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Jungkook with pisces really?? ooft pls explain

virgo and pisces are sister signs (aka opposite) so there’s usually good chemistry between them. they make up for what the other lacks. virgo grounds their dreamy partner while pisces, being an excellent caretaker, nurtures their virgo. 

also he has a libra venus and i find that libras and pisces are quite similar. both very romantic, compassionate, and artistically inclined people

for more evidence please refer to sugakookie:

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Your relationship with Taeyong from his POV


Well I’m back from my little disappearing act lol and am providing you with the rest of the hyung line’s episodes in this series! Word of warning. this is 3000 words long so -_- lmfaO anyway, enjoy :)

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

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Can you explain the Wild Hunt to me? I'm really curious about it. I keep seeing different people talk about it in different ways and I'm a bit confused.

you’re in luck–i actually spend a solid chunk of time earlier today explaining the wild hunt in my group chat. i’m going to paste that explanation here for you!

the wild hunt is a common folkloric archetype across most of europe which has also been brought over to the americas (mainly the united states). various different hunts have presence all across the celtic world, in germanic folklore, northern european folklore, spain, france, and many other places. the key feature of what makes a wild hunt a wild hunt is that they ride through the skies and on the wind and are usually in or accompanied by a storm. generally i have found that there are three main traits that characterize individual hunts: who the leader is, who the members are, and what its purpose is.

some classifications I’ve identified, with some examples–not every possible one, just something to give you an idea of what the descriptors mean:

the leader might be:

  • a deity (manannán mac lir, woden, gwyn ap nudd)
  • a folkloric hero (fionn mac cumhaill, king arthur, herne the hunter)
  • a legendary ruler or a real ruler who was mythologized (herla, theoderic the great)
  • the devil
  • a saint

or there may be no leader, and the hunt be composed of a mob. if there is a leader, they are nearly always male, but not entirely always.

the members of the hunt might be:

  • faeries
  • the restless dead
  • sinners specifically
  • demons and/or devils
  • the company of its leader (fionn’s fianna, king arthur’s knights)
  • a company of legendary heroes, saints, or folkloric figures

the purpose of the hunt might be:

  • rounding up the souls of the past year’s dead
  • warning of the dead to come in the next year
  • actually just hunting otherworldly game
  • hunting humans to steal away to the otherworld
  • collecting the souls of sinners and the damned
  • punishing its members by forcing them to ride eternally with no rest
  • literally just roaming around killing people

for the most part the wild hunt isn’t a mythological group, it’s folkloric–that is, not legends or myths or written literature, but the oral folk traditions and tales of the common people. this is what the american version of the wild hunt is–if you’ve ever heard the song ghost riders in the sky, it’s a piece of cowboy folklore that is fairly obviously derived from the wild hunt.

that’s the historical and folkloric information; the rest of this post is heavily upg-based, and entirely about my own experiences.

i deal with the irish hunts, which are largely faeries and/or the restless dead, and led by deities or mythological/otherworldly heroes. my personal perspective of the way the hunt works is that there are “local chapters” all around the world wherever faeries are found, and that the leader of each different hunt is a sort of “ultimate authority” over all hunts of that variety, and he chooses a new one to ride with each year.

i see most of the hunts as being a sort of unit of each local court–there are some fey who belong to the hunt and form the core of it, and then there are others who ride with it for a shorter period of time (a year, or seven years, or the like) who get the chance to join the hunt in recognition of some service or great deed.

my hunts are manannán’s, which is faeries and/or the restless dead collecting up the souls of the past year’s dead and warning of death to come, and sometimes taking people to the otherworld; nuada airgetlám’s, which is the tuatha dé danann and the aos sí hunting otherworldly game, and sometimes taking people to the otherworld; and the sluagh, a leaderless mob of faeries and/or the restless dead who just roam around the skies indiscriminately killing, maiming, and generally causing mayhem. manannán’s and nuada’s hunts are connected with the courts, while the sluagh I’ve always sort of thought of as being outside the courts–they’re exiles and solitaries and otherwise too antisocial to belong to a troop.

i hope that was helpful to you, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask!

