hi guys. did u know I run a YouTube?

I talk about politics, often gender politics especially, hoping to address lots of issues/current events and educate people

i also talk about sex education & try to be as open-minded, supportive, and motivational as possible

I also do weekly Q&A videos/weekly advice videos and weekly “just for fun” videos like other YouTubers do.

I’m on YouTube 6 days a week (4 videos on my channel and 2 on another collaborative network I’m in) and I work so so so hard on making good quality videos for my subscribers. The amount of response I get from you guys on how I’ve helped you or given you a new perspective on things makes my heart so happy. It would mean the absolutely world to me if you checked out my videos and subscribed if you like it because this really is my dream. 

Thank you :)

160307 Jungkook’s Tweet

홍대에 다녀왔는데 사람들이 엄청 많더라구요
멋있는 분들이 많았습니다
저 더 열심히 해야겠어요
여러분 잘 자고 내일 화이팅합시다
하트는 선물입니다 보고 싶네요 아미

I went to Hongdae and came back and there were so many people there
There were lots of cool people
I should work harder
Sleep well everyone and lets hwaiting tomorrow
The heart is a present. I miss you, ARMYs

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

Survey 97

Reblog | Bold what applies;

I’m loud
I’m obnoxious
I’m sarcastic
I’m cocky
I cry easily
I have a bad temper
For the most part, I don’t like people
I’m easy to get along with
I like to fight
I have more enemies than friends
I’ve smoked
I’ve smoked weed
I drink coffee
I clean my room daily

My Appearance
I’m shorter than 5’5
I wear makeup
I wear a piece of jewelry at all times
I wear contacts
I wear glasses
I’ve had braces
I have braces
I change my hair color often
I straighten my hair often
My ears are pierced

I’m in a relationship now
I’m single
I’m crushin’
I’ve missed an ex before
I’m always scared of being hurt
An ex has physically abused me at least once
I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did
I’ve been in love more than two times
I believe in love at first sight
I believe lust is more important than love

I have a best friend
I have at least ten friends
I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
I’ve beaten up a friend
I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend
I can trust at least five people with my life

I’ve been on a plane
I’ve been on a train
I’ve left the state/province
Someone close to me has died
I’ve taken a taxi
I’ve taken a city bus
I’ve taken a school service (like school bus)
I’ve gone bungee jumping
I’ve made a speech
I’ve been in some sort of club
I’ve won an award
I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight
I’ve been in a physical fight

I listen to country 
I listen to pop
I listen to techno
I listen to rock
I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it
I hate the radio
I download music
I buy CD’s

I spend at least six hours a day watching television
I watch soap operas daily
I’m in love with Days Of Our Lives
I’ve seen and like The OC
I’ve seen and like One Tree Hill
I’ve seen and like America’s Next Top Model
I’ve seen and like Popular
I’ve seen and like House
I’ve seen and like 24
I’ve seen and like CSI
I’ve seen and like Everwood

Family Life
I get along with both of my parents
My biological parents are still together
I have at least one brother
I have at least one sister
I have at least one step brother/sister
I’ve been kicked out of the house

I’ve cut my hair in the past year
I’ve dyed my hair in the past year
I’ve been blonde
I’ve had black
I’ve been red
I’ve been light brown
I’ve been medium brown
I’ve been brown
I’ve had streaks
I’ve had purple/pink
I’ve been blue/green
I’ve gotten my hair thinned
I use conditioner
I’ve used silk therapy
I’ve used hot oil treatments
I’ve curled my hair
I’ve straightened my hair
I’ve had\want dreadlocks

I think that shy guys are incredibly cute
A stranger has complimented me before
I always hold the door open if somebody behind me is going through the same door
The last shoes I wore were black
I own a pair of white flip flops
I have a personal xanga
I doodle on my notes during class sometimes
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
I actually study for tests
I cannot do a cartwheel
I can do a handstand underwater
I’m physically affectionate toward certain friends
I have not tried tomato soup with grilled cheese
I use AIM
I have the old version of AIM because I like it better than the new one
I’ve never had the chicken pox
I hate leaving voicemails
I like stuffed crust pizza
I was named after somebody or something 
I do not have a tattoo
There’s a piece of jewelry that I wear daily
I shower at night
I prefer the sunrise over the sunset
The walls in my room are a color other than white
I have a picture of myself kissing somebody
My guy friends like to carry me around
I’m constantly misplacing my chapstick
I wear gray eyeliner
I’m not afraid of snakes
I don’t get sick easily
I like green tea ice cream
My nails are naturally healthy and strong
I have a job
I have my own car
I still live with my parents
When I was little, I loved string cheese
I have to pee right now
When I’m trying not to cuss, I yell out gibberish
I want a pet chinchilla
I love it when my car has a full tank of gas
We don’t have a desktop computer at my house
My parents are from a country that isn’t the one we currently reside in
I dislike the wind
I’ve had 5+ piercings throughout my life
My name ends in a vowel
I sing and dance obnoxiously when I’m home alone
I like the way mango smells
I prefer silver over gold
I already have plans for my future wedding
My bathing suit is a two piece
I’ve taught somebody how to swim before
I know the first three ballet positions

The Other Shore | For nowwheresmynut. Happy birthday Julia~ _(:3 」∠)_

i see a lot of posts about bi people saying that it’ fine if you like guys more than girls and vise versa but i never see anything like that about pan people

s/o to all my pan people that like guys more

s/o to all my pan people that like guys less

s/o to all my pan people that like girls more

s/o to all my pan people that like girls less

s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people more

s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people less

s/o to all my pan people that think that they’re not valid because they like some genders more than others

s/o to all my pan people

y’all are all valid and wonderful

I now it’s probably to late for this to make much of an impact, but I’d like to explain what I meant.

