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On this day 7 years ago, Andrés Iniesta led 2008 European Champions to their first ever World Cup after scoring the game winning goal in the 116th minute, beating the Netherlands 1-0


This is the catchiest thing ever. I have no idea what they’re saying (except for Portugal), but I’ve been going around the house screaming this.

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Hi! I come from a Protestant family and I've been thinking lately about converting to Catholicism. I was wondering if maybe you could explain why you're a catholic and explain why most Catholics pray to saints? I completely understand if this question is too personal. Much love ❤

Religion was a huge part of my childhood and intertwined with my cultural upbringing- it makes me feel connected to my family, my ancestors and the universe. I loved being raised with stories of the saints and practicing rituals. My religious upbringing was a highly spiritual and mystic and filled with positivity and light- probably the reason I still consider myself a Catholic today is the positive cultural memories and deep connection I feel with religious iconography. 

Our Mother Mary and the Saints are intercessors- they protect us and help up with specific needs. My mother used to call them ‘your friends who speak on your behalf’- you create bonds with certain saints, and get to know them intimately. Mary is maybe the most important figure in all of Catholicism. She is a reincarnation of the ancient Earth mother that is found in almost every religion from the beginning of time. The spaniards could not kill the many indigenous peoples goddesses in Latin America, and so Mary’s role in Latin American Catholiscm is even doubly charged. That may sound heretical, but all religions, ancient and new, have a thread of truth in them and are recycle. I believe in the power of our energies and the interconnectedness of all people. Message me off anon anytime <3