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ENFP x INFJ head cannons? I WANT TO SURPRISE PEPERONI GIRL WITH BAD DRAWINGS OF THEM (peperoni girl of you see this, keep scrolling you curious noodle) -plant boi

I AM SO HERE FOR THIS… pick and choose any of these ya like

INFJ casually mentions their favorite food. ENFP surprises them by bringing them far more than humanly possible to consume in one sitting….. unless ENFP dares them, of course

INFJ and ENFP have a grocery cart race down aisle 15. INFJ stops at the end of the aisle, afraid of getting caught. ENFP zooms on because listen a race is a race and they are not about to lose 

INFJ makes fun of ENFP for wearing a hat indoors. Next time INFJ sees them, ENFP is wearing approximately 17 hats. 

INFJ and ENFP have a bakeoff in the kitchen. ENFP gets distracted trash-talking INFJ and literally catches their cake on fire. 

INFJ wins the bakeoff. Their cake is perfect, and in beautiful pink cursive icing it reads: “Lmao you suck”

ENFP attempts to pay to have flowers delivered to INFJ’s house once a week. They accidentally sign INFJ up for daily flowers instead. INFJ’s house is filled with hundreds of flowers. They are everywhere. SOS

It snows, and before INFJ wakes up, ENFP builds an army of approximately 300 tiny snowmen in INFJ’s front yard

and last but not least…

INFJ is looking absolutely FAB walking around the mall. ENFP notices them, and is so distracted, they walk straight into a plant

If you end up drawing some…. we would love to see :)))))) Or just send us feedback on how peperoni girl likes these lovely pictures lmao this is an amazing idea I love you both 

- INTP mod