I was referring to trans or nonbinary people like myself who are more comfortable dating someone else who is trans or nonbinary in the s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people more. I also did a s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people less purely because there are some people that are slightly less comfortable with being with someone that is trans or nonbinary. The only reason I included trans people in s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people more/s/o to all my pan people that like trans or nonbinary people less is because trans is also an umbrella term for anyone that does not identify with their assigned gender and i knew that if i didn’t include that i would get hate saying that i was being transphobic. I know that what you’re assigned gender at birth was has NOTHING to do with your gender, a trans woman is just as much a woman as a cis woman and a trans man is just as much a man as a cis man.

seriously just be nice to people
i dont care if you dont like what theyre wearing
or what their faces look like
or what their ambitions are
or who they love
or what they listen to
just be nice to people

i really want an Azula recovery story

i would settle for it being a side plot

i just need to see her making an effort to be good

like i realize that she really is not a good person, but she is smart

Ozai completely destroyed her, but i think that at least a small part of her knows that her mother and Zuko love her and actually want to help her

i need her to return to the palace, apologize in a really awkward, backhanded, sort of way and then try to integrate herself into the life there

her making really bad jokes in an attempt to be friendly

the gaang being unsure of how to react to said jokes

her learning that not everyone is conspiring against her

zuko awkwardly helping her and trying to act like a good big brother so they can have the sort of relationship that Katara and Sokka have

her learning to trust people

I just need Azula to be okay

I will not pretend

I will not pretend white people have not historically done despicable things to others based on race

I will not pretend that men have not historically used and abused women and depraved them of basic human rights

I will not pretend cis people generally understand the issues of the trans community

I will not pretend religion hasn’t lead to mass murder and genocide

I will not pretend that “fat” people have suffered a huge amount of harassment from “thin” people

I will not pretend that the mentally ill have not suffered greatly from being abused by those who have no mental illness 

I will not pretend that Capitalism causes there to be more poverty and increases the gap between the rich and the poor

I will not pretend that heterosexuals historically have not tortured the LGBT community


I will not pretend that every white person is racist

I will not pretend that every man is a sexist abuser and/or rapist

I will not pretend that a person hates trans people just because they’re cis

I will not pretend that religion has not helped people through hard times and inspired breathtaking artwork

I will not pretend that thinner body types are not also shamed and stereotyped in harmful ways, nor will I pretend that a person hates fat people because they’re thin

I will not pretend that a person lacking mental illness automatically hates and abuses the mentally ill, nor will I pretend mental illness is an admissible excuse for hurting someone else

I will not pretend Communism is the solution to Capitalism

I will not pretend a heterosexual cannot understand and help the LGBT community

 I will not pretend that hating someone and calling them a terrible person because of how they were born

I will not pretend people do not have feelings just because their race, gender, or sexuality differs from my own

I will not pretend the way someone is born has any impact on their


random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know

yanno… i started wondering how often finn has actually been touched in a kind or friendly way in his life before this moment

and i made myself really sad because… probably not often if at all

and he seems so the type naturally inclined to touch people

i just broke my own heart damn

The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people
is that they trigger confusion in us
that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with.
To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves,
we feel confident and fearless about looking into someone else’s eyes.
- Pema Chodron


i feel best when i am
driving eighty
headed downstate to
your house david
we’ll wake up late
we’ll listen to tapes
maybe grab some bagels
go to a show and afterwards
record some demos
whenever i feel
kind of tired
all i have to do
is call elaiza
just hearing her voice
makes me feel better
i just wish we could
always be together
but we can’t
that’s why i need
these weekends away
to see the people
i should see every day
i kind of hate the town
where i live
but as soon as i leave
i start to miss it
that’s why you gotta
come and visit
next time
you need a weekend away
you got a spot
where you can stay

I Went To The Store One Day
  • I Went To The Store One Day
  • Father John Misty
  • I Love You, Honeybear

we met in a parking lot
i was buying coffee and cigarettes, firewood and bad wine long since gone
but i’m still drunk and hot, wide awake, breathing hard
now in just one year’s time
i’ve become jealous, rail-thin, prone to paranoia when i’m stoned
if this isn’t true love someone ought to put me in a home
say, do you want to get married
and put an end to our endless regressive tendency to scorn
provincial concepts like your dowry and your daddy’s farm?

for love to find us of all people
i never thought it’d be so simple

let’s buy a plantation house and let the yard grow wild
until we don’t need the signs that say: “keep out”
i’ve got some money left and it’s cheaper in the south
i need someone i can trust to protect me from our seven daughters
when my body says: “enough!”
don’t let me die in a hospital, i’ll save the big one for the last time we make love
insert here a sentiment re: our golden years
all because i went to the store one day
“seen you around, what’s your name?”

  • White
  • Odd Future
  • The OF Tape, Vol. 2

“White"—Odd Future (Performed by Frank Ocean)

Could this be Earth? Could this be light?
Does this mean everything, is going to be alright?
When I look out my window there’s trees talking like people
I’ve dreamt of storms, I’ve dreamt of sound
I’ve dreamt of gravity, keeping us around
I’ve slept in the darkness, it was lonely, and there was silence
What is this love? I don’t feel the same
Don’t believe what this is, could be given a name
I woke, you were there, tracing planets on my forehead
But I forget 23 like I forget 17
And I forget my first love, like you forget a daydream
And what if all my wild friends, and the times I’ve had with them
Will all fade to grey soon, on the TV station