My favourite people of 2012

The Beckham family

I have always loved the Beckhams. My first ever obsession was the Spice Girls and my second was David Beckham, a cute couple, a hot man and the most adorable children. What more could you want. The ever stylish, often co-ordinated and always adorable Beckhams will always be my favourite celebrity family. 

My favourite people of 2012

Jason Orange

Jason gets his own spot for a very good reason. I met him this year and it was the highlight of my year, the highlight of my life really. 

I’ve told the story a million times, my poor mum has had to listen to me every single day and anyone who has met me and talked to me for more than 2 minutes will have found out that I met Jason from Take That. 

Friday March 2nd 2012, about half 12 in the afternoon. Me and my friend had arrived in London a few hours before and we were on Kensington High Street, just about to leave when she spotted a man on a bench who she thought was Jason. My reponse being ‘Ah it’d be funny if it was Jason because he’s sat on a bench’ and then I realised it was indeed him, screamed(which he no doubt heard) and ran behind the nearest wall. My friend said my face when I realised it was him was the funniest thing ever. 

I’d give him due credit for not running away in the few minutes it took me to stop shaking and pluck up the courage to go talk to him, I figured he thought I might race after him and it might be safer to stay where he was. It was funny cos I had suddenly decided I was ready to go say hello but my friend thought I wasn’t and she was dragging me away while I was trying to drag her to him, again due credit for staying there at all. 

The thing about meeting Jason was that it was so perfect, I had him all to myself, I got to have a picture with him, have a proper chat and he gave me a hug and a kiss, what made it even nicer what that he was him who kissed me, he put his hand out for me to shake when I decided I better leave him and then he grabbed me into a hug and kissed me on the cheek, oh god it was lush. 

And he was SO nice, after I told him I loved him and that I’d seen Take That live 14 times, he said to me ‘Come sit next to me’ and after I for some reason touched his leg and said ‘You’re my favourite you know’ he gave the biggest smile and went ‘Am I?’. It will never fail to amaze me how Jason doesn’t realise how loved he is. 

Other highlights include me not wanting to bother him and saying ‘Oh I hope I’m not annoying you’ to which he replied ‘Nah you’re cool’ and me practically screaming in his face ‘Oh my god Jason Orange just called me cool’ to which he just laughed at.

Him asking if we were just over for the weekend and what we were doing and me saying not much cos we didn’t have much money and him replying ‘Oh is that my fault because of all the concerts?’ and at the end saying ‘Enjoy your shopping non-shopping weekend cos I took all your money girls’. 

Me asking when Take That were going back in the studio and saying Gary was off working and he was sitting on benches to which he replied ‘Gary’s like working doesn’t he? I like sitting on benches’ and we agreed that Gary worked too much. But Jason Orange said to me that he liked sitting on benches while he was sat on a bench!!!!! Like as if that happened. 

We also agreed that The Circus was the best tour and he thought they peaked with The Circus and tried too hard with Progress. Jason Orange thinking and being analytical about Take That tours in a conversation with me. The entire 5 minutes was just utter perfection.

I’ll never get over that it happened, that I just ran into a Take That member in the middle of London on a bench, the chances of that happening are just insane and I’ll be forever thankful to Jason for being the nicest person ever to me. 


My favourite people of 2012

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald

Even if Take That have decided to take the longest break just about ever, they’ve still been around, eating at Nandos, baking cupcakes and getting OBEs. Oh and performing at the Olympics. 

Our only glimpses of Mark Owen seem to be of him at various charity events, painting ravens, wearing rugby socks, playing football and generally being the most adorable. Although Fox? Really Mark?  I got to see Mark at Soccer Aid, well I say see, I was pretty far away and he’s pretty titchy but still it was great!

Howard now being on Twitter has provided us with utter filtiness along with some useful insights, like the fact that Take That were having a BBM and only eat Nando’s extra hot sauce if you’re brave. Are Nando’s paying him or something? I got to see Howard in June in Manchester when he was DJing, great night that with plenty of stories I’ll be telling for a while. 

Gary, oh Gary, if I could hug Gary forever I would. Professionaly Gary has had the most incredible year, Jubilee concert, travelling around the world, getting an OBE, doing all the X Factor malarkly and touring. He is so brave and an inspiration. I didn’t get to see Mr Barlow this year but I did get a tweet off him and I’m seeing in January so yay!