lip pulled between his teeth as he tries to pull me on to the bed. “My bum is just covered, babe.” I turn around and show him my barely covered bum.
“Come here, damn you.” His hands cup my hips and he roughly pulls me onto him, a loud squeal leaving my lips as I tumble over his body and onto the empty space besides him.

“Damn it Harry my poor heart.” I cup my chest for emphasis, Harry chuckling heartily before he  flips himself to hover over me. His tongue pokes out to slowly trace the pink, plump bottom lip of his. He catches our lips together and I breathe, letting my hands fall onto his neck, one already trailing up to slide through his chocolate brown hair.
“You do things to me.” Harry breathes against my lips and all I can reciprocate with is a low, almost inaudible moan, pressing my body into his to show him he did exactly the same to me.

“How long are you staying? I have some damage to make up for.” Harry laughs against my neck before his teeth gently nip at the skin. “Uh - th-Thursday. You’ll be leaving for LA then.” I let my eyes drift close, letting Harry explore my body in any way he pleased at this particular moment.

“It’s not enough.” He sighs, lifting his head so our eyes could meet one another. The first thing I ever noticed about Harry and also the thing that made me fall hopelessly in love with him were his forest green sparkling eyes. Whenever he’d be excited or thrilled by something you could see it in his eyes. Sadness, anxiousness and anger were things I learnt to read through his eyes over the last few months as well.

“Summer is coming along. You’ll be off of any duties then. Maybe we’ll even get to plan a small holiday.” I smile, threading my fingers through his disheveled locks. Harry smiles and let’s his eyes drift closed, dropping himself back next to me but enveloping my body with his larger one.

“I’m taking you to see Australia, you wanted that, right?” He peppers my face with butterfly kisses and I giggle loudly, hands roaming over his torso. “Always wanted to go there. What time is it?” Harry sighs and pulls away from me,  rolling on to his back, eyes cast towards the ceiling. His gaze flicks to his phone for just a split second. “Almost time.”

“Well then let’s go, don’t want you to be late H.” I breathe, patting his shoulder and flinging myself off of the bed. I scan through my feed for a second before I drop my phone onto the bed, glancing between the open bath room door and Harry’s slumping frame.
“We might have time for some water fun, if you hurry.” I grin and Harry’s head swiftly turns in my direction, his eyebrows raised as he waits for further explanation.

I motion with my head to the shower and drop his button up from my shoulders as I slowly thread over the luxurious carpet, casting a glance over my shoulder to my boyfriend. “Or are you going to let me shower all alone?” It doesn’t take long for Harry to comprehend now and he jumps out of bed, his large hands cupping and squeezing my bum as he walks behind me, annoying me all the way into the shower.

“I love you.” He breathes against my exposed neck and I fumble with the shower head and temperature, trying my best to keep my hands off of his smooth, silky skin. Until we were in the shower, that is. “Likewise you loon.” I grin, kissing his stubbled jaw and letting myself lean more into his warm, naked body. I wasn’t ready to leave him either.

Lots of love,
L xox

The Domestication of Chuuya - Saturday Mornings

A new plotless drabble mini series in which Chuuya figures out this whole domestic thing. because I can’t control my thirst

Pairing: Chuuya x Reader
Part [1/?]

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Nicotine Kisses

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can I request a super fluff punk!gee imagine?” 

Warning: None

Word Count: 789

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: You didn’t give me a plot so I hope this is okay, thanks for the request <3</b>

Gerard Way is leaning against your front door, cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth that tilts up in a smirk when he sees you. He has a new pin on his leather jacket, it looks like a cat but if it is it’s a crazed one. You smile as you walk up to him, bumping your boots against his and leaning up to peck his nose. He blushes and plucks the cigarette from his lips so he can attach his mouth to yours, kissing you and tasting like smoke and coffee.

“Don’t you ever go home?” You ask, smiling and taking his hand to pull him into your house.

“I thought I was.” He replies, kicking the door closed behind him.

“My parents will kill you if they find you in my room again.” You lead him into the kitchen, pulling out mugs and his favourite cocoa mix. For a badass punk Gee really loves warm, fluffy, happy things like cats and cocoa.

“We didn’t even do anything,” He grumbles, hopping up on the counter. You frown at the blood stains on his dark jeans; they weren’t there this morning at school.

“Everything okay?” You ask, mixing the cocoa powder into the steaming milk.

“Of course, I’m with you.” He grins toothily and you blush, bumping into his knee.


“Only for you.” He gently kicks you in the hip and you stick your tongue out at him. He puts out his cigarette on a dirty plate and blows smoke almost elegantly from his lips-you hate how hot you think that is.

“My room or the living room?” You ask and Gerard smirks at you. “My room it is, bring your cocoa.” You both walk carefully to your room, placing the steaming mugs on the end table and settling on the bed. You kick off your shoes and he follows suit, both your jackets following along.

“Wanna watch Disney Movies?” You ask and he chuckles, nodding. You grin and set up your laptop, turning on Brother Bear and leaning into your boyfriend.

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Morning Snack

It’s a combination of things that wake you: the sun streaming in through the light curtains, the too-hot temperature of the room, the (almost) full eight hours you got… and the feeling of his lips on your skin.

You can feel him kissing a trail from your stomach to your pelvis—and back—as he runs his hands up and down your thighs, pushing your silk nightgown up a little more each time. He trails his fingers over your hips as he kisses you a little lower, your breath hitching in your throat.

“Morning, jagi,” Jimin whispers agains you, sending goosebumps crawling along your skin. “Sleep well?”

“Y-yes,” you gasp as he presses a kiss to your heat. “You?”

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