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How to make friends in college?

Hi there! :) Hope this helps, and if anyone wants to contribute, please do so by reblogging and adding your $0.02! :)

Here’s the main resource:

Now, the easy points:

Put yourself in places where potential friends are, and then meet and talk to them

Where to meet new people

  • Parties (house parties are the best)
  • Orientation week events (some colleges are better at this actually)
  • Clubs (of the dancing kind)
  • School organizations (easiest place) - just be careful to join the ones you’re actually invested in. If you can find one that will be helpful for your major or to boost a skill, join!
  • Classrooms - this is tricky, because most of the time it doesn’t work, but if you’re forced to do groupwork, it can be good….
  • Facebook groups - some schools have unofficial FB groups you can join and meet new people BEFORE starting school, so try that. You can find groups with class of 2016/2017/2018, etc.

Take the initiative to hang out with the people you seem to click with

What to do with a new person

This is tricky, especially if you are making friends with people of other genders, because sometimes people misinterpret your intentions. But try to organize group outings to do fun stuff:

  • Party - go to more parties (you don’t have to drink, just be around other people and tell funny stories)
  • Study group - more effective if you go for tutoring and want to boost your grades as well as make new friends 
  • Gym - go to the gym together and maybe do a few sports activities if they’re into it. 
  • Events - football games are awesome, and if you can offer to host a tailgate, try hosting one and making it sort of potluck so everyone contributes equally
  • Watch parties - if you have a shared interest in some movies, maybe host a movie/tv show marathon and make it a potluck! 
  • Potluck - if you have international friends or just want lots of food, what better way to do it than to host or suggest a potluck!

Keep making plans and hanging out with these people you get along with and see where the budding friendship goes. Things can’t work out with everyone, but some people will end up becoming friends of yours.

  • Use social media for the right people - Some people like watching vines, and some are probably more camera-happy, so I would get certain social media details from certain people only. Plus, you can go up to them and be like, hey, did you see this/that??
  • Offer to do different things once in a while, and see who comes along. I usually try planning lunches and seeing who comes and then hang out and talk to them. 
  • It’s okay to have separate circles. You don’t have to make sure EVERYONE gets along if you have varied interests, and that’s okay. :) So keep that in mind. 
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