Lets talk about some new technology.

Two hot things in market nowadays, Windows Phone vs Iphone…or should we put android in it also.

Personally I have owned an iphone and a windows phone. Never had a chance to own a droid, but they look pretty sick.

Personally, if it was for me, I will mix the good things of iphone and windows phone, and come up with a device which is both sexy ..yet so user friendly! #wishfuthinking

Anyhow, heres my throwdown of the advantages and disadvantages between iphone and windows phone.

Lets start with Iphone. THe sleek device, so appealing to the eye, an only medium of social networking, and amazing pool of apps..when it first came out. Everyone wanted to have their app run on iphone..from temple run to angry birds, to ofcourse delta app to Pandora.

When IPHONE came out, every went crazy. THe sleekness of the phone easily meshed with the tiles its OS held. Apparantly still people find it user friendly as compared to other devices out there.

Now to the windows phone. Coming together with the tile concept, and keeping people centric is what this OS is all about. Checking out the sleek looking Lumias to HTC 8x, these just look so pretty.

After using the windows phone, seriously if you are like me and want to be socially connected, then windows phone is for you. WIth one people hub, you can post messages on fb, twitter, linkedin. Yes ! Yes! there are still some apps out which would be nice to come on the windows phone, but gotta give it a chance.

I feel whatever phone option you end up going with, has there goods and bads. It all depends on what you wanna do. Maybe the app pool in iphone is for you, or the concept of tiling is important to you. Whatever it is, stay connected socially and live life at large.

Will be interesting to see how technology grows in the near future..iwatches…window watches..anyone. Sometimes feels like we are in 2020 already.