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You don’t need to ask us twice. #PeoplesChoiceAward #Shameless @emmyrossum for the win!

People's Choice Awards is Rigged

So I went to vote for the People’s Choice Awards tonight as I went through the categories I noticed some very odd. Benedict Cumberbatch is not in any of the categories. I understand why Sherlock is not in the TV categories because it didn’t have a season this year, BUT what about Parade’s End or how about a nomination for his amazing acting in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I mean he was excellent and he is just being passed over for the same actors I see on there every year. I feel the People’s Choice Award is rigged to favor certain movies or Actors and I just want to say not cool People’s Choice. So I am writing his name in the other slot of favorite Actor and hope some others from the CumberCollective do the same. Get him some recognition where it is do. I am done with my rant but really come on, so lame.