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‘Tis the third set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos! As usual, the individual pics are filed here (link) for your reblogging convenience.

And in case anyone wondered, yes, I do custom jobs! (Commission info link here)

The Signs In Art Class

Aries: Keeps throwing away their drawing to start a new one, highkey frustrated

Taurus: Is super determined for the first five minutes and then talks to the person next to them for the rest of the class period

Gemini: Starts off really well until they somehow manage to spill an entire bottle of paint onto their lap

Cancer: *glaring at Scorpio’s drawing, horrified*

Leo: Only draws self portraits

Virgo: The most talented in the class, constantly correcting the teacher

Libra: *draws horrendous stick figure* art

Scorpio: Creates really cryptic and creepy drawings, scares the shit out of Cancer

Sagittarius: Incorporates Pepe into every single project

Capricorn: Asking the teacher questions constantly, makes sure their painting comes out perfectly

Aquarius: Draws horribly only to piss the teacher off

Pisces: The one person who likes to draw cute little woodland creatures and disney princesses

Septic Eye Sammy: September Part 1/12

So September has been long gone for about four days now, but i’ve been busy with college so i only just now had the time to finish this :P

But yay, new project! Basically, i still want to practice drawing, but i don’t have much time to do anything huge cos of school and all :(. So instead, i’m doing one little drawing of Sammy themed for each month! That way, i can keep practicing, while also keeping a bit of this community with me as i go thru my first year :).