Potatomann *Discourse*

*In Universe Fake RPF post*

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms (and Jeric) shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* This post takes place in spring of 2016.


me as I wake up on this beautiful morning: my what a beautiful day

*opens tumblr, sees other jarse shippers fighting with pototamann shippers*

me as I close my laptop and throw it into the nearest volcano: well I’m glad reality is an illusion and ship wars don’t exist 

#welp #i guess it’s that time of the month again #discourse time  #jlz discourse #start blacklisting that if you’re new #it’s gonna be a loooong day


*sighs* PEOPLE

for the millionth time, my ship is not “dead”. Your ship is not “canon” or “non-problematic” (really, any ship can be problematic depending on how you dissect them). So how about instead of fighting about who’s better for Jack (wow, I haven’t been able to say that sentence in four years), we just focus on some goddamn playoffs predictions. 

#stop policing other people’s ships # ☕️ ☕️ ☕️  #jlz discourse

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Wonder Woman is a hugely important film. Women everywhere are not just loving the film, but are floored by the emotions that seeing Diana being a real, strong, independent, and compassionate woman brings up. I’ve seen a lot of (mostly white) woman  say “representation matters”. I hope that we (white women) will remember this when beloved characters are played by PoC.

Representation Matters

For Woman

For Women of color

For Men of color

For LGBTQIA people

For Disabled people

For Mentally ill people

For Autistic people



  1.    the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
  2.     extreme foolishness or irrationality.

people called them insane
because they felt too much
because they loved too much
because they cared too much
for people
for animals
for the environment
for the good
for the bad
for the living 
for the dead
for the nonliving
and maybe they were insane
going to lengths
just to make sure 
others were okay
when their own houses
were on fire
when their own hearts were broken
when all they wrote about was 
when all they spoke about was
when all they felt was
when all they drew about was

if feeling human emotions
was insanity
then they were the most insane of them all

‘all artists are insane’ // JustScribbledWords

Two types of people

For the record, I don’t think people are forgetting the bees. I think they’re just excited to see this really strong, new character who was clearly an important part of Blake’s life. 

INTRODUCING: The Trans Experience Challenge!

What it is:

  • A multi-media prompt list for trans people
  • A way for trans people to be vocal about representation and content
  • A way for trans people to share experiences, thoughts and headcanons
  • A challenge to start normalizing trans experiences
  • SFW trans content

What it isn’t

  • An excuse for cis people to fetish trans people
  • A way for cis people to share their opinions on trans people
  • for cis people

The Transopaque Challenge is a 31-day/prompt challenge focused on sharing aspects of trans/nb experiences in day-to-day life. This is for trans/nb people to create casual content and embrace being trans/nb through specifically SFW or non-fetishized content that is generally safe for people of all ages in the trans/nb community to view and share! These prompts offer an opportunity to share casual trans experiences, be it through personal opinions, experiences, or projecting onto fictional characters.

When is it? Whenever! Just do it!
What tag should we use? #transopaque will be the tag used. Feel free to @ us! All the content will be reblogged here. 

Now for the PROMPTS!

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I find it hilarious that most of the ships FT is trying to "push" aren't very good at all (especially when it comes to the big 4), but when you mix and match you get much better ones: Natza, Grayza, Graylu, ErLu, Navia, NaLe, Gajuvia, LeLu, Gratsu, the list goes on.

yeah lots of what the fandom deems “crack ships” make a whole lot more sense than whats being pushed like, for example natza had so much opportunity after tower of heaven? but jellal then pulled the Im Not Dead card

