Doesn’a it bother you?

That these 2 wonderful actors who by all accounts are also delightful human beings who have crazy chemistry and have brought Jamie and Claire to life in such a wonderful way are at the center of the Outlander fandom’s biggest controversy. How could these two possibly be responsible for bringing this fandom to its’ knees in a negative way? Shouldn’t the biggest rift in this fandom be whether or not there is too much Frank in the series? Or maybe whether or not Ron D. Moore and company really understand the essence of the Jamie and Claire relationship?

Instead much of this fandom seems to prefer to debate whether or not Sam and Cait are romantically involved. Shipping has been going on for years and years and spans generations at this point. Nothing that is unique to Outlander; however it is such a hot button topic in this fandom and I cannot wrap my head around why that is? Who is it hurting if people think these two are together or should be together? Why does it prompt such vitriol?

From all my time spent in the Outlander fandom I have never once seen what I would consider a valid argument as to why the behavior of those that ship is damaging and why they are deserving of any of the negativity that is hurled at them. I often see the argument that if it doesn’t work out it will ruin the show. I hate this argument because it is selfish. If other people are allowed to fall in love in the workplace, then why can’t actors? Someone’s long term happiness in their life is always more important than your personal enjoyment of a tv show. Also it means you inherently have a low opinion of them since you do not trust them to conduct themselves professionally in case it doesn’t work out. Next is the invasion of privacy issue. This also does not work for me because what people use to base the existence of something more than friendship between these two can be found all over their (Sam and Cait’s) social media accounts. If they are putting this behavior out there for people to view (the back and forth tweets, the favoriting of tweets about them being together, red carpet photos, etc then it’s not really an invasion of privacy at that point if people want to discuss it, make assumptions and draw conclusions. I have sometimes also seen the notion that it is disrespectful to ship them because they surely have other’s in their lives. Speaking of invasions of privacy…Neither Cait nor Sam has ever indicated or put anything out there to suggest they are involved with others. So if you are using this as the basis for why shipping is a harmful hobby then please see: privacy; invasion of. If Sam and Cait themselves are ok with people shipping them and can play around with it whether it’s actually real or simply perceived then you should be ok with it too. No one is saying you have to enjoy it but you don’t have a right to assert that other people are wrong to enjoy it; especially when Sam and Cait have not said one word about this behavior making them uncomfortable.

This issue should in no way be taking over the fandom or detracting from our enjoyment of Sam, Cait or all things Outlander. If we must really get worked up and rage at each other can’t it be over something like: Frank? Leoghaire? The Search?  Whether To Ransom a Man’s Soul spent too much time rehashing the torture of Wentworth Prison? Or whether BJR is a complex character that works as an antagonist or if he’s simply a cartoony villain?

Here’s hoping we can all agree and focus our efforts on voting for the People’s Choice Awards. Droughtlander II is looonnnng and we still have quite a ways to go. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a little Outlander in our lives in January?! So instead of wasting time trolling someone who doesn’t feel the same way you do about the existence of a romantic relationship between Sam and Cait I’d like to offer this as an alternative: VOTE VOTE VOTE!