How to Make Friends!

This is the film I made my final semester at California College of the Arts. Its the story of a lonely witch and her wish to make friends.

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Just a random thought:

Hiphop team is bae 😍

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Pepo team is wreckers 🔥

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Vocal team is soft 💕

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Triple standards here

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BTS as things my husband has said/done

Seokjin: *Looks at own picture* “OH GOD! Look at that jawline!”

Jungkook: *flosses teeth with two dental picks at the same time*

Taehyung: “what if like pepo(our dog) just turns around one day and says, ‘what are you doing man?’ In a deep voice?”

Yoongi: “who the hell wants kids when you can sleep?” Or “all I need in my life is me and my bed.”

Jimin: *baby voice* you and me are gonna do it right tonight!

Hoseok:*speaking to Pepo* “YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL!”

Namjoon: “Everything in this life has a solution except death.”