On this day 7 years ago, Andrés Iniesta led 2008 European Champions to their first ever World Cup after scoring the game winning goal in the 116th minute, beating the Netherlands 1-0

“These were my happiest times at Liverpool: Pepe to Agger, Agger to me, me to Stevie and Stevie to Torres. Sometimes it would take less than 10 seconds. The spine in that team was the best I’ve played in. You also have Carra and Mascherano in the side – top-class players. There was skill, steel and speed; it was very competitive, very intense. Very, very determined and committed.”

Sergio is always joking around and that’s why he accepts it when others play jokes on him. The last one he played on me was telling me that he couldn’t make it to my birthday, that he wasn’t coming, and then he came to surprise me. As soon as you look away, he does something to you. He likes to give people nicknames. The last thing he did was change all the names on the lockers; you wouldn’t believe what a mess that was.
—  Pepe Reina (on Sergio Ramos)