  • even if i like to personally hc gajeel as gay, gajuvia would also be p good bc they knew each other for a while & getting shoved into a foreign environment together (fairy tail) you would think ppl who knew each other the most & could relate to each other would cling together in that situation, and with that comes easy opportunity for one of them to have feelings develop (especially juvias history of clinging to guys & dating them)
  • gratsu couldve easily been a rivals to lovers trope, as we have seen multiple times even when they fought a lot they did genuinely care for each others well being and it couldve just slowly took off from there- not to mention, 2 main characters dating each other? who are both boys? that wouldve been so good
  • grayza seemed to have some hinting at- like when they were attacking phantom lord and erza was really distressed & leaned on gray for comfort, and they seem to just click very well and two (mostly) level headed people
  • for graylu gray & lucy have a good chemistry & are very chill with each other and couldve easily hooked up but not really do all that much pda so it couldve been like, a very lowkey relationship like all they would really do is call each other pet names & hold hands while they were in public, kind of like trying to separate their personal & work lives sense their guild is their living
  • lucy was fuckin swooned by erza when they first met- and that was when erza was a scary character, erza becoming soft & especially around lucy couldve been cool. like to have erza realize lucy brings out the best in her & ask her out wouldve been So Good™
  • levy & lucy easily got along when they first met and they are (well, supposed to be) really close and to see them be together wouldve been cute as fckn hell and the writer & reader gimmic couldve been a cool thing to play around with
  • navia has the classic water & fire trope and to have a cool headed girl & a rowdy guy together of their nature couldve been cute- and juvia is someone whos supposed to have depression, having someone so happy-go-lucky coul have a positive influence on her
  • nale couldve been like some kinda cuteass plot twist as well where it turns out they have a very good chemistry- levy while being upbeat could also (try) to keep natsu in line & try to have him not fucking, wreck everything all the time. natsu is a naturally optimistic person as well & couldve helped levy through the trauma she got from the phantom lord ordeal. and levy is a solid script mage- if she trained together with natsu imagine how powerful she could be.

fairy tail is just a…pile of wasted potential, especially when you scrape off whats on the surface

afraid to call this place our own by @hawthornewhisperer

wc: 22419; rating: E; status: 9/9, complete

summary: Clarke frowned at the notification on her ipad. “Why does your history teacher want to meet with me?” she asked, but Madi kept her eyes innocently on her homework.

A little too innocently.

“Mr. Blake’s a hardass,” Madi said with a shrug.

“A hardass who wants a meeting with me barely a month into the school year?” Clarke asked. Madi shrugged again and Clarke narrowed her eyes and scanned the email. “He’s worried about your performance already. Have you even had any tests? What am I missing?”

“He just doesn’t like me,” Madi replied and erased something on her worksheet.


(Single mom!Clarke and Teacher!Bellamy, with the usual angsty shenanigans.)

It’ll be fun.

reviewed by: @shipper-of-people

For a character who has only been shown for a few minutes, I’m in love with Madi. Or maybe I’m in love with the possibilities that Madi’s existence affords us as we wait for the next season, Clarke as a single mother, a child’s perspective of the ‘The 100’ universe, Bellamy’s reaction and interaction with the kid. But those were all possibilities that would happen in canon, I had never even begun to imagine how many possibilities it would provide in a Modern AU until I read hawthornewhisperer’s afraid to call this place our own.

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  1.   the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
  2.    extreme foolishness or irrationality.

people called them insane
because they felt too much
because they loved too much
because they cared too much
for people
for animals
for the environment
for the good
for the bad
for the living
for the dead
for the nonliving
and maybe they were insane
going to lengths
just to make sure
others were okay
when their own houses
were on fire
when their own hearts were broken
when all they wrote about was
when all they spoke about was
when all they felt was
when all they drew about was

if feeling human emotions
was insanity
then they were the most insane of them all

‘all artists are insane’ // JustScribbledWords

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Could you give us some NSFW facts about Levi? (all his fangirls probably want to know this so I'm doing everyone a favor 🙃)

Not much to say here…

  • Levi rarely has Sex. He enjoys it, but has problems with being close to people
  • For him after care is something incredibly important
  • He would rather have Sex with men than women
  • When he gets off it’s mostly because he’s bothered by it and don’t want to be distarcted from work

I might have just written a dozen
It feels like I have written a thousand.
A hundred thousand.
A million.
The amount of words that keep writing themselves
Can overwhelm even the most articulate poet.

