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assuming they all live in close quarters (maybe they all got shoved into one house? idk), how chaotic are their morning routines?

I actually head canon that they all live together once they join the ARMS league!

  • Because of this their morning routines can be a disaster. 
  • Min Min, Ninjara, and Twintelle are generally able to avoid this since they typically wake up earlier than the rest of the group, so they have more time to get ready for the day and less people to get in the way of it
  • Everyone else is extremely hectic
  • Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Mechanica, and Kid Cobra typically wake up around the same time every morning. 
  • It’s extremely problematic when Ribbon Girl needs to shower, but Spring Man is brushing his teeth
  • Mechanica is trying to make some toast for breakfast but Helix and Barq are playing around in the kitchen and making a mess
  • Barq has probably “fetched” the belongings of others since they tend to have their stuff scattered in their rooms and all over the house when everyone is trying to do their morning routine
  • Then, of course, the fighters are in more of a frenzy than before because they can’t find their belongings
  • Helix, Byte, and Barq are always making a mess somewhere in the house, even if it isn’t always intentional
  • Kid Cobra tries to get out the house to go snakeboarding every morning but literally always ends up leaving later than he wanted to because he lives with so many other people
  • Min Min, Ninjara, and Twintelle just kinda watch all this unfold from a distance
Melody || Suga


Summary:  College!AU. You weren’t normally one to work well with others, but you had to put your pride aside when you were paired up for an assignment with the producing prodigy Min Yoongi.

Word Count: 980 shortest Yoongi scenario yet loooolwut

A/N: Thank you very much for the request Anon and sorry it took so long for me to get this to you! I hope you enjoyed it! Also; requests will be opening soon so keep an eye out.

“Alright, I’ve gotta head off - need to start working on the project.” You sighed as you stood up from the booth of the café, rolling your shoulders back as you did.

“Aw, c’mon [Y/N] can’t you stay another hour?” One of your friends inquired as she followed your movements. You shrugged in response.

“I’d like to but I can’t, I promised Yoongi I’d be at the studios on campus just after lunch.” You explained with an almost regretful smile.

“Oh wow, you’ve talked properly once and you’re on a first name basis with him.” Another friend laughed sarcastically, making you arch your eyebrow at them.

“I mean, yes, what else would I call him? Lord Min? The Great Producer Min Yoongi? Our Lord and Saviour, Master Min?” You countered in the most sarcastic tone you could muster.

“I would call him da-”

Before your first friend could finish her sentence, threw a napkin into her face, making everyone laugh at your immediate, unamused reaction to her comment.

“On that note, I’ll be leaving - try not to be too creepy while I’m gone.” You stated and with one final wave you left the café, listening to the conversation perk back up as you retreated.

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