2nd Anniversary Ending Speech

Jackson: There’s really no way to express how it feels when you all sing along like ‘PLAYGROUND! PLAYGROUND’

Yugyeom: For like our team and for liking me, without (ahgase) there wouldn’t be us (on stage).

Jackson: I’m so thankful that you love and support us 7 people. Rather than liking us for our music, liking us as humans makes me proud. I’m not sure about the word 'fan’….i think we’re all just friends and support each other. good friends…family…our people

Mark: I promise you, fans, that I’ll be careful (when doing martial tricking)

Jackson: Jackson, IGOT7, GOT7, JYP = family

Junior: I will make a promise that can be kept. got7 will last a long time.

JB leaving a message to all members:

Our youngjae…Youngjae that slept under one blanket with me…like a brother…what is there to say? I love you

JB said to Mark: Mark that I love

JB to Jackson: You’ve worked so hard with a tough schedule. As a leader, I feel sorry. it’s for the team. I love you, Jackson ah

Jackson’s HK friends, JB’s parents, Junior’s mother and Bambam’s family came.