Yet every single time I see your face
Or you say my name
Or we meet each other
Or they talk about you
About us
I could feel my stomach twist and turn
Unfold itself
As if turning itself inside out
Trying to prove to the world
That the butterflies that come out of my mouth
Were formed in a chamber that could rival
A library
A gallery
In the amount of memories it could write into a story.

It took me seven days to search for the right word
To begin the first poem about you.
I write this poem tonight knowing that this is the last.
The words will multiply inside me.
They will pound against the walls of my chest.
They will carve their names on my rib cage.
They will block my lungs.
They will scratch my throat.
All this in search for the exit they would call my lips.
All this so they could find their way to your heart.
All this to be with you in a place I know I could never follow.

My body consumes itself
And with every piece of me I form words that could perfectly
That day at the office.
That night on the street.
That ride to the beach.
That time at the rooftop.
With every drop of rain at the top of my head
I remember my poems are flesh and bones
And blood and wine.

But I guess I’m fine.
I’m in the right mind to find a rhyme this time
To say goodbye.

This is my goodbye.
It took more than ten but
This is the last poem.
I am not yours.
You are not mine.
There are no promises of waiting and finding each other next time.

It’s just me.
And my poem.
And you.

Someday I will be able to breathe in
And fill my lungs with air
Instead of letters and stories of what could have been.

Someday I will be able to breathe in
And then just

You will, too.

The human body is capable of repairing its broken parts.
It knows how to form scars exactly where they’re needed.
My throat will learn how to let words out
Without tightening around them so that it won’t get cuts.
My lips will learn how to separate the words that should get out
And the words that must be chewed and swallowed,
Digested by the body to give itself energy.
And soon
The words that look for you will cease to form.
And the library in my stomach will be about me again.
And my body will no longer treat it as a foreign object
That needs to be rejected.

I haven’t been in your library.
I do not know if you write poetry
You talk.
And you talk a lot.
And I realized your stomach probably fills itself up
With words too
And making you talk is your body’s way of purging.

They say most of the things you say is bullshit.
I don’t believe them.
Someone who loves ice cream this much couldn’t possibly be that bad!
I mean, you do talk just to purge most of the time but
You talk because you want people to listen.
So I did. I still do. I still will.
Because your eyes sparkle
And I can feel your stomach twist and turn
Unfold itself
As if turning itself inside out
Trying to prove to the world
That the butterflies that come out of your mouth
Were formed in a chamber that could rival
A library
A gallery
In the amount of memories it could write into a story.

And I know that feeling.

Boy, is this a long one!
It’s because this is the last one.
And I still have a dozen
A thousand
A hundred thousand
A million words
To write.
And I technically know six languages
So that’s really a lot of words.

But this is my goodbye
I should simply say goodbye
I should pick up the words that still look like parts of me
And return them to their proper place inside of me
And pull myself together like I was before you and me
Simply say goodbye.

In my library
I will gather the words that still look like parts of you
Make an artwork out of them and
Put that on display
In a shiny glass box
So that the next person I will write for
Will see that once before
I met someone who talked a lot
Whose stomach filled with words while his eyes sparkled.

The next person will know how I fell in love
And created a masterpiece that made the whole world wonder
Out of pieces of you and pieces of me
And he’ll say
“Make one for me.”

I do not think we will meet each other again.
I do not think you will look for me tomorrow
You would not need to

And you
Living your life somewhere else will remember how we said goodbye
But left both of us whole
Because you took your heart with you.
And you
Will find someone who won’t have plans for lunch
And you’d know exactly where to take her.
And you
Will want to make an artwork out of your pieces
For the first time
With her and she’d make your eyes sparkle like the Sun
And she will read you and you will be beautiful.

