pep band

Things one says in band which are not acceptable anywhere else

-Tongue (harder/better/faster/stronger/lighter/more/less/etc)

-Your fingering needs work

-Your tongue needs to be hard and pointed

-You’re sharp, pull out

-You’re flat, push in

-You need to lubricate your instrument

-Blow harder


-Okay don’t blow that hard

-Anything pertaining to the note “D”

the signs as things tuba players from my band have said or done
  • Aries:"If someone in front of you dies while we're marching, you march THROUGH the dead body. Band is more important than human life."
  • Taurus:*uses sousaphone as pillow*
  • Gemini:"Elbow sweat is the most attractive sweat."
  • Cancer:(singing to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) "I'm just a band kid, nobody loves me. SHE'S JUST A BAND KID, GIVE HER ALL YOUR SYMPATHY!"
  • Leo:*points to marching shoes* "These are my sexy shoes."
  • Virgo:(trying to give a pep talk) "I know we screw around a lot and marching band sucks, but this is important so do your best."
  • Libra:*holds Kermit the Frog hat to mouthpiece* "Kermit isn't very good at tuba... I can relate to Kermit."
  • Scorpio:"Instead of doing field moves, we should just chuck our sousaphones into the crowd and run off the field screaming."
  • Sagittarius:"I don't wanna put my jacket on. I wish we could march without anything on."
  • Capricorn:“Why are there so many bugs? Are you seeing this? There are so many! Why? YOU AREN’T NECESSARY TO THE ECOSYSTEM.”
  • Aquarius:*casually balances sousaphone on head*
  • Pisces:*twirls bass drum mallet like a baton*
ok so my dad (who knows nothing about music) offered to help me with my pep band music and

me: that’s really really high how would you suggest hitting that note?

dad: uh just blow really hard and… move your fingers? that’s a thing you do right? move your fingers?

me: that’s an octave jump and it’s kinda hard

dad: yeah good luck with that

me: that’s a weird rhythm

dad: that’s easy it just goes duhduhduh duh duh duhDUH… duh?

me: …

dad: yeah the squiggly notes always mess me up too