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promot :everyone playing a game of how many times they can catch evak kissing🙊

:) :) :) i hope you don’t mid this little thing from the airport???


Fredag 17:40 – 

Magnus: Alright final count for the week?

Mahdi: 5

Jonas: 7

Magnus: wtf I only have 4?!?! Why does it never happen in front of me??

Jonas: … Magnus I think you need to have a look inside yourself why this is so important to you

Magnus: you suck

Jonas: not meee:P 

But yeah I had the 3 in the lunch room, one after meeting up with them after bio, the one after school before we all split up, 

and two last night when I did hw at Isak’s apartment.

Mahdi: yeah i saw one as they came out of the boy’s bathroom. Classssyy :D hahaha so proud

Isak: what are you guys talking about?

Magnus: oh fuck

Mahdi: heyyy buddyy 

I thought you were muting us to spend the weekend at Even’s place?

Isak: yeah… but I thought I’d say hi while we’re on the bus


what were we supposed to keep count of?

Jonas: lol

Magnus: how many time you and even kiss

Isak: oh for fuck’s sake

Jonas: I won by the way. #bestfriendperks

Magnus: Isak, buddy, don’t you trust me? and feel comfotable around me?

Isak: Magnus stop im begging

Magnus: I don’t understand why you guys don’t feel comfortable macking around me

Isak: I am muting. right now. don’t speak to me until the weekend is up

I can’t even with you people

Ps even says you’re all nerds

Magnus: and then did he kiss you?



Fiona Apple - Not About Love