And both our stomachs will fill with words again
But as the words climb to find our lips
It won’t hurt.
I will write and you will talk
And both will be for the right people
For the right reasons.
We’d be able to eat ice cream again
Without hiding and hurting.
And we would never need to turn ourselves inside out again
Because the right people will not doubt
That the butterflies from our mouths
Whose wings are made of stories from our days and nights
Were formed inside the libraries in our hearts.

And the words
Will continue to pour out
But none of them will look like apologies
Or a house burning from fires from lighting strikes.
We will finally be home.
And happy.

And we will whisper our thanks one night before we sleep
And we’d hear each other’s gratitude
Flying at the speed of light
Across the seas of time and space.
We’d catch it with our bare hands
And we’ll realize that indeed
The Universe has given the flying fish and the soldier’s daughter
Exactly what they need.

Goodbye, my love.

Love For A Flying Fish || Love For A Flying Fish Series || 15 August 2017

the ice cream poet (TYG)

I don’t think people realize how compliments really stick with other people

For example, I met one of my best friends when I was getting ready for a party, i.e. putting on makeup (I never wear makeup) I thought I looked like shit and was about to give up. Then he walked in and legit asked me if I was majoring in theater makeup because what I did to my own face looked “amazing”

He IS a theater major who does costume makeup on the side.

And now whenever I’m unsure of it I just remember what he said when we were complete strangers


Alright, but one thing I notice.  A lot of the main characters have a poet / poetic writer that they reference at least once, if not more than once in the series, and I kind of think it’s both a neat little insight into works of literature that stuck with them, and says so much about them as people

  • For Quentin it’s Byron. Of course it’d be fucking Byron, though.  He references Byron twice in The Magician King alone.  Byron is dark, and he’s full of fear, sex and adventure, but also he’s a romantic, he’s a lover, he’s enchanted with everything.  He’s simultaneously gloomy and brooding, and dreamy and waxing.  Lord Byron is simultaneously hailed for his heroic, swoon-worthy side, and notorious for being brooding, rule-breaking, and kind of a scoundrel.  Perfect Quentin Coldwater material, and it’s no question why he’d resonate.  I also think that ultimately, Byron is also the bad boy Quentin sometimes wishes he was, but is also glad that he isn’t.  I think he’d admire Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know, but I think he’d not quite enjoy that life.  But again.  Byron is heightened and emotional and everything Quentin probably wants gushed into poetry.
  • Eliot has Tennyson.  He quotes Tennyson’s Ulysses their first trip to the Neitherlands. At a glance, my first instinct was merely ‘probably an aesthetic preference.’  But honestly, there’s so much more to it.  Tennyson’s words were musical, they flowed amazingly, they were meticulously chosen and perfectly fitted.  Just how Eliot talks.  Furthermore, there’s an intense sense of melancholy that rings out Tennyson’s poems.  It’s singsong, at times, but there’s always a deep, profound hurt present.  Sometimes it weaves a fantastic tale, that’s lovely and lurid.  That, too, is something deep expressed with a pretty bow.  And really, what could be more Eliot than that?  That’s who Eliot is, in a lot of ways.  Well-spoken, amusing, perfect words at the perfect time, with sorrow below the surface. Also, Tennyson’s thing for strength and order and Kings of fantastic proportions fit so amazingly with Eliot, melancholy and all.
  • For Julia it’s John Donne.  She outright tapes him to her door.  And Donne is a perfect match for Julia on so many levels.  Donne is cynical, he thinks deeply when you don’t want him to, he feels painful emotions when you don’t want him to.  He has two selves, a light Jack Donne and a sombre Doctor Donne–brings to mind First and Second Julia.  And Donne did things with conventions that people didn’t want him to, and he broke social norms, and he was sad in ways that weren’t approved of, but he really didn’t let up or stop because of that.  Also, he’s full of dry wit and puns so very up her alley. It’s wonderful, picturing Julia reading A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, frankly, and a lot of his other stuff, because they’re so very well matched.
  • Janet’s is Shakespeare.  To be fair, other characters talk about The Bard, too, but hers stuck out to me, so I think she deserves some attention for it. Specifically, she talks about Hamlet and Macbeth a lot. Shakespeare’s bloody, psychological tragedies draw her in.  In these two plays. women are witchy omens and powerful queens, and they’re not always good people–they are who they are, and they’ve got feelings, sure, but that doesn’t really change their darker cores.  She thinks of Ophelia going mad when she’s alone in the sand, and no one in the world who cares about her is around and she’s grasping at something only she can see, because sometimes shit is absolutely crazy, and you’re vulnerable and scary.  And she kind of revels in the heightened, unapologetic nature in herself, and in the world that these plays include.  People are fucked up in these plays, and you love them for it, so why should she apologize for being fucked up, or shy away from things that are?  It doesn’t make her feelingless, it just makes her who she is.  And so I really like the pairing of Janet with Hamlet and Macbeth.  

