A little less conversation, more action Pt 2

adult themes guys

They all sat on the sofas to discuss dinner.

“so what’s everyone in the mood for? Italian, Chinese, sushi?” Magnus asked them, one hand on Alec’ thigh.

“Shadowhunter on the menu too Magnus?” Izzy hinted.

“More like dessert, Isabelle and only for me. If everyone is hungry I suggest something fast and easy” Magnus said. He was ignoring the shocked look Alec was giving him, on purpose.

“so it’s actually Izzy on the menu, then?” Jace laughed. Everyone but Maryse and Izzy found the humour in his statement.

“Oh very funny. I say we get Italian as long as there is pizza with peperoni and sausage” she said to Magnus.

“Maybe Magnus and Alec have had enough sausage for one night, ever think of that?” Jace replied.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing out of you lot tonight! Will you all behave please?” Maryse remarked, looking cross.

Alec was trying to look anywhere but at Magnus but he seemed to be hiding a smile behind the hand covering his mouth. He rose from the sofa in a fluid motion and went over to the dining table and after a sharp click of his fingers, the table was filled with various pizza boxes and bowls of pasta. They all grabbed a plate each and started helping themselves.

“Oh, garlic bread, I love it” Maryse grabbed two large pieces and after adding some pizza and pasta to her plate, went back to the sofa to eat. She bit into her first piece.

“Yummm, this is really good I have to say you do good garlic bread, Magnus.”

“ I thought it was Magnus’ buns you liked better, Mother” Izzy retorted. Everyone started laughing, Clary even choking on a mouthful of pasta. Maryse looked scandalised for a few minutes but then a small smile curved her lips.

“yes, well I think I walked into that one” she said, laughing. She looked towards her son and his boyfriend. Alec was clearly embarrassed but Magnus was trying not to laugh, for Alec’ sake.

“No mother you walked in on us” Alec replied.

“very good, my love, you’re learning” Magnus told him, giving his cheek a quick kiss. Alec blushed, but smiled back at him.

“I can only imagine what else you’re teaching him Magnus” Jace said around a mouthful of pizza.

“yes well that will definitely remain a secret Jace, but I can tell you he’s a very apt pupil”

“seriously? Magnus!” Alec said, staring at his boyfriend. What had gotten in to him tonight?

“ just warn me before you give him any final exams, will ya? If our parabatai bond keeps burning like it has been, I’ll be dead man”.

“maybe someone should teach Clary mouth to mouth resuscitation then, in case that happens?” Magnus suggested. Clary’s eyes went wide and Jace leaned over to give her a quick kiss.

“that’s not a bad idea, Magnus. I might include that with weapons training tomorrow”

“ weapons aren’t really my thing, I prefer not to handle anything that deadly” he said but then looked up to Alec “present company excluded, of course”.

“Oh I don’t know Mr Bane, the weapon you sent Alec the photo of today looked like it could do some damage” Izzy laughed.

Poor Alec looked like he was about to throw up and unfortunately, Jace wasn’t happy to let it stop there. Maryse made the mistake of joining in the conversation.

“what photo was that?”

“Let’s just say you might of seen the buns but we got to see the full foot long” Jace told her, smirking. Clary squealed at the thought of it and buried her head in the pillows on the sofa. Izzy was smiling at Magnus and slowly nodding her head. Maryse had gone three different shades of pink and red but Magnus was looking quite pleased with himself. Alec flew to his feet.

“I can’t believe you guys tonight, why in the name of the angel would you bring THAT up?” he grabbed the empty plates from around the room and stormed into the kitchen.

“Looked like it was up before we got to see it.” Jace said, soliciting further exasperated noises from Alec in the kitchen.

“what can I say, I have a gift but I think I’d better go and see if I can’t calm my poor boy down.” He rose from the sofa and headed to the kitchen.