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lol @ ppl claiming karlie isnt a best friend like bitch u for real??? first they had like a friendship love affair in 2014 then they walked vs show together then they had vogue !!! taylor had karlie kam in her tour video???

And for people who think that things have changed since then, may I remind you:

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I love tour fics! Especially your RPF so i wanted to ask, are you going to write more Seb/Anthony/Chris because that shit was my jam! I loved your characterisation and Seb is the my favourite bratty sub to ever sub

yes. for sure yes. F O R  S U R E yes.

Chris smirks. It’s a face that says he means trouble; Mackie’s seen it before, when he’s tried to convince them all to go out and party with him. Those nights always end messy as shit, and it’s entirely down to Chris Fucking Evans getting them a shitload deeper into mischief than they should be. Mackie knows how he is.

“Well,” Chris says, “the thing is, right. Sebastian likes to be told what to do.”

“You know, that’s something I’d never have picked in my life,” Mackie says, raising his eyebrows, “he always seemed so self-contained and all,” and Seb actually blushes. “Baby, you like to be good, huh?”

“He likes to be a brat,” Chris shrugs, “but he’ll behave. Eventually. You in, man?”

“Yeah,” Mackie says, thoughtful. “What the hell. Why not.”

Jess - Logan

As a Jess fan I do feel slightly vindicated. He really did get his shit together. I love that he’s doing a book press tour thing because anti-Jess people always mock Jess fans that him writing that first novel wasn’t a big deal in terms of character growth. Enjoy your sleasy, swarmy, cheating revival!Logan peeps. At least Jess isn’t a scumbag.

Rory doesn’t deserve to have Jess still loving her.

why is the one direction twitter pretending they’re rehearsing by posting old pictures, that’s not ridiculous and unprofessional at all 


Developers’ oversight or… New-U body double?

[TL;DR] Can we all (ARMYs) just take a chill pill and wait for BIGHIT to make an official announcement for more WINGS TOUR dates when they are ready? Please understand that there are processes and procedures to follow through not only internally but also externally (which in this case involves countries outside of Korea).

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People are going to say things about us that aren’t true. And I just want you in those moments to look in a mirror and understand what you ARE and what you ARE NOT. You are NOT somebody else’s opinion of you. You are NOT damaged goods just because you’ve made a few mistakes in your life. You are NOT going nowhere just because you haven’t arrived at your final destination yet. What you ARE is wiser and stronger BECAUSE you’ve made mistakes. What you ARE is BRAVE for living your life in a daring way that would cause you to take the risk it takes to make mistakes. What you ARE is someone whose walked through a bunch of rain storms but continues to put one foot in front of the other. And I think, in 25 years I’m still learning every single day, but one thing that I do know is that pain actually does make your stronger… And that walking through rain storms does NOT make you damaged, if you keep going it actually makes you clean.
—  Taylor Swift (1989 World Tour – Clean Speech) taylorswift