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there was a terrorist attack targeting parliament in London today

the whole of the UK is shook up and scared and it’s just a really horrible day

sadly i haven’t seen any posts about it on tumblr but i know that’s usually the case when something happens outside the US

Probably an unpopular opinion but I honestly just could not care less about the whole ~circumcision debate~ like

There are such bigger issues to deal with, like female genital mutilation or any of the /countless/ issues that demand our immediate attention that I just personally do not care that some people “aren’t gonna feel as much as they should be feeling” due to circumcision, like people are dying Johnny.

When I see people /invested/ in the whole thing I just cringe a little

anonymous asked:

maybe because you drop plots or never reply to threads without reminding people? you dropped like 3 threads with me lol

kinda wanna tell u to mind ur own goddamn business but i guess i’ll try to answer this properly (:

 okay, first of all, good job for sending me a passive aggressive ask about a post i made ELEVEN HOURS AGO when i was in a very low mood and wasn’t actually about threads/replies at all. in any way. literally wasn’t talking about my thread count!! amazing, right? don’t you worry, i have plenty of threads to work through and i haven’t been low on threads for about two years. but, really, well done for making a post i made when i was feeling shitty about you and your feelings. you do realise how entitled this sounds, don’t you? 

second of all, i can promise you, whoever you are, more of my threads get dropped on the other end than on my end and by an overwhelming amount. i’ve had a lot of threads that have gone nowhere or were dropped early. i’ve written with plenty of people who have dropped multiple threads with me. guess what? i don’t give a shit. it didn’t kill me. i don’t harbour any ill will against those writers. nobody is obliged to give you a reply if they don’t think they can. this is a hobby, not a job. 

anyway, i only drop threads when i get overwhelmed because i have more on my plate than i can handle, i genuinely can’t come up with a decent reply or the blog isn’t active anymore. i don’t often drop threads because i hate doing it. partly because i feel bad but largely because i’m afraid of getting this exact response from people. i genuinely avoid dropping threads as much as i can, always make a post about when i do drop threads and rarely drop more than about two or three at a time. no, i don’t message people personally but that’s because of The Anxiety (and i’ve said this multiple times). even without that, though, sometimes i’m just?? slow with replies?? because i’m human?? wild, i know. also, please, tell me what plots i’ve dropped because, as far as i know, i’ve hardly plotted with anyone outside of my small friend group for a long time.

in conclusion, what the fuck? you’ve clearly got some issue with me so why are you following me? this ask in itself implies you don’t think i’m deserving of attention from people around me so, seriously, why? do you really feel that slated by a few dropped posts (that i’m not even sure i definitely dropped since i have no clue who you are nor any evidence to support that you might have just missed a notif or something)? please go focus your energy on something else. (and i genuinely can’t believe i’m saying this shit again after i already wrote THIS POST back in december)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
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The Legend of Zelda: If You Have A Name, Watch Out

sometimes things get so heavy and you feel like crumbling under the weight of it all, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

sometimes you have to pick yourself back up piece by piece, and it’s okay to have to start again. 

things will flow smoother, one day, i promise. it won’t always feel like this.

You know what deserves to be romanticized?

Accents, but from African countries, Asian countries, Latin American countries, etc.

We get so caught up romanticizing European accidents, but when my Filipino friends giggle and their accents come out? Or when my first generation African American friends get really passionate about something and they talk really fast and their accents seep through? Or when my Puerto Rican friends get comfortable around people and they aren’t being made fun of for rolling their R’s and do it freely and they can be themselves???

Nothing warms my heart more.