pepero kid

Yesung/Sungmin - AU (x)

He would come every Thursday noon, blonde hair and round cheeks, foxy eyes and plump lips. He would greet his mother with a warm smile and would line up while checking his phone. He would stand in front of Jongwoon and would always order the same thing.
“Cheesecake, to take away." Jongwoon’s charming smile and clever words would die once the sweet guy stands before him, and with clumsy hands and nervous voice he would always ask the same question.
"Any coffee?" and the blonde would shake his head and smile. Jongwoon knew the answer before asking. He always knows, but he will always ask. Because maybe Jongwoon was waiting for that sign, that someday the sweet man will want some bitterness in his life. And maybe, just maybe, that day will Jongwoon confess his feelings.

Because Jongwoon was bitter like coffee. And Sungmin was sweet like cheesecake.