Ultimately, I really like what these character’s personalities lead them to reference throughout the books, and what their specific references reveal about them as characters.

Also, what I wouldn’t give to know what kind of things Alice would talk about, were she given a chance.

Fake woke niggas be like

“Shut the fuck up and never speak on any fault within the black community in the name of black unity.”

How #BlackUnity is used within the black community is the exact same as how #AllLivesMatter is used by white people

For one, I never hear #BlackUnity until it’s in response to someone bringing up a fault in the black community. Then some fake woke ass niglet comes along like “but we’re all black. Lets not argue amongst ourselves. #BlackUnity”

In the same exact way I never hear #AllLivesMatter until it’s in response to someone bringing up the mistreatment of blacks by law enforcement. Then some delusional white person comes along like “but we’re all one race. The human race. Lets not argue amongst ourselves. #AllLivesMatter”

You literally sound just like the white people you complain about 90% of the time when you do that. Do you not realize that?

You use commonality (we’re all black/we’re all the human race) to silence the complaints of people dealing with something you never had to deal with (lack of 4C hair representation/colorism/racism)

You’re just like them.

“4C hair needs more representation”


“Colorism is a serious issue”


You’re literally like “Don’t complain about anything ever within the black community because we’re all niggers & thugs to those crackers so if your dark skin or 4C hair stops you from getting a job, that’s too bad. Don’t speak about it because #BlackUnity”

“Don’t talk about how you get called tar baby by your own people because black unity”

“Don’t talk about how you get asked to get a perm by your own people because black unity”

“Don’t criticize anything ever when it comes to the black community because black unity”

“Deal with your underrepresentation while I continue to be overrepresented in the name of black unity”

Honestly, fuck your black unity


Hi, I’m James and I’m 22-year old transgender student, I’m currently between courses and have no income at present; I’m pretty desperate for money so I’m opening drawing commissions as well as Colouring Commissions


  • Bust sketch: £10
  • Waist-up sketch: £15
  • Full body sketch: £20
  • Bust lineart: £15
  • Waist-up lineart: £20
  • Full body lineart: £25
  • Bust coloured: £20
  • Waist-up coloured: £25
  • Full body coloured: £30
  • +£3 for each extra character
  • +£3 for a simple background


I will draw; Canon or original characters, pretty much any kind of ship, NSFW, humanoids

I will not draw; Furries, robots, gore, anything offensive/discriminatory (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia), real people

For NSFW art, please consult me beforehand when it comes to kinks


Please e-mail me with your commission details at, including the following;

  • Your name and/or tumblr URL
  • Visual reference for the character(s)
  • A brief description/profile of the character(s) if original
  • As much detail as possible for clothes, colours, poses and other details

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me a message - I am more likely to see an ask or e-mail than a PM - and I’d be very appreciative if you could reblog this post to spread the word!